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June 18, 2013 12:33 pm MST

Would Andy Griffith Do That?

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Black Forest Fire, now the worst wildfire in the history of Colorado in terms of the number of homes destroyed, reached 75% containment yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa posted on his Facebook wall that, although he's been very busy, he hasn't forgotten about that lawsuit seeking to overturn gun safety bills passed by the Colorado legislature this year:

Although Terry has been incredibly busy with the Black Forest fire, and his focus has been on that, he has not dismissed the importance of the lawsuit and our 2nd Amendment rights. He's had 20-22 hour days, but managed to carve out about 40 minutes the other night to speak to a group of approximately 70 at the Stargazer's Theater, and has talked to people daily about the lawsuit. Rest assured, he has not lost focus on this issue. He had to cancel 2 other 2nd Amendment issues due to his commitment to the fire and the residents impacted by it. They are, of course, his main concern right now. 

This upcoming week he will be heavily engaged in finding ways to get residents in to personally see their properties, in addition to providing the support needed to make sure this fire reaches 100 percent containment. During this same effort, [Pols emphasis] he plans to attend a couple other events in Denver, to not only promote the lawsuit, but also to be present during updates with the legal counsel representing the 55 sheriffs.

We can definitely confirm that Sheriff Maketa was "promoting the lawsuit" yesterday in Denver, having been forwarded pictures from some kind of photo shoot held at the state capitol yesterday with other "Suin' Sheriffs."


That's Sheriff Maketa second from left, standing to the right of Weld County Sheriff John Cooke (brown shirt).

So obviously, Maketa wasn't helping displaced families back into their homes, you know, right then. Also, we can't help but take note that while this photo shoot was taking place in Denver, officials were announcing that the Black Forest Fire was only 75% contained–which just doesn't seem like the time to do something else? It gets confusing, since the fire recovery and the gun lawsuit photo shoot are being handled as part of "the same effort."

No doubt Maketa did his duty during this fire, but let's refrain from conflating one "effort" with the other.


7 thoughts on “Would Andy Griffith Do That?

  1. Sheriff Andy just let Barney have one bullet at a time when he let him have any at all so I think he'd be fine with closing background check loopholes and limiting magazine capacity. Can't picture ol' Andy wanting to blow away a deer with so much fire power you'd have to take the blown apart pieces home in a giant bag.

  2. The Black Forest fire and the Royal Gorge fire were reported within about one hour of each other on June 11th – both quickly went out of control burning many acres in probably similar weather and wind conditions.  For reasons I know little about, the Royal Gore fire was contained more quickly than the Black Forest fire – and perhaps not known to many, the Royal Gorge fire came within about 1 1/2 miles (or less) of residential areas of the City of Canon City. 

    But here's what was striking to me in watching television coverage of both fires for several days – the fire incident commander or fire communications person did most of the speaking to the public and press re: the Royal Gorge fire, with additional comments by Fremont County Commissioners, sheriff and Canon City officials.  In contrast, the Black Forest fire spokesman – day after day – was El Paso sheriff Maketa, almost always dominating the camera, the reporting, answering the questions.  I wonder if anyone is seeing this contrast, besides me . . . .

    Also, did something go wrong early in the management of the Black Forest fire?  I'd love to know.



    1. So about the difference in personnel… The Black Forest Fire was never put under NIFC incident command – it remained in municipal hands (probably because it never entered Federal lands that would fall under NIFC jurisdiction…).

      1. That was my assumption – even knowing that there was very little sharing of the microphone by Maketa (with local fire department leaders, local county commissioners, etc).


    2. ….did something go wrong early in the management of the Black Forest fire? 


      The wind.

      The water.

      The sun.

      The fire hydrants.

      I mentioned wind and water, right?


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