CO Insurance Commissioner Deflates “UdallGate” Claim

POLS UPDATE: State officials say that not only was Sen. Udall not intimidating the State's Department of Insurance in asking about the validity of policy cancellations, he was also HELPFUL in his questions. So much for that outrage. From Fox 31:

In separate letters Tuesday afternoon, Commissioner Marguerite Salazar and Barbara J. Kelley, the executive director of the Dept. of Regulatory Agencies, informed Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, and state Rep. Amy Stephens, one of several GOP candidates looking to challenge Udall later this year, that a fact-finding review “revealed no evidence of any intimidation, and the ‘level of coercion by Senator Udall and/or his staff’ was zero.”

On Monday, Salazar was pressed about the interaction by Republican lawmakers during her own confirmation hearing at the Capitol.

“I characterize this as a heated discussion between two staff people that happens all the time,” Salazar said, trying to downplay the controversy.

Salazar’s letter to Gardner Tuesday reiterated that position.

“Senator Udall’s staff was doing their own research separate and apart from the Division, and brought certain information to our attention, including the fact that carriers were sending notices that included renewal options,” she wrote.

“Moreover, we think the Senator’s efforts were useful.”


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Article By The Colorado Independent

Marguerite Salazar, confirmed by the Senate in Denver Monday as state insurance commissioner, threw cold water on state Republican outrage machine. During her confirmation hearing, she said the messages staffers for Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, who’s up for reelection, sent to her office pushing back on the number of Obamacare-related health insurance policy cancelations was routine communication and in fact bolstered the work of her staff.

As CoPols mentioned yesterday, it's only a matter of time before the facts confirm the material points of Sen. Mark Udall's objection with the widely-reported statistic that a quarter-million Coloradoans (yes, that's the right way to write Coloradoans) had their health insurance canceled. But in the mean time, the accusations that Udall had bullied or harassed a state department is losing steam all on it's own with the "victim" saying that nothing had been done wrong. 

But don't hold your breath waiting for this development to be reported very far outside the Colorado Independent. 

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Written as the former…pronounced as the latter.

    My guess…and preference…

  2. notaskinnycook says:

    Coloradan, unless you're talking about the newspaper in Fort Collins. Saying or spelling that other word, which shall remain unwritten, says loud and clear "I'm not from around here."

  3. horseshit GOP front group says:

    But wait a second.  Yesterday Moderatus told us there was intimidation and that Udall tried to force the commission to fudge their numbers.  This just can't be !  This is all supposed to be outrageous !  Salazar is fucking up our story !

    I am so happy to see the Colorado GOP and its candidates become so inept. I don't know, maybe some of their followers could hold a pep rally during the AFC championship game to bolster support.  

    I really enjoy all of this. 

    • DawnPatrol says:

      Precisely. The lying coward Moderatus is suddenly nowhere to be seen in the comments for this piece, after arrogantly *assuring* me — fraudulently, as usual — that Insurance Commissioner Salazar was going to prove me wrong and declare Sen. Udall guilty. Surprise, surprise! Who could have seen this coming?

      Moderatus is a amoral liar and a punk, and I wish others here would take off the kid gloves and start calling him our for what he is, every damned time he crawls out from under his slimy rock spewing the latest batch of gun sexualizers/Limbaugh/Fox/hate radio lies and distortions.

    • Moderatus says:

      What makes you think for one second that former Obama appointee Margaret Salazar would say anything to disparage Mark Udall in an election year?

      Your naivete is laughable.

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