Will Someone Please Join Wayne Williams’ Fundraisers? Anyone?

Write me a check and I'll stop looking at you funny.

Write me a check and I’ll stop looking at you funny.

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams is having a bit of trouble with his campaign for Secretary of State.

In his first full fundraising quarter as a candidate for SOS, Williams reported just $8,572…in the bank. He raised around $11k in total in Q4 as the only Republican candidate for SOS. Williams' fundraising was so bad that it almost looked like a typo at first glance. What happened? Was he attacking the mailman so that checks couldn't arrive at his office?

We've since heard from more than one Republican that Williams is having two major fundraising problems: 1) he doesn't have much of a rolodex for fundraising, and 2) he doesn't have time to make enough money calls during the day because of his full-time job. We can't speak to the second item, but it certainly appears as though his rolodex doesn't extend North of El Paso County. We received a copy of two fundraising invitations sent out to potential supporters in the Denver area sometime in the last week, and Williams is clearly having trouble finding anyone interested in co-hosting a fundraiser.

You can see both invitations in the following PDF file: WayneWilliams-Funds

For the unfamiliar, events like these are normally co-hosted by a dozen other people who get the privilege of also having their name on the marquee. It's also unusual for a fundraiser like this to say, "Contributions Appreciated," instead of listing a suggested minimum donation. Perhaps Williams just doesn't know any of this?

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  1. Moderatus says:

    I predict that all the statewide constitutional offices (below Governor, though I think we'll win that too) will go Republican this year. Just like 2010.

  2. ajb says:

    Really? I shocked.

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