Colorado lawmaker: Democrats using ‘mind control’ to make people accept ‘homosexual marriage’

Colorado lawmaker: Democrats using ‘mind control’ to make people accept ‘homosexual marriage’ (via Raw Story )

A Republican Colorado lawmaker on Tuesday asserted that the state’s law permitting civil unions between people of the same sex was a “mind-control experiment” by Democrats to force voters “to believe in homosexual marriage.” In an interview…


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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    Wow!  Apparently this kind of mental illness is what happens when white Republicans eat too much chicken . . . ?!?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      . . . having given much further consideration to this issue, perhaps this is what happens to white Republicans who use generic aluminum foil for making there hats?!?  

      ReynoldsWrap, people !!! — you'll be glad you did !!!

      • langelomisterioso says:

        Although it's very close to recycling a concept well out of favor with the residents of wingnutistan I'd advise they make their metallic headgear out of old beverage cans.It's a heavier gauge metal,costs little or nothing, requiring only metal snips and possibly a ball peen hammer to use.

  2. davebarnes says:

    What happened with these awesome mind control abilities in the recall elections?

    • mamajama55 says:

      I know, right?!

    • BlueCat says:

      Or when all those GOP majority state legislatures and Governors were being elected? All I know is I'm a Dem and I'm not having any luck enslaving people with mind control, as my failure to end the feeding of our most obnoxious troll demonstrates,  and I'm a Jew and have as yet not received one check in payment of my share of the proceeds from the Elders of Zion who supposedly are dominating the world financially.  Not one in all these years.  It really sucks.

      Wait!  Maybe we have been successful with mind control but a small premium grade tinfoil hat equipped GOP secret cabal has fended it off and stolen all the elections. And my checks all got lost in the mail. And… what are those other two?

  3. JeffcoBlue says:

    What if this is how Lambert explains his own urges? "Democrat mind control making me watch gay porn again!" I could see this.

  4. horseshit GOP front group says:

    Pretty soon those homosexual wedding cakes will want to have rights just like all other " normal " wedding cakes, and then where does it end ?  Good thing the fearless Dr. Assless Chaps is tirelessly fighting to keep us from sliding down that slippery slope.

    Catch ya next time at hide n seek Klingy !


  5. ElliotFladen says:

    Logic is not mind control.  Or is it? 😉

  6. Diogenesdemar says:

    Perhaps a sympathetic little ditty will help “Chaps” and Lambert feel better . . . ??? (… they might wanna’ add this one to their hymnals …)

  7. MADCO says:

    I suppose the Rev supports  "Biblical" marriage.

    My copy has at least five recoognized flavors:

    1) Man and wife

    2) Man, his wife, her slaves

    3) Man and wives.

    4) Man and wife and his concubines.

    5) Rapist and his victim (if she was a virgin)



  8. fishingblues says:

    As I scan ALL of the responses above, I just don't see why you all believe you are such deep thinkers.  The hilarious thing is, you all think you are cute and clever as well.  

    Inane doesn't begin to describe it.  

    • Duke Cox says:

      Really…so look up an adjective that does..

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      You redicule us twerp but you don't have anything to say about how rediculous this fool is blabbing about "mind control" like it is another super serious conspiracy that Repubilcans must fear.

      Do you also believe in these paranoid delusions twerpy?  Is this one of those conspiracies that you roll around in like a cat in catnip?   Does it really get you excited to think that you are now a victim of 'mind control'.

      Fuck you fool and your phony superiority.  Your comments are as lifeless and dry as a Midwest farm in the midst of a Climate change drought.  You've got no literay talent to entertain or educate.  You've got nothing to offer this group.

    • fishingblues says:

      The truly weak cannot seem to come up with anything of worth to say so they attempt to use pnony references, links and others' words.  

      I bet there are thousnds of pro-libertarian links as well as thousands of negative links.  What a fatuous and utterly ridiculous game.

      But then, I  consider the source.

  9. ClubTwitty says:

    The gaping hole in Libertarianism

    The problem I find with Libertarians is that they are emotionally immature. They do not seem to able to handle any kind of thought that requires anything but extraordinarily narrow constraints like ‘good vs. evil.’ They worship ‘free market capitalism’ without recognizing its plasticity. They seem stuck in the third grade of economics and they tend to be cowards. I have a long standing offer to debate Lew Rockwell on these points for example, or any of his followers, but none of these windbags dares exposure.

  10. BlueCat says:

    While we were all having fun, because we're not a bunch of humorless fanatics, perhaps someone should have pointed out what's really wrong with Lambert's assertions

    “There are no waivers or provisions for any contrary thought, whether it’s religion or people’s expression of their own morality,” Lambert explained. “It completely suppresses basically any ideas.”

    “It’s a mind-control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats here in Colorado, to force everybody — including children in schools, everything else — under penalty of law to believe in homosexual marriage,” he added.

    None of the above is true. Nobody is being forced to believe in anything nor is anyone forbidden from having their own idea of morality. In states  where gay marriage is legal no  clergy person is forced to perform a marriage between two men or two women. No church is required to stop teaching that homosexuality is a sin. They just aren't allowed to impose their personal or doctrinal religious views on others. 

