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July 15, 2013 01:39 PM UTC

Caption This Photo (Brophy First Family Edition)

  • by: Colorado Pols

Just forwarded to us, this publicity shot of GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Brophy and his lovely family. No, this is not a joke (as far as we know, anyway):

Make that Sen. Brophy’s lovely, armed to the teeth family. Perhaps it will save money on security?

Caption away…


117 thoughts on “Caption This Photo (Brophy First Family Edition)

  1. Standing ready to defend Colorado against wayward road signs, mailboxes or street lights that threaten the American way of life.

    Just imagine the sniper's lair they could set up on the roof of the Governor's mansion…

  2. Trivia question for the resident gun experts (esp. GiM).  I presume the daughters have 30 round magazines in what I take to be AR-15s.  Brophy's mag looks a little stumpy, but the assault rifle appears to be a larger caliber than the AR-15s.

    Any one know what Shorty's packing there?

    1. Boxy, looks like a Glock from here. Which would stand to reason, since the gun nuts love those damn things like hipsters love PBR.   Always been a Beretta fan, myself.


      1. Shorty is Brophy 😉

        His son's semi-automatic pistol looks like about a .380, but I really don't care.  Nor the pump-action shotgun his wife is holding.

        1. Actually no, you really can't tell the caliber of that pistol from the downward (overhead) orientation it's being held at.  Although Glock does make a couple of pistols in the .380 caliber you mention, they began making those specifically for the South American market where shooters there are restricted to only using nonmilitary caliber weapons.  The much, much more popular Glock 9mms are also very small, but of that military caliber that the Brophy family appears to favor — 9mm would be my bet!

          The pump-action shotgun that momma is holding has an extended ("home defense/military") magazine tube — probably eight rounds.  It's not some mamby pamby hunting gun that would even be legal for waterfowl, or lightweight enought to be favored being carried afield by upland gamebird hunters.

          As for captioning that picture, IMHO, the only appropriate headline would seem to be:

           " YIKES !!! "

          1. An alternative caption suggestion for me would be:

            "What your family might look like if your daddy, too, had extreme compensation issues . . . "

  3. I won't say a word against the man's family.

    #1: I feel it's out of bounds, unless they do something Bristol Palin-esque.

    #2: They look like nice people,

    #3: It's not their fault he's crazy.

      1. How about…"look at my wonderful, well-armed family… in the midst of a gun-safety inspired recall when I am running on guns as my top issue against John 'Bloomberg' Hickenlooper" ? 

          1. Brophy himself put his family in the line of fire (so to speak) by staging and distributing this picture. His family are willing and, from the looks of things, enthusiastic participants.

            Open season on 'em, I'd say.

              1. This is not a family portrait…this is a political statement.

                Read it again, very slowly. See the difference?

                political statement…that is the salient difference.

                1. All campaign photos are political. All campaign ads are political.

                  Michael Bennet ran campaign ads feature his three little girls talking about how their Daddy was gonna fix Washington. Did that make his family fair game for verbal abuse? (Correct answer: no)

                  1. No one here has been vicious re: shorty's family.  We are–obviously–allowed to make observations on a candidate's flier (or photo) without crossing whatever bright line you seem to be implicating someone in crossing…

                2. You're calling it a "political statement."  There are many reasonable advocates of gun rights who would simply view it as a "values statement," much in the same vein as a photo of a family going to church, or cleaning up litter in a community-service campaign, or volunteering at a soup kitchen. 

                  Now, to the mind of a virulent atheist, a photo of a candidate and his family going to church might constitute the invocation of a "hot political issue." And to some people, photos of Michelle Obama growing organic veggies with her kids in the White House garden would constitute the invocation of "hot" political issues.

                  … Um, wait … Would I be wasting my time to put any more effort into this comment? If history is any guide, yes, a complete waste of time. That's right, this is Colorado Pols, which means regardless of what I say or how well I say it, one or more of the regular trolls here are just going to spew their usual verbal diarrhea all over it anyway.

