Then There Were Two, Sort Of: Owen Hill Files To Challenge Udall

State Sen. Owen Hill.

State Sen. Owen Hill.

Once again, FOX 31's Eli Stokols reports:

Sen. Owen Hill, after just one year as a state lawmaker, is running for the U.S. Senate, FOX31 Denver is first to report.

Hill, R-Colorado Springs, will announce Monday that he is seeking the GOP’s nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Mark Udall next year…

“We’ve been looking at it for a while,” Hill told FOX31 Denver Monday morning. “The Republican Party in Colorado does not have an answer for what the Democrats are doing. It’s time for some new ideas and for a candidate who will focus on innovation. both on policy and within our politics.

“There’s no one on our side who’s bringing that message of innovation and a focus on the freedom of the individual.”

Certainly freshman Sen. Owen Hill, 31, is a more formidable contender than Randy Baumgardner, the fellow state senator who is announcing his own bid this week for the GOP nomination to run against incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Udall in 2014. But that's principally because Baumgardner is, to put it charitably, laughably unqualified. In Hill's exceedingly short span as a state lawmaker, he has established a reputation as a circumlocutory and reasonably eloquent orator. To be clear, we're using the word "circumlocutory" because we know Sen. Hill knows what it means–even if none of you all do.

We can't call Sen. Hill an appreciably more competitive candidate for this office than some of the other names that remain out there, but a run for U.S. Senate in 2014 might make sense for Hill personally. For one thing, it's a safe race to run–he doesn't have to give up his state Senate seat. Even if he can't win, a well-fought placeholder effort against a safe Democratic incumbent could be the ticket to bigger things for Owen Hill down the road.

Bottom line: today, in this race, Hill evokes the GOP's weak bench in Colorado. In ten years, it may be different.

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  1. horseshit GOP front group says:

    A good thoughtful quote above from Hill.  Kind of the antithesis of Baumgardner. 

  2. ClubTwitty says:

    Did @CapitalCowboy upstage @OwenJHill and thus this today?


  3. ArapaGOP says:

    I'm stunned to see Colorado Pols behaving so anti-nerd.

    I'm still hoping that Amy Stephens will make a run. But now the folly of declaring Republicans to be without great candidates is proven. Pols grudging praise for Hill is proof. Republicans I know are ready to think outside the box without compromising sacred principle, and so is Owen Hill. He's a great young man with a bright future.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      My circumlocutory-to-English translator:

      "We still got nothing. Meanie Pols. Meh!"

      (… also suitable for tweeting @agopbotsays …)

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      GOP has not had "sacred" principles since TR. And, all of TR's have been thrown out by GOP

      • Urban Snowshoer says:

        Gray in Mountains says wrote: “GOP has not had "sacred" principles since TR. And, all of TR's have been thrown out by GOP.”

        I’d go as a late as President Richard Nixon. Some of the most significant environmental legislation was passed under Nixon.  

        • Gray in Mountains says:

          agree on the environmental actions by Nixon of course. But, his over riding principle had uch ore to do with his fear of ordinary people. And, Jews

          • ClubTwitty says:

            Right.  Which means Nixon was a pragmatist–even if based on wacked out paranoia and latent self-loathing.  Today's Republican party has a word for pragmatists, or should I say SLUR…and its 'RINO.'

            To the contemporary Teabagger politics is NOT the art of the possible. 

          • Urban Snowshoer says:

            Many of the Republicans in the past have had a good and a bad side.

            (1) President Teddy Roosevelt was a definitely a conservationist, and by some accounts, the first to push for universal healthcare in the U.S. He was also a racist.


            (2) President Eisenhower had the foresight not get involved in a land-war in Asia, though mission-creep would result in the use of “advisors” turning into the use of full-scale military forces a few years later (under a different administration).


            (3) President H.W. Bush helped pass the Americans With Disabilities Act.


             I'm far from being a Republican or a conservative but I will  give credit where it's due.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      What nonsense Groper.  Republicans are incapable of thinking innovatively about sustainable economies or climate change or unwanted pregnancies.  All they can do is repeat stale, obsolete positions that offer nothing of constructive significance.  How shocking would it be for a Republican to come out and say that women have a right to their own destinies the same as a gun advocate has a right to their guns.  Never going to happen in my lifetime so we all know that Republicans are totally incapable of thinking "outside" the box to create new and pragmatic solutions that benefit all Americans.  What a liar you are.

    • Wong21fr says:

      As with most GOP candidates with military service, I will want to see what his service experience constitutes.  As a GWOT-era veteran with apparently no overseas service I'm suspicious of his supposed patriotism and character.  A servicemember who used numerous CONUS assignments to avoid duty in a combat theater is not a man who I want as a political leader.


      Though his lack of character should sync nicely with the takers that constitute the political lackeys of the GOP.

  4. Davie says:

    Catchy Slogan:

    focus on the freedom of the individual


    1.  Make sure women don't control their own bodies

    2. I wanna tell doctors how to treat their patients (mainly, not to treat them at all unless it's in a back alley with a coat hanger)

    3. Let's make sure only the "right (wink, wink) people" have unfettered access to the voting booth

    In other words, "Freedom for me, not for thee"

  5. If Owen Hill offers the same old Republican tripe in a more eloquent package (i.e. "without sacrificing sacred principle"), then voters won't go for him. If he's willing to actually think outside the box, Republicans won't go for him.

    Either way, Democrats are probably safe from Sen. Hill in 2014.

  6. davebarnes says:

    Now, I am sure to sign up for the Republican primaries.
    Remember, vote early and often so as to combat all the illegals votes.

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