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October 19, 2013 03:06 PM UTC

Pro-recall operatives try and fail to get counterprotesters arrested

  • by: Alan

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

This morning, I joined dozens of my neighbors out in support of Sen. Evie Hudak, who is targeted by the extreme right as part of yet another costly and unnecessary recall election. I've known Sen. Hudak for many years. Back in 2007, my son was a student at Weber Elementary when the school fell victim to an arson attack. Evie Hudak, then a member of the Colorado Board of Education, attended every meeting of parents during that traumatic period as we figured out what this all meant for our children's education. Sen. Hudak is a caring public servant who has faithfully represented the people of Senate District 19, my neighbors. She deserves better than the right's shameful political opportunism.

Today, Evie's friends struck back, and the right wing was not happy. At 80th and Wadsworth in Arvada, a group of five or six people holding "decline to sign" and "Stand with Evie" posters kept a respectful distance from the pro-recall crew's table. But that apparently wasn't enough: we were angrily notified by the pro-recall folks that we were breaking the law, violating a "150 foot limit" they believed we were obligated to stay away from their table. They then called the Arvada police to the scene. Here's the video I shot, and you can hear me speaking to both police and pro-recall operatives:

I told both the police and the pro-recall demonstrators that I had been there the whole time, and asked what unspecified behavior our side had engaged in to warrant calling the cops. They didn't answer right away, but eventually admitted that all we had done is gotten closer than 150 feet to them.

I personally have no idea where recall operatives got the idea they are entitled to a "150 foot limit," but the police realized quickly that no violation of the law by either side was taking place. In the four hours I was out there, I was personally very encouraged by the support we got from passers by–my neighbors–many of whom were pleasantly surprised to see the recall petition drive being challenged.

And I'm surer than hell not going to be pushed around by people who don't know the law.


14 thoughts on “Pro-recall operatives try and fail to get counterprotesters arrested

      1. The "repeating signatures" might be a real thing. I check in on the recallhudaktoo FB site once in awhile, and several of the commenters seem to be promoting "Sign, early, sign often". I assume that the Secretary of State's software will catch duplicate sigs…on the other hand, they missed poor Twila Sue Peach.

        Their FB site has a photo of some protester they claim blocked a car door for someone who wanted to sign the recall petition. FB commenter's preferred solution to this problem: "Shoot him."  Look for this to feature prominently in attack ads, if it gets that far. Hick thinks that the recall signature gathering  chances of success are 50-50.

        Mike McAlpine( recall spokesguy)  is bragging to Breitbart News that they are "very strong" on signatures. Their Oct 15 FB post:

        In response to all of the inquiries, after 10 days, we are doing very well with signature collection. We will not have a verified count for another couple of weeks. In advance of the cold weather and the holidays, WE NEED MASSIVE TURNOUT NOW for volunteer signature gatherers. Join us this Saturday and Sunday starting at 8am – We want to blow this out of the water and cook this turkey before Thanksgiving. Our next goal is a 2,000-SIGNATURE WEEKEND. Bring your friends. Top 2 signature gatherers this weekend get $100 gift certificates to local gun shops and lots of RMGO swag for all. If you can't come, send another and donate. Thanks!


  1. Have the DA file false police report against the pro-recall jerks. Have them pay a heavy fine of $100,000 each and 100 hours of community service doing work for the homeless.



    1. I drove by and honked.  It looked like the Hudak supporters had as many folks there as the recall petition gatherers.    You sure drove them nuts good for you.  

    2. Wow, you and Duke are on the war path lately.  Wish I could encourage you but I don't think this will be seen as rising to false reporting.  Pretty sure it will just be considered a mistake. Maybe they were thinking of electioneering near a polling place or something. Love your go for the jugular spirit, though.yes

  2. I am sure glad you have recognized this for what is really is…a power grab by extra constitutional means…they didn't win the election so they will follow the national example of the Cruzers…If ya don't win, destroy…I have friends in Arvada who support your effort…

  3. Thanks for what you're doing, Alan. That's citizenship.

    You exposed the ignorance of the gunzo that had been told, or just figured, or guessed, or made up the 150 foot distance rule as an amateur.

    I'm wondering when the hired "gunzos" are going to show.

  4. Thanks for taking my advice.  You need to organize further and do this more often and at more sites.  It makes a difference.


    Is there anyone talking about petition signature challenges.  Someone should be taking pictures of folks who are minding the tables when individuals sign.  This could be used for challenges.  Is anyone handing out pro-Evie stuff?  What about a simple explanation from Evie about why she cast her votes?  something like,

    I oppose the radicals in both parties on gun issues.  I oppose those who seek confiscation in my party and those who seek to allow a convicted murderer to legally purchase a gun upon release from jail.  I think the things we did are a moderate step to try to deal with the problem of increasing gun violence in our neighborhoods, schools and public places.  Then there should be some FAQ's completely destroying the talking points of the opposition.


    For that matter, a piece like the above should be sent to all voters today.  You need to get ahead of the lies.

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