Malkin to Fundraise for Pueblo GOP

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Michelle Malkin, Fox news pundit and angry Tweeter,  will headline a Pueblo Republican fundraising event – the Lincoln Dinner- on June 7.

 From Facebook: 


The Pueblo County Republican Party will be hosting our 

Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday, June 7, 2014. 

Michelle Malkin will be our keynote speaker.

The dinner will be at Pueblo Community College – 

Fortino Ballroom at 6pm. 

The cost for the dinner is $50 per person.

Before the dinner, there will be a reception (5 – 5:45 pm) with 

Michelle Malkin and our slate of republican candidates. 

Malkin has been pushing Benghazi hysteria, and criticizing Pelosi, Grayson, Reid, the Common Core, and most liberal commentators.  She is a supporter of Colorado's medical marijuana laws, and has visited Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo West.  Malkin is based in Colorado Springs.

According to Politico :

Michelle Malkin doesn’t run away from fights, she runs toward them. And she’s running faster than ever headlong into the 2014 Republican primary battles on behalf of upstart conservative candidates who are mounting insurgent challenges to the GOP old guard.

Read more:

Malkin will probably teach Pueblo Republicans how to use social media more effectively; she is known for her 2 million Facebook and Twitter followers, and her snappy attacks on liberal and progressive targets.  She has also endorsed Tom Tancredo for Colorado's governor

So which conservative candidates will Malkin be endorsing? GOP primaries aren't until June 24.  CD3 Rep. Scott Tipton, State Senate candidate George Rivera, Clerk candidate Victor Head, and numerous State legislative candidates will probably benefit from Malkin's Twitter lessons and the Pueblo fundraiser. 

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5 Community Comments, Facebook Comments

  1. MichaelBowman says:

    It's hard to miss the irony that America's Angriest Anchor Baby  is endorsing Tanc for Governor….

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    If there's one thing racists can't resist, it's someone telling them that it's okay to be a racist.  When it's a member of minority group, they practically swoon.  Malkin knows her audience, and apparently she's okay with what they'd say about her if she wasn't spewing their talking points. 

  3. dwyer says:

    What is interesting, here, is that Senator George Rivera endorsed Gessler for Gov, early on.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Simple political payback, dwyer. Rivera would never have been "elected" to the Senator position, without Gessler's cooperation on suppressing mail ballots and allowing Anglund, who never turned in a single petition signature, to be a write-in candidate on the recall ballot.

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