                  1. Poor BR.  Another conservative victim.  Why bother trying to make an argument, as perfect and error-proof and awesome as it is, with this bunch of libruls?  Why…they are likely to disagree despite its awesomeness.  Boo!

                  2. That's right, this is Colorado Pols, which means regardless of what I say or how well I say it, one or more of the regular trolls here are just going to spew their usual verbal diarrhea all over it anyway.

                    I have a suggestion to help ease your discomfort…

                    Go away…don't come back. Your asinine moralizing is senseless and you add nothing of value to the conversation. You have my permission to leave us wallowing in our "librulness".

                    BTW…"virulent" is not an appropriate adjective for atheism. You should look up the definition of words before you use them.


                    1. Yeah, we're all complicit trolls since we disagree with you and point out you're a whiner for complaining we don't see how 'well-reasonede' (and AWESOME!) your comments are.  Seriously. 

                  3. …a photo of a candidate and his family going to church might constitute the invocation of a "hot political issue."

                    Depends. If it's a boring regular church like most, no one would be bothered. If it were Westboro Baptist Church, that would be different.

                    …photos of Michelle Obama growing organic veggies with her kids in the White House garden would constitute the invocation of "hot" political issues.

                    Many already do. Example one, example two.

                    … Um, wait … Would I be wasting my time to put any more effort into this comment? If history is any guide, yes, a complete waste of time. That's right, this is Colorado Pols, which means regardless of what I say or how well I say it, one or more of the regular trolls here are just going to spew their usual verbal diarrhea all over it anyway.

                    A self fulfilling prophecy. How about always playing nice, no matter what happens to you?

            1. Oh for heavens sake David.  What if the caption was "We're hunting for unarmed black teenagers wearing hoodies with our high powered assault weapons who might be in the neighborhood".

              Where the fuck is your sense of humor over this joke of a candidate and his "macho" family?

    1. They look like nice people? What? Do you not see the guns?

      I agree families are off limits, but just look at Brophy. There's a nut if I ever saw one.

  4. After what he's said, I have no qualms about going against his family.

    How about:


    That boy has a gun in his pants?  No really.

    The rest of them look so normal.

    I think he has a big gun because of a certain lack elsewhere.

    The Muensters, 2013 style.

    I figured out a way to keep my kids from dating.

    At least this keeps you guys from looking at my women's cleveage.

    Vote for me, or else.

    Vote for me for Governor, of West Virginia.

    The girls, just props.

    She was dead drunk and blind when we got married.

    Merry Christmas from the Brophy's 2012.  None of that happy holidays shit, you heare me boy.

    Who's that taller man with those beautiful people?


    I'm done now.  Asshole.

  5. The rambo-wannabe has now set the definition for sh@t eatting grin.  That weapon would put his scrawny butt on the ground if he did not tie himself to Buck.  What is funny is when I held my M-16 it did not look big against my body.

  6. I also noticed the complete lack of any kind of actual you know "hunting" weapons.  This clan looks like they are straight out of a Deliverance survivalist movie.

      1. Brophy's assault rifle looks to be at least a .308 cal.  But I wouldn't be surprised if he has something like this to get the old testosterone boost he needs:

        Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf Entry
        Alexander Arms was founded in 2001 and is most known for the .50 Beowulf cartridge designed by its founder, Bill Alexander. The Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf Entry is, essentially, an AR-15 adapted to fire that .50 caliber cartridge. This hard-hitting power dramatically alters this rifle from other AR-15 type firearms, while retaining the easy handling and rapid-fire accuracy of the platform. One reviewer described it as, "A lightweight, handy, semi-auto .45/70 but with a larger diameter bullet and greater velocity."

