Even More Bob Beauprez Muslim Conspiracy Theorizing

“Both Ways” Bob Beauprez (right).

The Colorado Independent's John Tomasic reported yesterday evening on yet more bug-eyed wackiness from 2006 2014 GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez:

Last January, [Beauprez] wrote a 1,500-word column for Townhall entitled “Muslim Brotherhood in the White House,” in which he embraced and promoted reports citing vague sources who implied that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by “six American Islamist activist… Muslim Brotherhood operatives.” There is a lot of block quoting in the piece and talk of terrorism and Hamas and power grabs. In short, there is the general whiff of political fever swamp about the entire column. (It was recommended on Facebook 771 times.) It comes off as not the kind of thing the head of a purple state would be expected to author, at least not under his or her own name. [Pols emphasis]

Beauprez concluded the piece by telling his readers that Egypt is “being transformed into a theocratic Islamic fascist country” and that “with the U.S.-Brotherhood relationship in Egypt as the obvious example, Islamists in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan – and, yes, even in the United States – can only be encouraged by the thought of a second term for Barack Obama.”

Beauprez's January 2013 column relies on a report that Beauprez admits is unsourced, and another based on the account of a disgraced former FBI agent named John Guandolo. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nationwide watchdog tracking extremist figures and organizations, has this to say about Guandolo:

Guandolo is vice president of Strategic Engagement Group, a nonprofit organization that says it was formed in 2010 “for the purpose of exposing and defeating efforts to subvert the United States Constitution and subjugate the American People.” He has stated in training sessions around the country that Muslims “do not have a First Amendment right to do anything,” [Pols emphasis] according to news reports.

Reportedly, Guandolo believes (among many other things) that CIA Director John Brennan was converted to Islam after a "counterintelligence operation" against him in Saudi Arabia many years ago. Our readers know Brennan is not the most popular guy right now with Colorado's own Sen. Mark Udall, but the idea that Brennan, chiefly controversial for his support of drone strikes and (at least past) support of harsh interrogation methods against Muslims is one seems very distant from reality as we understand it. There's no legitimate evidence to support this allegation that we can find, but Guandolo's theories were enthusiastically regurgitated for a while in early 2013 by right wing media outlets like World Net Daily and Glenn Beck's The Blaze.

For those just joining us, since launching his campaign a month ago from Washington, D.C., Beauprez's time "in the wilderness," in between his campaigns for public office, has emerged as a veritable treasure trove of loony-tunes allegations and conspiracy theories: including such topics as the "giant hoax" of climate change, how Muslim Sharia Law is "creeping in" right here in Colorado, and how President Barack Obama is "pushing the boundaries" toward "civil war." All of which is, of course, the perfect segue into Obama's birth certificate.

If Beauprez's free-ranging embrace of such a multitude of chain email conspiracy theories seems disqualifying to you, you're probably right, setting aside the GOP primary of course.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    So now Tanc is the reasonable one? Honestly back when BWB appeared in that pic I just thought he was too far right and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Guess I haven't been paying enough attention over the years since to notice that he's a full out Glen Beck wacko.

  2. dean.barnett says:

    There should some early point at which even the most enthusiastic supporter has to take the candidate aside and whisper, "Bob, really, this isn't going to end well". 

    • Duke Cox says:

      Sadly, that point is seldom reached, even though, as you say, it should. The Sharon Angles and Todd Akins don't usually listen to advisors anyway.

      …and …welcome to Pols, dean.barnett…new around here?

  3. davebarnes says:

    "Egypt is “being transformed into a theocratic Islamic fascist country”"

    Egypt is reverting/has reverted to a military dictatorship as it has been ever since Nassar came to power in 1952 when the monarchy was overthrown.

  4. Republican 36 says:

    Coloradopols has hit the nail right on the head. This is only the first of many torpedoes going into the side of Beauprez's campaign ship from all the whacko things he has said and written since he lost to Gov. Ritter in 2006. I don't pretend to know who is likely to win the Republican primary for governor but Beauprez's campaign ship will soon enough be settling beneath the waves. He won't be able to outrun all the things he has written and sid on the record over the past eight years. Sayonara Bob.

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    Wasn't Beauprez a thoughtful intelligent guy back when he was in Congress? If so, what happened? Did he blame his losss on not being crazy-right?

  6. Urban Snowshoer says:

    Until now  I've been under the mistaken assumption that Bob Beauprez would try to run a better campaign than in 2006. 

    I guess I better stock up on popcorn, this could be a long show.

  7. Sunmusing says:

    Ol' Bob is right about the Muslim Brotherhood….the one I can think of is Grover Norquist…His "anti-tax" crusade has done quite a bit of damage to our nation…He is a terrorist in conservative clothing…

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