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September 20, 2013 10:46 AM UTC

An Open Letter To The Rest of America, Especially New Jersey

  • by: Colorado Pols

Dear Fellow Americans,

Image via Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Golden)
Image via Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Golden)

As you have seen in the news this past week, a large area of the state of Colorado has been impacted by devastating floods. An unusual storm system resulted in historic rainfall that has destroyed hundreds of homes, cut off whole towns from civilization, wrecked vital infrastructure our state needs to function, and killed an as-yet unknown number of Colorado citizens. The damage to our state's economy has not even begun to be assessed as the focus remains on public safety and immediate relief.

Every member of Colorado's congressional delegation, Republicans and Democrats, has come together to request emergency federal relief as our state recovers from this enormous natural disaster. Gov. John Hickenlooper has already stated that federal relief legislation may potentially be necessary to provide the funding the state needs to address the damage done. The damage to roads and bridges alone is estimated to be many times the state's annual transportation budget.

It has been rightly pointed out that Republican members of the Colorado delegation voted against similar aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. This vote was in fact roundly criticized here in Colorado, and it should not be considered representative of the population of this state–especially those now in need of assistance with recovery from this disaster. It is worth noting that provisions in that bill for flooding mitigation in Colorado were stripped out by Congressional Republicans, over the objections of their colleagues in Colorado. Democrats from Colorado nonetheless supported the final Hurricane Sandy aid bill.

Political debate in Washington and in Colorado has become increasingly dysfunctional. Despite this, the generosity shown by fellow Americans in response to disaster is one of the most powerful ties that binds us together. In Aurora, a city which suffered greatly in the recent flooding, on the Eastern Plains, in the mountain towns of Boulder and Larimer Counties–when aid reaches these communities provided by fellow Americans from across the nation, including places like Louisiana and New Jersey, the gratitude of Colorado citizens will speak louder than the hypocrisy of a few local politicians.

When the time comes to reciprocate as Americans and neighbors, Colorado won't forget. And we thank Americans everywhere for the support we know will be there in this time of need.


The editors of Colorado Pols, on behalf of the people of Colorado


24 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Rest of America, Especially New Jersey

        1. The Post says Cory Gardner is working on $100 million in additional road funding right now. Why can't you just shut up long enough to let him instead of needling him with accusations?

            1. I'm pretty sure the entire CO delegation is working on that bill.  However, I'm also sure the GOP contingent will demand that it be funded by cutting food stamps, aid to dependent children, or other useless pork projects.  And maybe throw in a tax cut for the 1% to boost the economy — a win/win/win for everyone!

          1. Since he hasn't been able to get any meaningful legislation through so far what gives you any hope that he is going to be successful this time?  Oh and didn't he vote against disaster aid for Hurricane Sandy victims?

            The reality is that Gardner is doing this for his homies in the 51st state.  He doesn't give a shit about the rest of Colorado.

          2. What a waste of money!

            Any governement spending on roads could be better spent not at all. I don't need no federal agent telling me what roads I need- or spending my money.

            I can spend my own money.

  1. That photo is of Jamestown.  I have relatives who had to be air evacuated.  The town infastructure has been demolished with the water plant submerged and the water pipes across the river ripped out.  The power and phone lines are also down and the river wiped out whole sections of road on both the east and west sides of the town.  They are newly homeless and and some cases unemployed through no lack of effort on their part.  This constitutes good government to help those who fall into misfortune to recover some of their life.  I'm hoping the government doesn't shutdown so that needed aid can flow to these families before winter.  It will be interesting to see if our Republican representatives care more about their constituents or their ideology.  These financing of our federal government and the debt ceiling are going to be important votes for Coffman.

    1. If he walks in lock step with Repubilcans and votes against funding our government and disaster aid for our state then he is going to get branded as a traitorous extremist.

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