Jeff Crank and the Alan Philp’s Legacy

The plot thickens now that Jeff Crank has hired one of Colorado’s dirtiest politicians as his new campaign manager.  

Why do I consider Alan Philp as one of the dirtiest politicians in Colorado? Why do I consider Alan Philp a man with no moral compass? Just look at his documented track record.

1) Alan Philp was the director of the Trailhead Group and therefore responsible for their activities. I’m sure most people are familiar with that notorious bunch…


“Trailhead has stirred the most controversy this year with automated phone calls to constituents of 10 Democratic state legislators. Democrats have charged that the calls are slanderous, but Colorado Attorney General John Suthers denied a request to investigate the Trailhead Group.”

Campaign finance watchdogs in the state have raised questions about both the Trailhead Group and the Coalition for a Better Colorado and the amounts of money they have raised.”

2) More from Trailhead…

“I was watching television late yesterday afternoon when an anti-Bill Ritter ad came on. It completely shocked me that anyone would stoop so low in politics in Colorado…The ad comes from a 527 group called “Coloradans for Justice,” but it’s really the Trailhead Group. I checked the IRS filing 8871, which shows trailhead executive director Alan Philp as the director of Coloradans for Justice.”

3) And the best one yet, follow link to a list of Trailhead’s activities……

“Discredited 527 “Trailhead” Changes to “Coloradans for Justice”… This is most surely a move to distance themselves from their damaged reputation connected with dirty campaign tactics, lies, attack ads, lawsuits and campaign finance violations … Trailhead was formed by Gov. Bill Owens, Alan Philp and Bruce Benson as a “527” under the I.R.S. code, largely escaping campaign finance laws”

4) Ok, one more for kicks……

“What does it say about the Colorado GOP when its main organizational funding group [Trailhead] is under investigation for misleading the public and their Guv candidate is standing up for someone who illegally broke the law so he could distort the record of a good man who worked hard for Colorado like Bill Ritter.”

As you can see, Alan Philp is a suspect character.  The fact that Jeff Crank would hire him as his campaign manager shows Jeff Crank and Alan Philp are two birds of a feather, two (dirty) peas in a pod.  

Will the Crank campaign continue the Alan Philp’s legacy?

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  1. NEWSMAN says:

    Will the Crank campaign continue the Alan Philp’s legacy?

    Probably, but he hasn’t done anything yet, so he’s not yet guilty of anything.

    It does show that all those CRANKy Republicans who whined about Jon Hotelling, now have their guy represented by someone with a similar reputation. Their former protestations ring even more hollow now.

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