Stopping short of apologizing for mag comment, Herpin thanks Boyles for being “fair and balanced,” and Boyles calls Stokols a “Butt Boy”

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FRIDAY POLS UPDATE: Something more like an apology now from Sen. Bernie Herpin, as reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette's Megan Schrader today:

Sen. Bernie Herpin, a Republican, said he was trying to make a point about how last year's Democrat-sponsored gun laws have been ineffective in reducing gun violence.

"There's nothing I can say to relieve their pain; I certainly didn't intend to add to their pain," Herpin said.

But talk of his comments has spread rapidly and so has the criticism. [Pols emphasis]


Sen. Bernie Herpin (R).

Sen. Bernie Herpin (R).

Minutes after State Sen. Bernie Herpin thanked KNUS talk-radio host Peter Boyles for being "fair and balanced," Boyles called Fox 31 reporter Eli Stokols a "Butt Boy."

Herpin and Boyles were angry over Fox 31 Denver coverage of Herpin's statement that it was "maybe a good thing" that the Aurora m0vie-theater shooter had a 100-round magazine.

Asked by Boyles' about Stokols' coverage, Herpin said this morning, "As a media person you know it's their job to sensationalize the news to attract readers and viewers and followers on their blogs."

"Fortunately, we have people like you that stand up for us, that provide both sides of the story in a fair-and-balanced way," Herpin told Boyles. "And I thank you for that."

"Well, you're kind," responded Boyles, who really truly expressed his "love" Herpin earlier in the interview.

Listen to Herpin says Boyles is fair and balanced 02-13-14

After I tweeted Boyles' conversation with Herpin, "Missing Pundit" responded with "Live from Kenya," referring to Boyles' birther obsessions.

Herpin stopped short of apologizing for his comment about the 100-round magazine, telling Boyles, "I certainly meant no disrespect to people."

Boyles' substantive criticism of Stokols' reporting was that Stokols didn't include the full context of Herpin's quote until the lower portion of Stokols' post. There, Stokols wrote: "Herpin was trying to say that larger magazines are less reliable, more prone to jamming up." And then he provided Herpin's full comment with video.

That doesn't sound like reporting from a Butt Boy, whatever that means.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    Paaaaa-thetic. And fuck birther psychotic Peter Boyles.

  2. dustpuppy says:

    And that seals the doom of Herp the Derp.


  3. Robb says:

    He dug his hole deeper by accusing a grieving father of ginning up outrage over his dead son — is someone telling him he can climb out of it by accusing reporters of making too big a deal of everything he says?

    I don't know who's got this guy's ear, but the advice has been terrible so far. I don't think this is recoverable at all.


    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      I get it.  Great point. Replace him with a Dem that tells a rape victim she was going to get raped anyway.

      • Robb says:

        No, I think you missed the point, Andrew.

        Leaving this guy in the seat — demonstrably unprepared for being out in public, much less sponsoring legislation — without anyone on the right at least taking him under their wing is no way for a minority party to chip away at a majority. Nobody in politics thought the guy was really ready for the job without a lot of handling; all this latest story suggests to me is that the state GOP apparatus is truly a clown car — and there's not even a silverback clown at the wheel. 

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        Is it your contention that every democrat is going to say that?


    • BlueCat says:

      Anyone who thinks or, more likely,  just says for effect that a grieving father is ginnng up outrage over his murdered son should be rewarded by having every sponsor on the planet refuse to place ads on his station, not just his show, until he's fired.  It simply isn't possible to support his platform in any way and still be considered a decent human being.

      • Andrew Carnegie says:

        BC, where was the outrage when the Dem told the rape victim she would have been raped anyway?  Frog in your throat?

        • BlueCat says:

          You're being pretty vague but I imagine you're referring to Hudak making that remark in hearings concerning the gun control legislation and there was no frog in my throat. I said it was a stupid and horrible thing to say. I did not excuse or defend her in any way to any degree. You can look up my remarks at the time.

          I still think accusing a grieving father of faking it for political purposes is worse than making an idiotic remark to rape victim for the simple reason that there is nothing worse than losing a child. Also Hudak didn't insult the rape victim by accusing her of using fake feelings about her rape to gin up opposition to gun control.  She was guilty of being both stupid and insensitive and I said so but she wasn't guilty of accusing anyone of faking anguish over a devastating experience. There's a significant difference between insensitive and vicious. And Hudak did pay with her position.


