Jaxine Bubis: “I’m Sorry,” “I Caved” To GOP Insider Pressure

Jaxine Bubis.

Jaxine Bubis.

One of our front-page editors reported earlier this month on the story of Jaxine Bubis, Republican candidate in Colorado Senate District 11's upcoming recall election of Senate President John Morse. Bubis, though endorsed by numerous state legislators including Sen. Kent Lambert and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Owen Hill, saw her bid to run against Morse in September "torpedoed" (no jokes, please) after it was revealed by her GOP opponent that she has authored a number of works of rather explicit erotic fiction. Despite enjoying the support of many legislators she would serve with in the Colorado General Assembly and the powerful Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization, Bubis lost a "quasi-primary" of El Paso County GOP insiders to former Colorado Springs City Councilor Bernie Herpin after her past writing career was revealed.

Moments ago, Jaxine Bubis posted a dramatic message to her Facebook wall lamenting that insider-driven selection process, and apologizing to the voters of Senate District 11 for not fighting on as a candidate:

I owe the voters of Senate District 11 a huge apology.

All the voters: Republican, Democrat and Unaffiliated.

When my SD11 campaign started, my mantra was that Your Voice Matters. The main refrain for the Recall Morse campaign (which I participated in) was that John Morse refused to listen to his constituents and told "his" senators not to listen to their constituents either. In effect, JohnMorse told the people of Colorado "Your Voice Doesn't Matter!"

But your voice does matter. 

Yet, when I was pressured from all sides to submit to a primary process in which 50 Republicans would tell all the people of SD11 who they could vote for, I caved. [Pols emphasis]

I knew better. I knew it was not the right thing to do. I wanted the voters of SD11 to make that choice, not 50 Republicans. But the overwhelming message out there was that there could be only one Republican on the ballot. 

It came from Jeff Crank and Sheriff Maketa over a glass of iced tea. It came from high ranking legislators. It came from the Party. Well, you get the picture.

But I did know better. And I didn't listen to my heart.

And I apologize. I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance for your voice to be heard. 


Our understanding is that it's technically not too late for Bubis to get back into the SD-11 recall successor race, with seven days remaining for her to submit the required 1,000 signatures to reach the ballot. Realistically, that might not be an option–but it will be very interesting to see how Republicans who had endorsed Bubis, and the SD-11 Republican grassroots, react to these allegations of insider dealing and untoward pressure on her. The fact is, the number of candidates who might appear on the ballot to replace Morse has no bearing on the vote to recall him, which is a separate ballot question. So what was the purpose of this "quasi-primary" at all?

We'll update as this story develops–and we suspect it will.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    Jaxine! Jaxine! Don't let the ole boy's club bring you down.

    I mean that, too, even though I get laid regularly and don't need her books.

  2. Moderatus says:

    I hate to say it but the Pols are right about this one. There was no need to push her out with a fake primary that isn't binding. And it won't affect recalling Morse to have more than one candidate: there's no "splitting the difference."

  3. EccentricRepublican says:

    Ever heard of Operation Tailwind? The Fellowship is not pleased with you, Ms. Bubis.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Jeffco: TMI, man, TMI.

    I wish that we lived in a world where a middle aged lady could write erottica and still run successfully for political office. It says more about our societal attitudes about aging and boundaries on female sexuality than anything else. That said, Ms. Bubis has awful politics on gun legislation, and I wouldn't want her, in particular, to be elected.

    Moderatus: You're right in that the way the recall ballots are set up (Recall? Yes/No) + Other Candidates? Mark preference wouldn't affect a recall. But, in view of the nonsense and waste this recall has generated, if it succeeds, I think that the Republicans in El Paso County would deserve whatever wacko candidate ends up with a plurality of the votes. Hopefully, they'll have the decency to be embarrassed (Yeah, dream on.) 

    This is primarily a Kabuki play in which behind the scenes political manipulators play a high stakes game with two questions to be decided:

    1) Will Republicans be able to take back moderate counties, and, eventually, the governorship and senate for Colorado?

    2) Will the NRA be able to recoup it's reputation as a political kingmaker by punishing legislators who cut into its profits?


    • ElliotFladen says:

      I wish that we lived in a world where a middle aged lady could write erottica and still run successfully for political office. It says more about our societal attitudes about aging and boundaries on female sexuality than anything else 

      Issue wasn't her writing erotica, it was that seemed to be her biggest life accomplishment.  Would have been a different story if she had had other significant personal/professional successes in life. 

      • mamajama55 says:

        Bernie Herpin was at least a city council person for 5 years. Bubis was a "community advocate," i.e., community organizer. Funny, none of the right wing extremists has dinged her for that.

        However, neither candidate has the resume of Senator Morse. It's ridiculous and wasteful to try to recall him short of his term limit in 2014.

        I'm pretty sure voters in his district will agree.

        • ElliotFladen says:

          Interesting comparison of treatment of "community advocates" MamaJama.  I'll have to think about that point.  

          As for recalling Morse though, we are going to have to agree to disagree.  I'm very much in favor of that occurring.  Whether it occurs though is a seperate question. 

  5. ajb says:

    Oh crikey.

    What the world needs now is another Republican victim like I need a hole in my head.

    [with apologies to Cracker]

  6. Curmudgeon says:

    Any one want to predict the title of Jaxine's newest book?  It should be pretty easy, just use an Adjective + Place + Noun formula, like so:

    Hot El Paso County Kiss-Off


    Steamy Colorado Shutdown


  7. Canines says:

    Iced tea served bitterly cold, apparently: lots of astringent lemon, without even a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

  8. BlueCat says:

    Oh and Jaxine… most of the public does support the kind of sensible legislation that the majority of our state senators passed. So they were listening. You're just ticked off that your loud, hysterical minority couldn't drown out the voice of the rational majority. And, by the way, nobody is taking away your guns. Not that I expect any of you to stop lying about that because that's what liars do.

  9. MADCO says:

    Lie down with dogs…. fleas.

    Lie down with lying liars who tell lies….well – you get the point.

    Your faked outrage now is worse than pointless. I am not even sure it rises to the level of whining. It's just meaningless distraction.

    You just have buyer's remorse- I remember being told it can quite natural after you get screwed.

  10. DavidThi808 says:

    She may run. Why? It will significantly boost the sales of her books. She'll get nationwide press coverage and a lot of people will want to get the books to see how steamy they are.

    And for the sake of our entertainment, I hope she does. It'll make the race a lot more fun.

  11. Half Glass Full says:

    "He took an ice cube from his cold, frosty glass of tea and gently placed it on her …"

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