BREAKING: Greg Brophy Still Wants To Be Governor

SUNDAY UPDATE: FOX 31's Eli Stokols covers Greg Brophy's official campaign launch today:

Brophy, a quirky, deeply-conservative and somewhat unconventional politician, joins a primary field that already includes Tom Tancredo, who challenged Hickenlooper in 2013 as a third-party candidate, and Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who has formed an exploratory committee but has yet to officially announce his campaign…

“Gov. Hickenlooper’s very vulnerable,” Brophy said. “If we run a Republican that talks about opportunity, offering ideas that the best and brightest of the Republican Party can offer, we’re going to win this upcoming election.

“As long as we don’t play the same old role of offering up single-issue candidates who don’t have broad appeal to the middle,” he added. “I’m the one guy, of the three of us, who can actually win a statewide race.” [Pols emphasis]


Momma said knock you out, Scott Gessler.

UPDATE: Not enough minutes later, Lee's embargoed story goes live. Maybe wait a few minutes after being "surprised" by the new Twitter profile? With that little stunt behind us:

A vocal opponent to stricter Colorado gun laws recently implemented, Brophy, who has represented his sprawling eastern Colorado district in both the state House and Senate, will seek the party's nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper…

Brophy is expected to hold a Sunday news conference in Parker. An official announcement had not been made as of Friday afternoon.


That's the word moments ago from the Denver Post's Kurtis Lee:


So, we did:


Please excuse us while we make popcorn. Updates coming…

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  1. ClubTwitty says:

    Is that a UN collectivist peddling his commie bike away as fast as he can from the bositerous Brophmania sweeping the would-be 51st state and into the cowpens beyond? 

  2. davebarnes says:

    So happy that I joined the GOP to vote in the primaries. Fun times.

  3. DavidThi808 says:

    This primary is going to be a blast. Very entertaining.

  4. ClubTwitty says:

    …Or, is Greg Brophy really part of the UN conspiracy…RINO club, with his watermelon bravado just a front, and that crooked grin and goofy googly eyes (that just screams "TeaNutz for Sale" ) a wily ruse? 

    Here alleged Republican Greg Brophy is seen dressed in UN Blue, happily consorting with known Democrats.

    Notice the tricky, and trademark, loopy grin and vacuous stare. 

    I think we can all recognize a UN conscripted RINO when we see one, Senator.


  5. bullshit! says:

    I am going to love this fucking primary right HERE. It makes me tingle.

  6. Diogenesdemar says:

    Cripes … couldn't we please have one serious contender to move our Profile-in-Courage Frackenlooper a little???!!!???

    … Oh wait, — we are talking Colorado  republicans  here — never mind . . . 

    . . . Hell, pass me some of that fucking popcorn, too — this is going to be hilarious!!

  7. Curmudgeon says:

    Batshit Crazy Steel Cage Match. 


  8. Gilpin Guy says:

    And if Brophy doesn't win the governorship for Colorado he can always run for governor of North Colorado.  Actually this might be good for the Republican Party to have a rural legislator join the dance.  Wouldn't it be nice if he talked about rural issues that weren't tied to the social conservative agenda?

  9. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    HEY GUVS, I have a gripe.

    It kind of defeats the purpose of having FPEs when you always change your posts' timestamps to make sure whatever you have to say is always on top. By far not the first time it's happened, and it's getting frustrated.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      Frustrating, that is.

    • Colorado Pols says:

      No offense intended, as you can see your post is still one of the two features and we like it. Brophy's announcement is a big deal, and we do sometimes need to make these adjustments to keep such stories at the top.

      • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

        Not sometimes. More like every time you have a breaking story at the same time I have one. This is just the first time I've mentioned it.

        What IS the role of an FPE here? Am I just a blogger with expedited front-page privileges, or do I have a part in the editorial decision-making around here? The fact that I can edit and promote others' posts would suggest the latter, but the fact that you override my decisions whenever you feel like it would suggest the former. 

        You have my email. Even dropping a note to say "Do you mind?" would probably be sufficient. But just pushing my posts down (even when yours are a couple hours old already and already commented on by all ten people who still comment here) says "You know, whatever you could possibly have to say is by default less important than what we have to say."

        • Duke Cox says:

           already commented on by all ten people who still comment here)

          was that comment really warranted?

