More evidence that Morse recall is an abuse of the political process

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Laura Carno, whose organization donated over $55,000 to recall Sen. John Morse, has been claiming Morse is an extremist on various conservative talk-radio shows.

Yet on "Politics and Guns" July 23, she said of Morse that, before this year, "you wouldn’t have been able to guess that he was a Democrat."

So Carno's problems with Morse are very recent, lending credibility to The Denver Post's view, as expressed in an editorial titled "John Morse Recall Is an Abuse of the Political Process," that the recall effort an extreme over-reaction to a policy dispute.

The statement invites questions for Carno about whether she thinks The Post is right that the Morse recall is a "perversion of a process that should be reserved for corruption and incompetence."

Here's a partial transcript of the radio interview, as well as the audio:

Carno: @31:52 Yes. That’s correct. And that’s one of the common questions that the recall committee got when they launched this, “Why don’t you just let him finish out his term?” So, there are a couple answers to that. One is, he didn’t get everything he wanted in the last legislative session. And just as a reminder to your listeners, Senator Morse was a very moderate Democrat. You wouldn’t have been able to guess from his legislative agenda from the previous terms that he’d been in there, you wouldn’t have been able to guess that he was a Democrat. He is former law enforcement. He had some good pro-police bills, pro-military bills. He even sponsored in 2007 a reciprocity bill for Conceal /Carry holders for Colorado – a very pro-gun bill.

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  1. Davie says:

    The GOP — Perverting the political process since 1994.  Thanks to Newt Gingrich, the original social/political pervert.

  2. doremi says:

    How can Morse's gun votes be in any way extreme?

    According to a January Denver Post poll:  83% of Coloradoans supported background checks.  62% of Coloradoans support a ban on High Capacity Magazines.  Sorry.  The folks who started the recalls are the extremists.  I seem to remember that Nick Andrasik started it all….and no self-respecting woman should be associated with a man who used such vile misogynist language publicly.

  3. langelomisterioso says:

    The same folks who constantly correct this is not a democracy,it's a Republic becausethey don't want to see the populace voting on everything are the same people who'd seemingly turn the political process over to full participatory democracy through the petition process.I'm not sure I understand the disconnect here,but then I've never been sure about cognitive dissonance.

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