        Advantages: Provides heavy-hitting power at short to medium ranges in a handy carbine-sized package — 7 pounds (without magazine, accessories), 31 inches overall length with collapsible stock — that is ideal for tracking big game in dense woods and heavy brush. It operates at a relatively low pressure compared to standard ARs, so it is reliable, and it features a flat-topped upper receiver ready for a wide range of optics.
        MSRP: $1,197.


  7. You people would be whining from the hilltops if Republicans were similarly making fun of a campaign photo of Obama with his wife and kids.

    1. Give it up, loser. There is no equivalency on that score. These people posed with the guns. They are asking for a response.

      The avalanche of crude insulting graphics aimed at the Obamas could fill a very large book. Not even close.

      I am curious, though.You write pretty well. How come your thinking is so fucked up?


    2. Yeah, if the Obama were all dressed as hosptial staff, say, inthe middle of the ACA debate…nothing political in that statement, huh?  Its a posed picture with a bunch of milatary style weaponry when that is the single issue he is hoping to ride to the Governorship.  Sorry, I am glad to see you back–whoever you may be–but that doesn't mean I have to like the taste of your weak sauce. 

      1. No, an equivalent scenario might be the Obamas with their two kids eating a healthy meal with no high-fructose corn syrup, etc., in connection with Michelle's advocacy for improved nutrition. For many Republicans, especially in corn-growing states, that would constitute injecting a "hot-button" political issue into the photo. So in a scenario like that, you would be OK with Republicans making fun of Sasha and Mllia in such a photo and making vulgar sexual comments about Michelle?

        1. Nobody is making fun of the kids, turkey. Nobody is making vulgar comments about Brophy's wife.

          You ever heard of the apples to apples concept?


          1. Actually, in the post directly below this, a Pols regular suggested "MILF" as a caption for the photo of Brophy and his family, which is undoubtedly a vulgar sexual remark. But according to you guys, that's fair game because guns are weally scawy, or something like that, right?

    1. So if a Republican called Michelle Obama a "MILF," you guys wouldn't find that offensive? No, of course you wouldn't. Obviously, I'm just some "loser" drawing a "false equivalence." Must be my "fucked up thinking."

      1. 'You guys'?  Yeah we are all ONE.  ONE BIG LIBRUL.  If you got a problem with what ONE poster said call out that one POSTER.  Screw your explosive diarreah on everyone's posts. 

        1. You're all tacitly complicit in the MILF comment because you refuse to condemn it. The admins of this site are doubly complicit because they initiated this public ridicule of the man's wife and children and have deliberately chosen not to delete the MILF remark.

            1. Yep, and he's as good as it gets with that irony. I've made a foolof myself on more than one occasion, jumping into his kill zone.

              Good one Dave!

          1. you refuse to condemn it.

             Oh, my God…I'm complicit in a MILF comment…!

            If the most significant transgression with which you, in your robes of piety, can assail we assembled sinners, is to refer to an attractive mother as a MILF, then that is quite the testiment to our level of civility around here. This isn't your fundamentalist chuch, pal. Leave your worn out sermon at the door.

            In this hellhole we call Pols, we sometimes drink and write at the same time. And we often resort to colorful and suggestive language. Get over yourself…or better still…

            Hie unto the 700 Club…and remain there until you have repented from your sanctimonious proclivities.



          2. Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            quit whining. You chose to post on this site, knowing it's liberally biased.

            "MILF" is going too far in the same vein brophy's remarks about Senator Carroll, Sandra Fluke, and Senator Hudak are.

            This guy's an idiot for posting the deliverance poster of his family while running for statewide office.

            You're an idiot for comparing that poster to the idea of the First Lady advocating for healthy meals.

            brophy's asking for anything he gets here. He's a cousin high pockets trying to play in an adult scenario.

            Apparently, so are you.

  8. At least two of the people in this photo are under 18. They have no power over how their opportunistic politician father uses them to promote a "gun enthusiast" persona to appeal to that part of the electorate.  Even if the two daughters are both over eighteen, we all remember how we squirmed when Scott Brown attempted to appeal to his audience by "auctioning off" his daughter's eligibility for dates. These "family values" guys sure value their own families, at least for photo ops and audience appeal.