          • bullshit! says:

            Agreed, that was uncalled for. If you want to talk trash about a blog that lets you post to their front page, I'm sure Pols can find somebody else to do it.

            • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

              And they're welcome to. That's why I asked the question. I haven't gotten an answer.

              • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                @PCG — You deserve far more respect than these creeps give you. I enjoy reading your work, but I would be much more likely to read it regularly if it were posted in a more appealing venue than this cesspool. A few years ago I tried to engage in the discussions here, but gave up because the place is so dominated by these asshole-bully trolls that it's pointless to try to express an intelligent viewpoint here that deviates from the Pols groupthink.

                • Duke Cox says:

                   the place is so dominated by these asshole-bully trolls that it's pointless to try to express an intelligent viewpoint here that deviates from the Pols groupthink.

                  The reason it is pointless to try to post bullshit on this blog is that you will be relentlessly and effectively challenged on your suppositions and assumptions. Then, when you can't win any arguments, you will run away and refer to us as bullies.

                  PCG has enormous respect here and she knows it. You, on the other hand, are a jerk-puppet (a sock puppet that resembles an ass-hole).


                  • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                    Duke, thanks for voluntarily exposing yourself as a grandiose, narcissistic, hypocritical, Lambaugh-esque blowhard.

                    Your own post shows that you operate under "suppositions and assumptions" that any viewpoint posted on this site that is not in lockstep with yours is "supposed and assumed" to be "bullshit" and thus by definition cannot possibly match up to your singularly superior brain, half which is of course tied behind your back.


                    • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                      Limbaugh-esque, that is.

                      … Or are you more of a Beck or Hannity? They're all pretty much the same, but the point is you're modeling their modus operandi.

                    • Duke Cox says:

                      Ummm….a couple of things…

                      It is generally considered "bush league" to use four insulting adjectives in succession before a noun.

                      Restructuring my sentences and trying to take my words and phrases to make your point is, like, an epic fail.

                      Maybe a few more hours on the Heritage Foundations', "How to write like a right wing troll" website…and then come back and try again.

            • Bicycle_Repairman says:

              @"bullshit"  — What an arrogant and idiotic attitude you have. This blog "lets" PCG serve as FPE? Like they're giving her something valuable out of the goodness of their hearts and she should just be grateful and bow at their knees? No, you asshole. She provides Pols with hours and hours of her hard work — and good work it is — without compensation, and they in turn make money off it. Then they — and you, and many others here — treat her like dirt.

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            I only counted nine …

            (… but I'm not really missing ArapaGOP's blather here all that much!)

          • DavidThi808 says:

            I thought it was a funny way to state it. And yes FPEs should disagree with Pols at times. It's called a range of opinions.

            You go PCG!

          • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

            There's a point to it. I think a major reason this blog gets far fewer comments than it used to and the only new people are trolls is that the Guvs are no longer doing anything to encourage it to be more than just their personal blog, and frankly their personal blog isn't as interesting as it used to be when there was information here that wasn't in mass media outlets already. Colorado Pols' commentary on news that's been reported in every Colorado outlet already isn't really something that's going to draw attention to the blog. Jason Salzman does his commentary on the media here regularly, but it's also posted on his own blog. The last time a new person wrote a diary was Elliot, and to his credit he's stuck around despite not fitting in ideologically and getting into some nasty arguments.


            If you disagree that the blog is getting fewer comments than it used to, please feel free to back up that point with some statistics. I haven't seen a thread besides the open thread with more than 50 in a very long time. My very first diary, over two years ago, had more than 100 comments. The Facebook commenting addition is hardly ever used, and I haven't seen a new regular poster since Elliot joined who isn't an outright troll (and frankly, Elliot's a friend of mine but he's frequently trolling, too.)

            • DavidThi808 says:

              I think the other problem is the Dead Govs moved from relatively even-handed to strong Dem partisians. And this site used to have a strong vocal conservative membership which led to more balanced commenting.

              Now this is mostly a Dem echo chamber.

            • mamajama55 says:

              So I'm a troll, am I? I was working on a diary about abortion and it's relevance to Colorado, just FYI. Thanks for the vote of no confidence.

              • ClubTwitty says:

                Feeling a bit self-conscious?  I did not see PCG call you out.  Please write and post your diary…

                We'll take it from there.

                • JeffcoBlue says:

                  PCG is kind of insulting us all.