    When I was kid rabbis wouldn't marry a Jew to an unconverted non-Jew. Nobody made them do it or like it or banned them from speaking against it just because it was legal. But since it was legal under civil law, the only law that counts where marriage is concerned, they couldn't demand that civil authorities refuse to recognize mixed marriages just because they didn't like them. 

    What Lambert wants isn't freedom of religious belief, which he already has, but the right to impose his on everyone.

    • MADCO says:


      I was raised in that other Judeo tradition – Catholicism.  The pastor of our congregation repeatedly made a  point about the evil of "mixed marriage," by which he meant a Catholic in good standing marrying ….anyone not a Catholic in good standing.  He offered what were at the time apparently reasonable anullments for Catholics who did not prefer the challenge of a fault proven divorce.

      And more than once he acknowledged that he sould sanction any marriage recognized in the Bible.  I know the five I listed – there may be others.  Like a lot of Catholic priests, that pastor was not especially interested in the parishoners studying the good Book for themselves.

      • Traditionally, there was a limit to just how much a layperson was really supposed to study the Bible – best to leave that up to the teachings of trained professionals at Mass.

        • BlueCat says:

          That was a major aspect of the Protestant reformation… that the Bible should be translated into vernacular and made available to everyone who wanted to read it on their own, a pretty limited number being able to read at the time but even so. The few who could read would infect the many more who couldn't. It really pissed the Church off as it wanted sole control of interpreting biblical teachings for the masses.  

          And why wouldn't it? Considering what a mess the Bible is of contradictory teachings, written and edited, added and subtracted, at different times in the context of different prevailing cultures spanning the time from the most ancient writings to the latest, it's no wonder the Church saw loss of complete control over the content as an enormous threat.  

          What should make everybody of any and every religious persuasion or of none feel threatened today is the thought of ignorant yahoos like Lambert deciding that A) They have the right to decide that everyone has to live according to the teachings of the Bible and B) They get to be in charge of which teachings. You know. Like the Taliban.

          • There are moments when I think letting the masses in as interpreters hasn't worked out so well. Comparing the current Pope's teachings to many current-day Prosperity Gospel believers – yeah…

            But then, of course, we probably wouldn't have wound up with this Pope without a Reformation, and we probably wouldn't know enough about the Bible to work up a debate on it…

            • BlueCat says:

              Well, the Jewish tradition was always the opposite. Jewish boys were required to be literate so they could study the Torah and the rest of the stuff that comprise the Jewish Bible. In the little Ukrainian village my grandmother came from only the Jewish men, all of them, could read. None of the Ukrainians  could. Arguing over every little detail wasn't forbidden. It was what what rabbis did for a living. And Judaism has lasted a pretty long time.

              I'm pretty sure, though, that if Jews hadn't been a minority under someone else's rule for so many centuries since ancient times we probably would have been just as crazy about enforcing Judaism as the Church was about enforcing its brand of Christianity, the Taliban is about enforcing its brand of Islam and as yahoos like Lambert are about making their interpretation of Christian teachings civil law  It's easier to avoid persecuting, oppressing and shoving your religion down other people's throats when you aren't in any position to do so.

              • See: the state of Israel today. The Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox certainly have their priviledges and powers over other sects.

                I agree, though – having people question their faith and its teachings doesn't weaken the faith.

                • BlueCat says:

                  True but being Jewish and being Israeli are two very different things and I was talking about most of our history as a people since ancient times. In historic terms it's only been very briefly out of the last couple thousand years that Jews have been in charge anywhere, including in Israel and yes, it isn't pretty. 

                  The ridiculous aspect is that the late 18th early 19th century Zionists who created the modern state of Israel, in which Jews had been a small minority for hundreds and hundreds of years, were secular socialists and after the the formation of the state religious Jews never made up more than ten percent.  

                  Unfortunately, because of the proportional representation parliamentary system, nobody has ever been able to form a ruling coalition government without the religious parties so they wield crazily out of proportion power.

                  In a country where the overwhelming majority are not religious,  archaic religious rules concerning marriage, divorce and some other things have the force of civil law. The religious minority has routinely been allowed to intimidate the non-religious and religiously liberal with impunity, threatening and harassing Reform Jews trying to establish congregations, throwing rocks at cars straying into one of their neighborhoods on the Sabbath.  And that's just  the kind of thing they feel free to do to majority non-religious and/or non-Orthodox Jews, not Israeli or Palestinian Arabs. 

                  Needless to say I'm very happy being a diaspora Jew and an American citizen. You couldn't pay me to return to live in my alleged homeland. I have no more interest in letting orthodox rabbis, until very recently the only kind recognized in the state and still the only kind with power, control the laws I have to live under than I do in having those laws dictated by conservative Catholics, Born Again Christians or the Taliban.  

  11. Request to Colorado lawmakers (and would-be lawmakers): please – PLEASE – could we have just one week where no-one makes a stupid statement like this. I'd like to get off the "states with really assinine lawmakers" list for a week. Thanks.

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