          • roccoprahn says:

            Which she should not have.

            First, she apologized to the young lady THAT NIGHT. The young lady was gracious enough to accept Evie's apology.

            Now, while there was no excuse for Evie to have gone down the road saying "numbers aren't on your side", the incident came near the end of a long, very contentious day, a day in which tempers were flaring and emotion was high, logic low. By just about everybody. Senator Hudak had a bad moment that she apologized for. Profusely.

            herpin on the other hand is a series of bad moments. A wannabe bully.

            herpin's a typical blowhard, and that's putting it mildly. Angry, teabagger radicalized, he's doug bruce on steroids. His remark was contemptable and unforgivable, but that's who he is.

            Defending him makes his advocate just as slimy as herpin.

            • Andrew Carnegie says:

              Insensitive remarks are not limited by party affiliation.  

              If any of you supported Hudak, and most of you did, your new found high gound is dishonest.

              • BlueCat says:

                How completely unsurprising, AC, that since you didn't know WTF you were talking about in your comment directed to me, you've just skipped right over responding to me directly. As I recall, I wasn't the only one from my side criticizing the Hudak comment either. We actually have diversity of opinion. We are not the Borg. 

            • BlueCat says:

              I agree she shouldn't have paid with her position but reject your excuses. I've already said it wasn't on the same level as denigrating a father's grief as something manufactured for political purposes. But there is nothing in the legislation that would in any way interfere with this victim's right to carry a gun and use it to defend herself. Hudak's response was not only completely insensitive but gave the impression that she was arguing for legislation that would prevent a woman from defending herself with a gun with the excuse that statistics say a gun wouldn't help anyway. 

              While stats might support that excuse, why give the nuts yet another opportunity to say that the legislation "takes away our guns"? And unlike GOTP old white males, you'd think she'd have enough sense not to be so dismissive of the feelings of a rape victim for whom appearing and speaking out as such in a public forum must have been very tough. 

              I'm glad that she apologized immediately and that the young woman accepted but reject any "long day" excuses for Hudak having  treated that young woman so callously in the first place. I bet you would reject those excuses too if it had been a rightie saying something equally insensitive and stupid even if the rightie immediately apologized. I don't think we do much for our credibility when we bend over backwards to excuse our own for things we'd jump all over an opponent for. 

        • BlueCat says:

          What, no snappy  response?

        • Curmudgeon says:

          You wanna compare the Republican vs. Demoractic track record when it comes to statements about rape?


  4. Voyageur says:

    Stay classy, Peter.


  5. mamajama55 says:

    Why is it that the so-called religious right are so homoerotic? Really, "butt-boy"? He says that quite a bit, about all kinds of other journalists, I've noticed.

    Sounds like a deep seated longing Mr. Boyles should explore.

    Boyles is disgusting – not because he fantasizes about boy butts, but because he is abusive, domineering, and a lousy journalist.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      They like to fantasize that their adversaries are gay… think of all the times Rush Limbaugh squealed about how "Obama's gonna bend us over, America!!"  Nothing latent there at all……

    • dwyer says:

      boyles is not a journalist.

       I have  another request for Jason.  Years ago, the Post would report radio ratings, as well as local tv stations. ….probably back in the day of black and white tv….anyway, my request for Jason is:  Do you know the current morning drive time ratings for am radio?

      I have a hunch that boyles is really losing ground to his female competition, across the board.  He is at his best at promoting the local "incidents"….bakery, school gift boxes and the recalls,….but inbetween times he locks on to the birther fantansy and he is boring, when he is not embarassing….

      I don't think republican candidates, tea party or not, are going to appear on his show…..with the exception of tancredo, who is loyal.  Gessler was on once and has not been back. Laura Woods may come back….but people seem to come on his show, now, only after they have been elected…..

      Finally, Jason, any chance that you have a transcript of a caplis show…maybe on last Monday……I am old and my hearing is gone and I could have certainly misunderstood, but I thought I heard caplis going on about gays in the locker room and his best friends are gay…etc….when he suddenly said something about once  being "kidnapped by a gang of gays in Kansas"…..Could I possibily have heard that right???

    • langelomisterioso says:

      "deep-seated". I see what you did there and congratulate you for it.Beyond that I believe you give Boyles way too much credit by even placing his name in the same sentence with the word journalist.

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