                • mamajama55 says:

                  I'm new, I comment a lot. PCG said that the only new people on here are trolls. I'm working up to writing blogs, which is a bit intimidating in a new venue, although I am an experienced writer. 

                  I don't think that I am a troll; that is, I tend to avoid flame wars, (which this is turning into), I try to be thoughtful, source my ideas, try to move the conversation forward.

                  There is a bit of a "boy's club" atmosphere on here at times, what with the penis jokes and the childish insults , but I accept it for what it is.

                  What this forum has that I like, that makes me want to post on here, is some original, often incisive and funny, Colorado commentary and current or breaking political news. Perhaps you all need to appreciate each other more for these strengths.

                  • Duke Cox says:

                    Thanks for the post, mama. Some people who follow this blog may have noticed that I don't blog anywhere else. I come here for information about politics and for fun. I still find it fun because I enjoy the quality of writing, sometimes the childish insults (mea culpa), and insights about people and events I don't read anywhere else.

                    But, I think, primarily it is because, as JeffcoBlue comments below, because "pissing on the rug" is so well tolerated. That is a characteristic I hope this site never loses.

                    PCG is one of my favorite writers, and her intellect, vocabulary, and vitality are exceptional, but I simply sense that there is a little more to this than the placement of a story.

                    I hope PCG and the Dead Govs work out their differences by e-mail. I don't think it involves anyone else. Or certainly shouldn't.

                    And, regarding the notion that we have become an echo chamber:

                    Most of the "conservative" voices that have come here and gone, have done so because they cannot sell a bullshit message on these pages. "The arc of reason bends toward the left", or something like that. The actual conservative voices, R36, Craig, et al, seems pretty well respected and often chime in…that you no longer recognize those as conservative voices says more about contemporary politics than anything else.

                    I don't write as many diaries as I used to because there are so many other good writers here..I don't often have any thing to babble about.

                    But I have not come across another blog that has the

                    • Duke Cox says:


                      same integrity, openness, and committment to free speech…except for threadjacking, of course.

                      (note to Pols: maybe a review function would encourage posting…hmmmm??)

                    • DavidThi808 says:

                      Most of the "conservative" voices that have come here and gone, have done so because they cannot sell a bullshit message on these pages. "The arc of reason bends toward the left", or something like that.

                      Part of that is a fair point. The Republican party has gone so batshit insane that there's no longer a reasond discourse oftentimes between the two sides.

                      But this site has driven out those that have a conservative philosophy, yet are still rational. The ad-homium attacks on anyone with a philosophy signifcantly at odds with the prevaling view here makes this a very ugly environment for a conservative.

            • Duke Cox says:

              If you disagree that the blog is getting fewer comments than it used to, please feel free to back up that point with some statistics.

              Don't disagree with that. I just wondered how that was relevant in regards to your pissing match with Pols. Is it their treatment of FPEs  the cause of the drop off in comments? Moreso than, say, the new format?

              or, as bullshit suggest, are you just talking trash?


            • JeffcoBlue says:

              Jesus, didn't you write the original Bubis post? How did the Govs give you short shrift for that?

              I have never seen a place where so much pissing on the rug is tolerated. You and Dave are welcome to fuck off as far as I'm concerned. Go start your own blog then.

              • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                While accusing others of "pissing on the rug," JeffcoBlue shits on the kitchen table. Gee, can't imagine why this site is in a crash-and-burn death spiral.

                • JeffcoBlue says:

                  First it was the Romies, then Merida's crazies, and now ProgressiveCowgirl goes circular firing squad. It's a personality type. The Pols are consistently nicer to you rug-pissers than I would be. See you at Squarestate, fuckface!

                • JeffcoBlue says:

                  BTW, I've been commenting here since 2007, and this site has been in a "crash and burn death spiral" the whole time according to trolls like you. Fuck off.

              • DavidThi808 says:

                JeffcoBlue do you think Pols is a site just for opinions that you agree with? Because you sure seem to find any disagreement with your point of view as unacceptable.

                • JeffcoBlue says:

                  Honestly Dave, I've found you to be a vapid moron about 95% of the time. I like opinions and disagreements just fine.

                  And I don't think the Pols have driven any conservatives away at all. In part they are too stupid to last here, and as the righties put up their own blogs the GOP sheep have been going to their own echo chambers. To blame Pols for that is bullshit, and the kind of misdirected bullshit that you love to prattle on about.

