Buck Looks To Bury “Buyer’s Remorse” Catastrophe

UPDATE: The conservative Daily Caller helps roll out the new female-friendly Ken Buck:

Buck promises this video is merely be the first in a series of maybe ten, or so, he will release. And although they’re too long to air on TV in their current format, “at some point in time,” he avers, “parts of these interviews will be pulled out and ads will be created to set the record straight.”

For a candidate hoping to neutralize a predictable attack, having these testimonials filmed and in the can should go a long way. “I anticipate that once again the Democrats will create the ‘war on women’ narrative,” he said, “and these women talk about who I [really] am.”


2010 GOP Senate nominee Ken Buck.

2010 GOP Senate nominee Ken Buck.

T.M. Fasano writes for the Greeley Tribune today in a story shameless puff piece notably outside their usual paywall:

[Ken] Buck, the Weld district attorney and GOP frontrunner to run against Colorado Sen. Mark Udall in the U.S. Senate race, unveiled a two-minute video titled “Ken Cares: Stephanie’s Story.” Several other videos will be released over the next several weeks and months also showing Buck’s support from women…

When Buck ran for the U.S. Senate seat against Michael Bennet, and barely lost, in 2010, he was portrayed as anti-woman, something that annoys Buck to this day. [Pols emphasis]

“It’s terrible. It’s an absolute lie. I have a daughter. I have a wife,” Buck said. “I understand that politics is unfair, but at some point there has to be some basis in truth and the fact is that I have spent 25 years of my life trying to help the most vulnerable in our community. For someone to suggest that because I’m pro-life that I don’t care about the vulnerable is not logical.”

He added, “What the Democrats have done to me and to Romney and to dozens of others is to say that because we are pro-life we don’t care about women. Nothing can be further from the truth. We have a position on one issue. Look at the whole group of issues before making a decision. What the liberals have done is they have taken one issue and have tried to create a character trait based on that issue and it just isn’t true.”

Of course, there's an obvious bottom line underlying any effort to rehabilitate the image of Weld County DA Ken Buck with women voters:

Buck’s numbers in the latest Quinnipiac University poll has him trailing Udall by only 3 percentage points (45 to 42), but among women voters he’s trailing Udall by 21 percentage points (54 to 33). [Pols emphasis]

“I’ve never met someone who is as dedicated as Ken, so it’s very surprising to me to see the polls showing such little support for him over women’s issues,” [domestic violence survivor Stephanie] Drobny said.

During Ken Buck's failed 2010 campaign for the U.S. Senate, a race he unexpectedly lost principally due to a crushing lack of support from women voters, there were many incidents that hurt him–like during the primary campaign against Jane Norton, when he suggested Republicans vote for him because he does "not wear high heels." Buck also aggressively campaigned on a "no exceptions" platform of opposition to abortion, proudly volunteering that he opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

But the worst came for Buck when a story broke in early October of 2010 about a case of alleged sexual assault he had refused to prosecute, claiming the alleged victim had a case of "buyer's remorse"–this despite the fact that the alleged perpetrator was caught on tape admitting to the crime. The victim in turn had a recording of Buck's callous treatment of her during the investigation, which she released. Combined with a disastrous appearance on Meet the Press and already well-established anti-woman narratives about Buck from the primary campaign (see above), this event helped turn Buck's momentum toward likely victory at the end of September into a narrow loss to Sen. Michael Bennet by Election Day.

Recognizing what happened, Buck is smart to work overtime to repair the damage with women voters in 2010–the persistence of which appears to be his biggest impediment as the GOP's frontrunner for the nomination to challenge incumbent Sen. Mark Udall in 2014. The fact that women voters remember Buck well enough to favor Udall by twenty-one points means that Democrats did a very good job in 2010.

Still, Buck gets credit for recognizing this as his biggest challenge. Much like the hard-right Rep. Mike Coffman pulling a 180 on immigration, though, can Ken "Buyer's Remorse" Buck really make nice with the ladies? It's a tall order to say the least.

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  1. hawkeye says:

    Buck trails Udall by 21 percentage points, or so says a recent Quinnipiac University poll …

    Apparently, Buck has the same problem with women voters as Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, who lost to Bill Clinton partly due to losing women voters by a large margin.  At the time, one woman Washington insider or pundit quipped that Bob Dole reminded many women of their first husband. Indeed, not fond memories.


    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      Udall trails Buck by 14 points among men or so says a recent Quinnipiac University Poll.

      Apparently Udall has the same problem every Democrat who has recently lost a race has, partly due to losing men.


    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      I got the scoop. Jason Salzman and ColoradoPols have been working on the story, but I have it for you here first:

      Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

      • Republican 36 says:

        The problem Buck has with this is the video he produced for his campaign website is just that a video to benefit his campaign. The comments degrading a rape victim as having "buyers remorse" was recorded when he didn't think anyone was listening. Which one represents Mr. Buck's true feelings about women. The latter certainly seems more credible than something manufactured by his campaign.