    I say, take on Brophy's policy positions, his absurd statements, his contradictions – he is fair game.

    But leave the children out of it.


      1. New (BR) Rule: One must never express an opinion of a photo mailed out by a campaign if said photo has campaign principal's children in it. 



  9. Brophy is playing on public sentiment, especially among the Republican rank and file.  However, I expect Tancredo will present his own family portrait complete with semi-automatic weapons. 

    1. I'm sure this photo will win over LOTS of suburban moms. 

      All Brophy will gain with this is the grumpy gun-nut vote. Not many peolple are going to look at this and think, "What a nice family!"

      I think he just lost the primary with this photo. 

  10. I'm guessing a DPMS in 308 although it looks a little bigger (I don't know if anyone is making 338 lapua).  Don't know that it is a DPMS, but the furniture looks right.

    Wait I thought the new laws meant the government was going to take your guns?  Wait that wasn't true?

    BTW you have a lovely family.  Please teach them better muzzle discipline.

  11. Did anyone else notice the snow on the ground? This picture was taken during the winter – not recently. Perhaps, it was his Christmas card photo. That would be really sick. But ……..

        1. Well, it was pretty much obvious that it wasn't a 2013 picture, since the gummit hadn't yet taken all of the family's guns away yet …

          Xmas 2013 will have to be pea shooters and slingshots, I suppose …

  12. What if I use my guns against government and other usurpers, to protect my right to; gay marriage, porn, fetish, drugs, low taxes, sound money, ethical markets, private property, religion and privacy?



    At the end of the day, Alexander Haig had it correct.

    “ Let them march, protest and even snarl, so long as they pay their taxes.”

    1. It is government (via courts and legisalatures) that have expanded marriage equality.  But short answer–you would still be a criminal. 

      1. PS: Its red states that have the higheset porn consumption–Utah right at the top of the list… 

        However, there are some trends to be seen in the data. Those states that do consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and religious than states with lower levels of consumption, the study finds.

        …The biggest consumer, Utah, averaged 5.47 adult content subscriptions per 1000 home broadband users

      1. Yeah, the image of Nocky using his guns "against government and other usurpers" to protect his right to porn is waaaay too much to deal with this early in the morning.  What the hell would that standoff look like?


      At the end of the day, Alexander Haig had it correct.

      “ Let them march, protest and even snarl, so long as they pay their taxes.”

      He was talking about corporations and the wealthiest one-percenters, right?

  13. Weird and sad is the caption I'd use.


    The militarization of our country is one of the biggest problems we have as a culture. I believe it skews justice (read Zimmerman), extracts way too much blood and treasure, allows fear based policies to grow in strength and number (perhaps the most scary thing) and generally destroys quality of life.

  14. 1. What is it about Brophy that brings out the worst in you people? This happened with the last Brophy post, too.

    2. Seriously, please stop with the MILF references. It's offensive. I don't care if you're a liberal, a conservative, or someone pretending to be either political persuasion, referring to accomplished, professional women as a MILF just says that accomplishments don't matter, it's what's between the women's legs that counts to virile, gun-knowledgeable studs like the boy's club here. Hyar Hyar. (Spit and crotch-scratch optional.)

    3. If you can't figure out why MILF references are offensive, or really want to debate it, then start another post about them goldurn ball-breaking feminists and why they just don't have no sense of humor, and I'm sure you'll get lots of hilarious comments.

    4. My sense of this place is that no one moderates or deletes anything (other than the spam). It's self-policing. It's also getting boring, repetitive, and sexist.



    1. Mamajama55 — What brings out the worst in us regarding Brophy?  Recall his classless comments regarding Evie Hudak and Morgan Carroll?  That goes a long way for most of us.