                  Speaking of which, do you still hate Udall because his staff stiffed you in 2008?

                  • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                    JeffcoBlue, why don't just go sit in a locked room alone somewhere and agree with your own opinions 24/7 and never have to be exposed to any viewpoints you disagree with? Seems like you would be a lot happier that way. And the world would be a better (less dickish) place for everyone else, so it would be a win-win.


            • Gray in Mountains says:

              I've always enjoyed your diaries PCG. Even Elliot's, even when I disagreed with his point or some of them. I attributed the drop in posters to a couple of things; 1) not an election season, 2) fewer diaries by FPEs, 3) lousy season for Rockies after a disappointing end to the Nuggets season.

            • GalapagoLarry says:

              PCG: You're a hell of a writer. I admire research and citation. I'm really glad you're a FPE.

              That said: The Govs own the damn site; they can do what they want. The Govs don't appoint, much  less hire the FPE's; you were voted on by the rest of us. So it's quite an honor; that you are so hard working is a credit that we recognize.

              Sure hope you and the Govs work  this out behind the scenes. It's an unfortunate interruption.


            • bullshit! says:

              For fuck's sake. I've been coming here for years. It's always slower in off years, and somebody always uses that as an excuse to claim the place is dying. All you're doing is helping the trolls.

              Frankly, you can take your passive aggressive bullshit and shove it up your ass, PCG.

          • Bicycle_Repairman says:

            Duke, it’s really to hard take you seriously when you feign offense at PCG's  relevant and accurate reference to the obviously declining traffic at this blog, yet you don't bat an eyelash at horrible shit like JefffcoBlue's totally gratuitous and obnoxious ad hominem: "Honestly Dave, I've found you to be a vapid moron about 95% of the time."

            • Duke Cox says:


              was that comment really warranted?

              This is the statement you take to mean I was feigning offense at PCGs' comment? Presumably so, because I think it was the only one I made until I explained:

              I just wondered how that was relevant in regards to your pissing match with Pols. Is it their treatment of FPEs  the cause of the drop off in comments? Moreso than, say, the new format?

              For you to try to turn this into some sort of fight between PCG and me, says a lot about you. I'm not sure who you are, but I am quite sure you are a puppet.

              Do you know what "feign" means? I seldom do that here. When I do, I usually insert a smiley.

              Your childish attempt at behavioral psychology is almost an insult. David is a big boy. He and Jeffco Blue, both of whom I respect, can work it out between themselves.

              You can go away, if you like, or stick around and take what you get…it's kinda fun how that works. You see, this is an adult site…hall monitors are generally unneccessary and unwelcome.



              • Bicycle_Repairman says:

                Oh, yes, clearly it's a very adult site, the epitome of maturity, responsibility and healthy emotional development.

                “We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?”

                • Duke Cox says:

                  the sock-puppet returns. Welcome back…didn't get to scold us mean, nasty liberals enough yesterday?

                  • Curmudgeon says:

                    I think he expected us to be at each other's throats after his clever machinations.

                  • Diogenesdemar says:

                    This also in partial answer to your, "is sock puppetry necessary" comment of yesterday . . . 

                    [. . . which now can't be replied to, because apparrently that thread went on too far beyond this superior site's mandated comment length . . .]

                    [ . . . which, BTW, alse makes me want to ask, "Goddamn, I wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder why there are fewer comments and commenters on this blog now, as compared to those bad old Soapbox platform days, huh???" . . . ]

                    . . . perhaps you have to use a sock-puppet if you're one of those previously-banned bastions of civility and intellectual superiority???

                    • MADCO says:

                      I found that question "is a sock puppet really necessary" when DC first asked it quite amusing.  I did not spit beverage out through my nose – but still.


                      As for volume….it is reduced. And part of that is certainly the new platform – I know two pollsters who were lsot in the transition and neither has yet bothered to figure out how/why and get back.  It happens.

                      But I predict – with no data at all – that the biggest decline is due to the log [(number days until the next big election) / (number of days since real political action) *  sqroot(number of days since the last election)]


                      We re-elected a president last year (HaHa!) and it sucked the energy out of lot of us.  We're doing other things.

                      But we're here and will be here when the water gets to simmering again. As for PCG's point- she's right. And she's not. 


