Yes, The Morse Recall Petition Circulators Are Lying Too

With a H/T to Kurtis Lee of the Denver Post, supporters of Senate President John Morse are circulating a new video, reportedly shot this week, of a paid circulator for the recall petition against Morse attempting to convince someone to sign it.

Pretty much entirely by making stuff up.


Circulator: Hey man, are you a registered voter

Voter: I am

Circulator: Sign a petition for our right to bear arms?

Voter: What is it?

Circulator: Are you familiar with Senator Morse?  Do you live here in District 11 or these area codes?

Voter: Yeah, I go to school at Colorado College.

Circulator: Ok do you live in one of these zip codes?

Voter: 80903

Circulator: Ok are you familiar with Senator Morse?

Voter: Um, no I’m not.

Circulator: He has proposed to gun legislation that shifts liability to firearms manufactures and us as gun owners from violent criminals where it belongs.  This will affect our Make our Day Law, to make us accountable if we use our gun inside our home to protect it.  Also makes it so if a criminal uses a weapon, they can go back on the manufacturer or where it was stolen.  This is not what we, you know, elected him to do in office.  

Voter: Wait what does this affect?

Circulator: It affects us.  

Voter: Oh how?

Circulator: It’s going to take away our rights to protect our homes.  We will be able to held accountable by criminals and their families if we use a gun on them.  

Voter: Oh, is it because, what? I’m sorry.

Circulator: Go ahead and read that sir…  He is proposing gun legislation that’s gonna take some of our gun rights away.  He’s already sized down our clips and our amount of ammo, which is understandable because nobody really needs a 30 round clip to protect themselves unless they are be attacked by a gang of zombies. [Pols emphasis]

Voter: Didn’t, I thought I saw something, correct me if I’m wrong, um isn’t this the legislation that shifted liability to firearm manufactures, but wasn’t this withdrawn?

Circulator: This has been withdrawn, but he is drawing up new legislation right now as we speak. [Pols emphasis]  We are trying to get him out of office before he does any real damage to us gun owners.

Voter: Oh, so he is drawing up new legislation?

Circulator: Yes sir.  We have two more years with him in office and we can’t afford for any of his legislation to pass.  It’s going to do, damage that we can’t repair.  

Voter: Hmm, well let me do some research on it and I’ll let you know.

Folks, Sen. Morse's Assault Weapons Responsibility Act is being seriously misrepresented here. The paid circulator above presented this bill as a threat to Colorado's Make My Day law, when in fact the bill specifically excepted home defense. Also, Lee reports that despite this circulator's claim, there's no plan to reintroduce the AWRA next session–and after what legislators went through this session, we believe it.

Also fascinating is this circulator's off-message defense of House Bill 1224, the magazine limit, saying that bill is "understandable" since "nobody really needs a 30-round clip to protect themselves!" Given that to most recall backers, the magazine limit is the primary affront to their liberty motivating their outrage, it's very odd to see them defend it while gathering recall signatures–in addition to highly deceptive.

Makes you wonder how that message has been received, doesn't it?

At this point, most people we've talked to feel certain that, by hook or by crook, the paid signature campaign against Morse will deliver enough signatures to place his recall on this November's ballot. No legislative recall attempt in Colorado has ever succeeded, but the role of Kennedy Enterprises and their for-hire crew of signature gatherers ends with it making the ballot. In the hidden-camera video of Kennedy Enterprises's training session, it was made crystal-clear that the only goal for them is to get the recall on the ballot–"they can vote to keep him, they can vote to throw him out, I don't care."

Apparently, it doesn't matter what they said to get those signatures, either.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they were getting a much less favorable reaction on the magazine bill than they anticipated. There are LOTS of gun owners who will agree you don't need a 30-round mag to defend yourself.

    Interesting catch–

  2. BlueCat says:

    An informed voter who wants to do research.  Bet the recall foks just hate that.

  3. Gray in Mountains says:

    If one can occupy a paid circulator for several minutes then they are not getting a signature from some poor idiot during that time. It can be entertaining and definitely a valuable use of time

  4. ArapaGOP says:

    Did you ever stop to think this might really be his opinion?

    Not that it matters anyway. See you in November, Whole Lotta Bloomberg$ for Morse!

  5. rwnemanich says:

    They are all over the place in their approaches. I ran into another one who also had a volunteer badge, asked him straight up:

    [Me] "Are you a volunteer or paid collector?,

    [Him] "He is not compelled to tell me".

    [Me] "What kind of answer is that?"

    [Me] Then I asked him  "Why recall?"

    Th guy said: "He had approached Sen. Morse via email and phone calls and none were returned, then visited him at his office where he did not acknowledge him."

    [Funny this is a common thread in that in April FOX 21 interviewed another guy who said the same thing on Platte and Chelton,

    [Me] I then asked: "And that motivates you to recall him? What about the hoopla about the gun legislation?"

    He replied: "That the legislation session is over and Morse was unresponsive to him so he needs to be recalled."

    [Me] "If that were the case we should recall all elected officials, but he has always returned my calls, must be how you left a message or something?"

    [Him not listening] "He voted to raise the rates on the rural [utility] COOP's!"

    [Me] "Oh and do you live out there?"

    [Him] "No but I have friends who do."

    [Me] "So this is about money?

    [Him] "No it is that he is not responsive to his constituencies"

    {Me] "But I am in favor of requiring COOPS to have more recyclable energy. Isn't that all all our air and shouldn't they be required to be same as urban and for profit? Is this about money?"

    [Him] "No it is about him representing his constituency."

    [Me] "I am his constituency and agree with all his legislative initiatives, you seem to be full of it and are making it up, isn't this about Morse challenging the guns and NRA? Be honest."

    [Him] "It was about our freedom."

    [Me] "What freedoms, how is Morse taking away our freedoms?"

    [Him] "He wants to shift liability for gun use and take away 'Make my day rights', to defend our homes".

    [Me] How?

    [Him] "He is proposing…"

    [Me] "But legislative session is over, right?"

    [Him] "But he will I know it!"

    [Me] "How? Can you predict the stock market too? And didn't the original proposal except home owner "Make my day?"

    [He backs up now, Him] "I don't trust him, he didn't return my calls"

    [Me] "So it is about guns, not about him listening to you or the COOP's, but your guns, aren't you compelled to be honest in how you discuss your seeking of petition signatures, isn't that the law?"

    [Him] "We can't trust him, so you are not going to sign the petition, I am getting many others"

    [Me] "Who is we? And by the way I have been watching you for about an hour from across the street, I have seen no one stop and talk to you in that hour."

    [No answer]

    [Me] "How are you being paid for this, by the hour or each signature?"

    [No answer, then]

    [Him as he walks away] "I am exercising my rights"

    [Me] "Who is stopping you?"

    Him] "My rights"


    • Curmudgeon says:

      So, they're lying, cowardly, paid shills, without the balls to admit what they're really about, who they're really working for, or why they're doing it. 

      For the GOP, this is Democracy at its finest. 

  6. DavidThi808 says:

    All the collectors lie. They want as many signatures as possible. I had one here in Boulder a couple of years ago tell me after I singed one, that I needed to sign 4 others as backup to the one I signed. 

    And the 5 he had – no way he supported all 5. My guess is he didn't give a rip about any of them. They're given talking points to parrot and generally don't really know what this is all about.

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