      • Curmudgeon says:

        So, let me get this straight…For the Christian Right, having to face other people's disdain for being a self-righteous bigot, homophobe and misogynist is just as bad as being beaten, whipped, tortured, nailed to a cross, and having a spear jammed into your side.   

        For AC's sake (and so many others), he'd better hope Christ never comes back. He'd be justified in slapping the shit out of them when he does. 

  2. Craig says:

    So, in an attempt to shore up support from women, Buck, the mysoginist bastard, says this: "the fact is that I have spent 25 years of my life trying to help the most vulnerable in our community"   I'm just really sure that my wife and two daughters think they're the "most vulnerable" in our community.  "Republicans" just can't help themselves.  They really are anti-woman and every time they try to play like they aren't, they just end up proving the point.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    What the liberals have done is they have taken one issue and have tried to create a character trait based on that issue

    Guess where we learned to do that, Ken.

    • BlueCat says:

      And of course it isn't one issue. Republicans not only oppose abortion but also oppose access to all the most reliable forms of birth control,  aggressively seek to find ways to close Planned Parenthood clinics even though only a tiny percent of health services performed in those clinics is in any way abortion related, with those services getting no government funding, while all the rest of the services provide what for many women is their sole access to routine health care including cancer screenings. 

      They use blame the victim rhetoric in reference to rape victims, they oppose forcing any changes in how the military deals with crimes against female service members despite the terrible record of justice for victims and the flourishing of an atmosphere that does little to discourage crimes against women in the military.

      They oppose equal pay for equal work. They support discredited trickle down economics and austerity policies that hurt women and families while increasing the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, almost exclusively white males. They oppose minimum wage increases that would help women support themselves and their families. They relentlessly demand cuts to programs that help women feed and access healthcare for their families.

      This may come as a big shock to Buck and other GOTPers but many of the women who now would never consider voting for a Republican would also never have an abortion, would not be opposed to some limitations on late term abortion and would even be willing to vote for an anti-choice candidate whose policies weren't so opposed to their interests over all. 

      The GOTP is indeed waging a war on women as well as on all low to middle income Americans. Unlike so many white male low to middle income Americans who continue to support Republicans because they believe the garbage they hear on Fox and rightie radio, most women and most minorities are smart enough to figure out who their real enemies are.

      That's why the GOTP fights so hard for gerrymandering, voter suppression measures that make it harder for Dem leaning minorities and women to vote (see Texas where many women have had difficulties due to small discrepancies between driver's licence name and name on voter rolls due to maiden names being required as a middle name on one though it might not have been used on the other)) and to stop immigration reform that would include a path to citizenship. It's all part of their desperate rear guard action to stem the demographic tide that will overcome the outsized but waning power of their base with the power of a majority of voters with a clue. 

  4. Republican 36 says:

    Mr. Buck has to be kidding. His negative attitude about women was revealed four years ago when he made many public, shameful statements about women, including former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, his primary opponent, in "high heels," but most of all his unguarded comments to a rape victim that she had "buyers remorse" when the rapist had already confessed, shows a mind-set that he believes women are not first class citizens and can be brushed aside with degrading comments, even in situations where he is suppose to be fulfilling his duties as a district attorney and upholding the public trust. He can't walk away from the turth about himself; truth.

  5. hawkeye says:

    The explanation of Buck's gender gap is only partly due to the Weld County rape case and his campaign faux pas and gaffes.  As a demographic, women are increasingly a Democrat constituency, especially unmarried women.  Also, there is a generational shift toward socialism and the concept of a social contract, and away from capitalism.  Recent polls have revealed less than half of those under 30 have a favorable opinion towards a capitalistic, free market economy. 

    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      So all of the alleged calamities committed by Buck in his war on women in 2010 might account for a 3% difference among women voters,  Udall over Buck 54-33, Udall over Stephens 51-33 in the Quinnipiac poll.

      Thanks ColoradoPols.

      • Craig says:

        You're just mad because you know we are right.  The comments mentioned above by Buck,including this recent one are but examples of the problems "Republicans" have with women.  Basically, they believe a religious theory that women ought to be submissive (without reading the rest of the verse by the way) and women have sussed that out and are voting like their freedom depended on it.  And, quite frankly, it does.

  6. DavidThi808 says:

    Why do Dems trail amoung mail voters by so much? Is it really all old people? And the giant question – are people still shifting Republican as they get older?

  7. Sunmusing says:

    Ken Buck doesn't seem to know there are "videos" of him saying things he believes..He, also forgets, women have long memories…the women I know who have mentioned Kenny…well, I just hope that his wife guards his testicles as they would be in serious danger of being "crushed" by the very women he hates…there are many more women who have serious negative feelings for this guy….Udall may have to worry more about outside, dark money than from women voting for Buck…West slope politics can be tricky…

  8. OrangeFree says:

    "What the Democrats have done to me and to Romney and to dozens of others is to say that because we are pro-life we don’t care about women"

    Actually, Mr. Buck, what makes you anti-women is more than just your pro-life stance. It also may have somthing to do with that little quote where you said you should be the Republican nominee because you don't wear high heels…

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