Pastor blames Colorado floods on abortion, weed and ‘decadent homosexual activity’

POLS NOTE: You knew this was coming, or at least you should have.

Pastor blames Colorado floods on abortion, weed and ‘decadent homosexual activity’ (via Raw Story )

Christian pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson this week pointed to abortion, marijuana legalization and “decadent homosexual activity” as the possible cause of recent historic flooding in Colorado. On his Generations With Vision radio show, Swanson…

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  1. MADCO says:

    Does this mean Jamestown was the most sinful? 

  2. Gray in Mountains says:

    and I was afraid CO would be ignored by the Xists

  3. Dark Cloud says:

    If there were a God, he'd be most enraged that we tolerate the likes of Swanson and Phelps and not burned them alive for their cruel idiocy, ignorance, and unChristian values.  But there is no god, and that's why we have Swanson, Phelps, fires and floods.    

  4. fishingblues says:

    I'm surprised you liberals are not embracing this nut job.  After all, you both hail from loons.  

    • speedyexpress48 says:

      And the classic conservative reply is to mock the left without saying anything of substance.

      • langelomisterioso says:

        Well at least try to mock the typical con brain not quite having the necessary wattage or connections to do good satire,snark,or parody.

        Given the reasons the pastor cited one wonders whether the presence of  Ted Haggard had anything to do with the climatic turmoil?

  5. Diogenesdemar says:

    Sure it was bound to happen, what else could have caused the floods and other disasters?? —

    God is the always the reason, for those who are unable to!!

  6. Gray in Mountains says:

    Westboro Baptist Church… Where are you when we need guidance?

  7. skeptical citizen says:

    Here we go. One wacky comment deserves another. An equally loony scenario is: Based on the timing of the floods in relation to an event, the recall of dedicated and thoughtful legislators Morse and Giron one day before the rains started could have been considered evil and was then punished with floods.


  8. MapMaker says:

    No, no, no. This pastor has it all wrong.

    The real cause of the floods is that San Antonio, Texas recently passed a law that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender idenity. This meant that the town neededd to be punished, but the newly erected San Antonio Gay Shield deflected this punishment in a random direction, which happened to be towards us.

    • BlueCat says:

      Trouble is…  Librul Boulder, multicultural Aurora, conservative Colorado Springs and lots of little conservative mountain and rural towns got hit so it's going to be pretty hard to tease out exactly what pissed God off this time.  

      Here in Littleton proper (not unincorporated Jeffco "Littleton" but he real deal) we were just fine if a little soggy. So maybe some local prophet can tell the rest of you sorry sinners what we're doing right here. 

      Maybe God likes how we support our public schools every time we're asked as well as our very own quality library and museum.  Also the whole Western Welcome Week thing culminating in a parade through our historic downtown that fulfills all those good ol' days fantasies without the inconvenience of things like good ol' fashioned Klan rule and old time dentistry. 

      All we need is some local pastor to solve the mystery for us and explain what the rest of you people are doing wrong. Apparently God has forgiven us for our part in electing Tanc and Coffman. Whew!

  9. yameniye says:

    Doesn't the non-decadent homosexual behaviour count for anything?

  10. ajb says:

    Damn. I thought it was all about secession.

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