At Least She’s Not on Your State GOP’s Executive Committee

As reported by Latino Rebels, the Texas Republican Party's Executive Committee has at least one member who might be better suited for another organization, perhaps one with a uniform featuring pointed white hoods:

Legvold, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Cuban descent, supported her argument by posting links from StormFront, the pro-racism forum described by the Anti-Defamation league as "a veritable supermarket of online hate." (after the jump)


The Republican Party of Texas responded to Latino Rebels with a tepid statement disagreeing with Legvold:

Executive Committee members are entitled to their own opinions that may or may not be aligned with the Republican Party of Texas’ official platform. The RPT does not agree with Ms. Legvold’s opinions on this matter and we have been very aggressive in our outreach efforts to minority communities over the past year. We recently hired full time African American and Asian American engagement staff, as well as multiple additional Hispanic engagement staff in our Victory Centers across the state.

Spencer Yeldell
Communications Director
Republican Party of Texas

If you hire enough minorities, I suppose it's okay that one of your leaders proudly describes how her "compassion has dried up" for immigrants, even as she lives in the United States thanks to a compassionate immigration policy sheltering Cuban-Americans and providing a pathway to citizenship. Over on Facebook, she's deleted the screengrabbed post or turned it private, but she's still continuously posting anti-Mandela articles!

The compulsive need to assassinate the character and legacy of civil rights leaders, especially as the world mourns them, is nothing new under the sun. This same element in society–those deeply threatened by the thought of a people turning on their oppressors–attacked Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, and didn't even wait 'til her death to turn on the elderly Dolores Huerta. And when someone is really just too saintly to destroy, the same element simly co-opts her legacy, as Ted Nugent did to Rosa Parks. It does, however, add a fresh touch of irony to this old story that, in this case, the attacker is a Cuban immigrant. Puts one in mind of closeted anti-gay crusaders, no?

If Sara Legvold is able to retain her executive committee post after describing South Africa's brutal, torturous apartheid as superior to democracy, Texans will know exactly how much their state GOP's "outreach efforts to minority communities" mean.

(Notes: 1) If being racist isn't enough, Sara is also just plain incorrect. Check out Latino Rebels' original post for a thorough debunking of her made-up claims. 2) This was brought to my attention by a Latino Republican. As that fact illustrates, Sara Legvold does NOT speak for all Republicans. I wish the conservatives who vehemently disagree with her all the best in excising this toxic element from their party.)

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  1. Moderatus says:

    I don't care about Texas. This is a Colorado blog, isn't it?

    With that said, she should resign immediately. That's not acceptable in the least.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      It hasn't been as frequent here as it used to be, but "at least s/he's not your (office)" is a CoPols sporadic tradition where really, really ridiculously bad behavior by non-Colorado-related political people makes the blog, as a reminder that CO isn't the only state where these Onion-esque stories (e.g. the Fall of Haggard) happen.

      • Miss Jane says:

        Remember El Paso County's own Betty Beedy on national tv's, The View, referencing "normal white Americans", to Star Jones?  It's sad that it happens, but the stupidity and ignorance can make you smile now and then because it is just so….stupid and ignorant.  It's the hate that's makes it so evil. 

    • BlueCat says:

      What PC said, Modster.  Your side simply can't figure out how to stop these eruptions of wackos saying stuff out loud. There doesn't seem to be any learning curve. This sounds curiously like slaves had it really good because they were clothed and fed. 

      • roccoprahn says:

        That said, what's provoking this? This is anger, actually unfiltered hatred, emoting from these individuals. Frustration for sure, but about what? Ignorance on dislpay without embarrassment.

        This legvold character surely knows how stupid this sounds. For that matter, williams' blathering surely is beneath even him, and I've read plenty of his rantings.

        Is it a realization that the conservative ideology as a platform is no longer viable because the main characteristic involved……..being white……… no longer the major prerequisite to success? Is it that the republican party is now reduced to being a regional power, no longer capable of winning national elections? 

        What makes these people so rabidly hatefull? 

    • MADCO says:


      Whatever on earth for?

      We know not wearing high heels is qualificaiton for public office.
      We know black Americans' health is poor because they eat fried chicken.
      Hispanic Americans (if they even are, nudge nudge) because they fry everything after they get here.
      We know little boys should  be mutilated before they can pee in the girls bathroom.
      We know background checks is the same as seizing your guns.
      We know private bakeries should be allowed to deny service to anyone for any reason at any time.
      We know what causes rape- short skirts and drunk women.
      We know guns are no more dangerous than hammers.
      We know that living close to the border is credential enough for office, (if you are a white Anglo woman- if you are a dark skinned man with a regional accent, it's enough to be detained until you can present papers.)
      Food stamps are mostly used by lazy cheaters.
      Poor people just want to be poor.
      Obama took over GM.
      Reagan never raised taxes.
      And on and on and on.

      Why on earth would this poor woman resign?


  2. horseshit GOP front group says:

    Cue the further TP histrionics when the low info crew finds out Obama actually shook Raul Castro's hand today at Mandela's memorial ceremony.  I think Obama just dosen't give a shit about what the crazies think anymore, and I really, really applaud him for that.

  3. notaskinnycook says:

    Oh, they know, HGFG. . Fixed News is already having a hissy cow over it. Look for campaign ads in '14 touting the slide toward communism in the "Democrat" Party.

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