Colorado Caucus Locations for March 4, 2014

UPDATE: For information on the Republican Party Caucuses, click here.

Congressman Ed Perlmutter sent out a helpful email reminder about the March 4 Democratic Party Caucus that sums things up better than we could. Some of the information below is specific to Jefferson County and Adams County, but if you need help finding your caucus location, the same general process applies:

Precinct caucuses are next Tuesday, March 4, at 7:00 p.m. Caucus is the first step in the candidate nomination process for Colorado’s major political parties, and I hope all of you who are eligible attend!

At caucus, voters from each precinct across Colorado gather to elect delegates to attend the various county assemblies and represent their precinct. To participate in the Democratic Party’s precinct caucuses, you must have registered as a Democrat no later than January 4, 2014, and you must have registered in your current precinct no later than February 4, 2014.

Verify Your Precinct Number
You may have received a voter information card from your county clerk, but if not, you can visit the Secretary of State’s website to look up your precinct number. The 10-digit precinct number includes your congressional district, state senate district, state house district, county code, and your three-digit precinct number. For example, precinct 7222330225 is in CD7, SD22, HD23, County 30, and Precinct 225.

Find Your Precinct Caucus Location
Visit the webpages for the Adams County Democrats or the Jefferson County Democrats to find the location of your precinct caucus. If you live elsewhere in the state, please contact your local Democratic party for information. Visit the Colorado Democratic Party website for contact info for the various county parties.

What Happens at Caucus?
The exact process varies from county to county, but the following steps are always part of each precinct caucus:

Elect delegates to the county assembly. Delegate numbers and allocation formulas vary between counties. If you intend to run to be a delegate, please make sure you are available for the county assembly. The Adams County Assembly is on Saturday, March 15 and the Jefferson County Assembly is on Saturday, March 29.

At both county assemblies, delegates are elected to the Congressional District 7 Assembly. (In Adams County, some CD7 delegates are also elected directly from each precinct caucus).

The CD7 Assembly will be on Friday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m. We certainly hope you plan to attend that one so you can cast your vote for Ed and also re-nominate Jane Goff for State Board of Education and Irene Griego for CU regent!

Election of two precinct committee persons (PCPs) who will serve two-year terms as the primary “community organizers” within their precincts. PCPs are responsible for recruiting and organizing Democratic volunteers to support all of the Democratic candidates running in their area. PCPs are also members of the county party central committees and will be invited to participate in a few meetings each year to vote on the business of the party.

Discussion and adoption of resolutions. These resolutions are expressions of Democratic Party values on a wide range of policy issues. Resolutions adopted by a certain number of precincts may be considered for addition to the county party platform.


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