Peter Boyles Critiques Local Coverage of the Hudak Recall Effort, as Only Peter Boyles Can

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In the heated battle and drama surrounding the efforts to recall Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak, accusations of malfeasance and misrepesentation have been thrown back and forth, a gubernatorial candidate has proffered obscene gestures, and local news outlets have entered the fray to parse out the truth and report on the contentious issues raised by the two sides.

Never the wallflower, KNUS 710AM radio talk show host, Peter Boyles, has become the media point man for the Recall organization, hosting the organizers Mike McAlpine and Laura Waters in daily appearances for updates and rallying cries. As you might guess, the tone of the show these days is combative and loud.

When KDVR Fox 31's reporter Eli Stokols and KCNC CBS4 Denver's Shaun Boyd ventured into Arvada and Westminster to report on the Recall and efforts to thwart it, they were not spared from Mr. Boyles cutting criticism and confrontation.

We've provided some audio clips from The Peter Boyles Show for you to hear exactly what Peter Boyles thinks of their journalistic efforts:

1. Peter and Joe Neville, lobbyist for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, respond to Eli Stokol's report identifying paid signature gatherers for the Hudak recall effort as having criminal records, which supports claims purported in door hangers and robo-calls by Hudak supporters. The root of Mr. Boyles' complaints seem to lie mostly with the organizations defending Hudak against the recall, whose methods to investigate recall works Boyles refers to as "underhanded", "Brownshirt technique" "gestapo-esque" and "very, very KGB". Misters Boyles and Neville accuse the Democracy Defense Fund as 'gift-handing' information to Stokol's for his report. Further criticism from Neville and Boyles refers to Stokols' reporting that DDF "fundraised" $30,000 to fund their efforts when it appears the money was donated in large amounts by few donors. Finally, Boyles charges Stokols for not forwarding information concerning the potential crime of threatening phone calls from someone associated with the Hudak recall.

2. Boyles calls Stokols' piece "bad journalism", claiming that DDF gave Stokols information critically important to the report, while refusing to return Boyles' phone calls requesting answers to his questions. Further criticism from Boyles falls to Shaun Boyd's report on the recall in which she interviews Hudak. Boyles mocks Hudak's appearance in the piece a, saying that "Evie is now part of 'Shaun's people'".

3. Boyles facetiously adopts the song "Eli's Coming" to mock Stokol's supposed failures in his report. Also in this segment, Boyles lays out his case against Shaun Boyd's report, which reported that Hudak claimed that she had nothing to do with the organized opposition to the recall. Peter calls "BS" on that claim, but doesn't back up his assertion.

4. This clip includes audio from Shaun Boyd's interview with Evie Hudak, complete with Peters peanut gallery commentary and editorializing.

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  1. dwyer says:

    Late to the party, Mr. Lund.  

  2. mamajama55 says:

    It isn't surprising that Democracy Defense wouldn't return Peter's phone calls – he's been urging his listeners to harass DD by calling their number non-stop. Also, Boyles is not exactly someone one can have a reasonable conversation with; he jumps in on the attack, yells questions, yells over the other person's reply, starts insulting and demeaning them while holding down the "mute" button so that their answers aren't heard by his listening audience.

    I've heard him do that on the air with the spokesperson from Democracy Defense, with Tom Mauser, with Jason Salzman. It's beyond bad journalism and interview technique, and well into verbal bullying.

    It's why I don't bother to call in. My own written communications have never gotten any response from Boyles or the station, so it seems that he only responds to criticism when he feels he's in a position of overwhelming strength.

    Nice to see someone else covering our local conservative "entertainer", Mr. Lund.

    • roccoprahn says:

      I'm with you. I don't listen to boyles, haven't for years, and am aware that when you call in, bad things happen in the form of you validating his program from a ratings standpoint.

      But………….I still figure that the way to stop this phony gasbag in his tracks, to literally stun him, is to as a journalist ask him straight out if he did indeed serve in the US Army as a paratrooper………IE the 101st or 82nd Airborne.

      boyles knows he used to claim that on his program, he was doing it as far back as the late 80's, early 90's, during the time he was reviewing Mark Lanes' great work "Plausible Denial". Somewhere there are archived tapes or something. I can't be the only person that heard it. Back then I had no reason to think he was pulling a fast one. 

      Anyway, falsely representing yourself as military isn't ok any more. People don't look the other way any more. This is his achilles heel. A journalist just needs to get him on the record.

      • mamajama55 says:

        If you want to call in and ask him, Rocco, go ahead. I'd recommend the "broken record" approach – just keep asking him your question over and over, until he either answers or hangs up on you. Be aware that he will try to piss you off by making fun of your name, various other sidetracks and red herrings.

        But you'll probably get through his screeners if you say you're from Pols.

  3. Negev says:

    Meanwhile, a Hudak supporter threatens to murder recall workers and nobody seems to care….

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