      Yes the MILF comments are offensive, but see above, if you forgot about Greg's proclivities in that area.

      You are also correct that the Dead Guvs, with few exceptions (attempted outing of members) let the comments stand.  That has been a hallmark of this site since it's beginnings. That's about as libertarian as it gets.

      And once a post gets stale (and over about 30 or 40 comments), it almost inevitably degenerates past any pretense of civility.

            1. I have my suspicions.  use to post here all the time.  loves to be the victim while specifically provoking attack.  probably would be fun to have a beer with, but can't take what he dishes out…



        1. Nah, just abandon this post. This is like the zoo visit where you visit the monkey cage and you try to provoke them into being cute for a picture, but suddenly they're having a feces fight. You might get some good pictures, but you're likely to get splattered.

          It's just like that. Happens to me all the time. Next time you visit the zoo,I'll be the scary crazy lady hanging out by the monkey cage in a raincoat.


    2. mama,

      I understand that you, as a woman(and as a person), have a different sensibility from that of many of the assembled lunatics who post here. But, with respect, I think you are wrong about this assessment:

      …referring to accomplished, professional women as a MILF just says that accomplishments don't matter, it's what's between the women's legs that counts…

      The "boys club" is mostly just having fun with a moralizing troll. This site has historically been extremely supportive of womens' issues and, with the exception of some occasional off-color language (once again, mea culpa), generally pretty polite. Idiots like Bicycle_Repairman and Greg Brophy (probably the same person) stimulate a rather bloodthirsty (metaphorically speaking) response from some of the assembled. Forgive us…

      As Red Green and the rest of the guys at the "Moose Lodge" say…"I am a man…I can change…if I have to…smiley


      1. I understand why women find the comment 'MILF' offensive.  I would avoid it, and I did not endorse it complicitly or otherwise. El B.R. however is moralizing, and unintentionally humorous in sayin (paraphrased): "You all are a bunch of juvinile babies!  After dropping by to tell you all how offensive you are you dish it back!  WAH!  I'm taking my toys and leaving this sandbox…!" 

  15. They look like a happy family having fun.

    However, I would not trust a fellow with gun safety laws who lets his children violate basic rules of gun ownership for a photo. My parents are NOT gun owners and I still knew by the age those girls are that if you are invited to hold a gun, even if it's unloaded you do not point it at any part of a person, animal, or piece of property unless you're okay with shooting that person, animal, or property.

    1. Concur.

      What's scary is that the prevailing atmosphere among "gun enthusiasts" is a complete lack of understanding as to what a firearm is for and what it can do.

      We saw it with "negev". Now this "bicycle" guy. "nock" and "agop" as well reveal a naivete as to the deadly purpose of a firearm, particularly the types pictured in the ill advised aformentioned photo, held by individuals clearly unqualified to handle them and unconcience as to the angles the weapons are pointed at.

      The brophy family picture speaks volumes about ignorance, but it appeals to like minded extremists that focus purely on what they consider a "right" to own any firearm under any condition. Other posters have documented the ilk brophy's ass smooching with the clampett photo. One accurately described them as the "grumpy gun nut" demo.

      The degree of ignorance in the gun advocy community is frightening. The proof is in what the NRA considers "adequate training".

  16. You know (opposing campaigns take note), if you crop the wife and kids out of the picture and just close in on Brophy's face, he looks rather crazed in this picture; add a bit of red shading, a couple of horns and flames to the background, and you have a Brophy-as-Satin picture to set off a hit piece.  The grin is what puts him over the top….

  17. If the maroon thinks this is a good Christmas card or even campaign shot he is mistaken.  It may work for a few teabag votes, but for most of Colorado it shows he is a small road apple under a horses patooie.


    1. Yameniye, when were you in country?

      I've read you a lot here,  and I allways enjoy you.

      I was there, 1 tour, Southern tip, Ca Mao Peninsula, '69.

      Thanks for your service.

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