                      But now way is  Bicycle Repairguy Brophy going to be the next Governor of Colorado.

      • ElliotFladen says:

        Um, why is Brophy's announcement that big of a deal?  Its your site, so you can do what you want, but PCG has a good point here. 

  10. yameniye says:

    Did the odd, little guy fail to count the votes of JeffCo, ArapCo and Denver?

  11. roccoprahn says:

    I'm too realistic to expect brophy to be around the race for long.

    But I'd be lying if I denied wanting to campaign against him. brophy's Sandra Fluke comments, in defense of limaugh, would be gold.

    2 Questions…………Is it a prequisite of republicans running for office and/or voting repulican to be completely ignorant of the workings of the female human anatomy?

    Are waivers ever issued?

  12. Half Glass Full says:

    Sorry to his family, but Greg Brophy is a Class A DICK  

  13. dwyer says:

    Is it just me or does that picture make Brophy look like that Carolina "hiking the

    Applacian trail" ex-gov and new congressman?  Just saying….

  14. Bicycle_Repairman says:

    Best idea so far in this thread was inadvertantly uttered in the toxic and otherwise worthless spewings of JeffcoBlue:

    "Go start your own blog then."

    Yes, please, I would love to see PCG and DavidThi808 start their own blog site, with no assholes allowed. That would be such a wonderful improvement over Colorao Pols. I think there could actually be some intelligent, reasonable, fact-based discourse there, as opposed to the mindless name-calling that is allowed — and encouraged — to permeate this site.

  15. MichaelBowman says:

    Did everyone miss the little press release that we have a new gubernatorial candidate that was cheered on by dozens of supporters yesterday?   "The one" that can win a state-wide race?   If your definition of 'statewide' doesn't include the five front range counties that make the other 59 poitically irrelevant the senator nailed it.  Or perhaps he's predicting a sweep of the 51st state.  He vows to not be a single-issue candidate, although his stage props yesterday happened to be 'ammo'.  But popcorn.  Lots of popcorn.  This is going to be better than the second season of Newsroom.  I'm sure Tancredo didn't sleep a wink last night.


    • Duke Cox says:

      Yeah, Michael. That was the subject of this thread, before it was jacked.

      How could this get any more entertaining? "Scooty McPlagarist" should throw his hat in the ring again….and hire Josh Penry as his campaign manager.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        His first job in the political world was hand-maiden to Marilyn Musgrave.  Shall we start a pool on how long it is before he trots her out so she can confirm his conservative bona fides?  Oh, wait.  He has already said that as Governor he won't attempt to overturn civil unions.  Oops, Given that the Congresswoman declared gay marriage to be the single biggest threat to our nation, perhaps she'll take pause before making her first contribution.

        The watermelon crop is well on its way to being a crate buster.  The next question is, will he double-down on the fall slaughter of the inferior watermelons with legal magazine clips – or will his campaign get edgy and have a crate of the now-illegal clips that would be legal if they were simply just seven miles east of his watermelon patch in the enlightened state of Nebraska?  Look for a lot of drama as the day of anhilation approaches.  This could make Faux News – with perhaps an appearance by Caribou Barbie – hovering overhead in her wolf-hunting helicopter and high-powered rifle to smoke out rogue coyotes in the vicinity.  

      • Curmudgeon says:

        How could it get more entertaining, Duke? Two words:  Bob McConnell.

      • Davie says:

        Maybe the Colorado GOP will reach out to Elder Stateman Dan Maes to clear out the riff-raff in the current field.  If I recall Dan didn't run on a "More Gunz, No Gayz and No Girlz" platform.

      • MADCO says:

        I actually think that team would be really competitive. Like within the margin all the way to the final weeks when anything can happen.

  16. Konola says:

    From the Mesa County Patriot's Facebook page:

    State Senator Greg Brophy is set to announce his candidacy for Governor on Tuesday July 16th at B2 Orchards in Palisade at 11:00 AM.

    Whether you are a Brophy supporter or just curious to hear his message and meet him, he encourages your attendance on Tuesday.

    According to the Denver Post: Brophy’s encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and gun laws and his way with words made him the point man during the session in opposing Democratic gun legislation.

    B2 Orchards is located at 3916 Hickman Rd, Palisade.

    More information about Brophy can be found at

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