What Happens When You Have No Candidate

They too would like to be Governor.

They too would like to be Governor.

FOX 31's Eli Stokols:

If Colorado Republicans are looking for a fresh face to take on Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper next year, one of them just appeared.

Out of nowhere.

Well, Rhode Island, really.

Steve Laffey, a former mayor and GOP Senate candidate who moved to Colorado just three years ago, has filed papers to run for governor in 2014.

Laffey’s campaign manager, Patrick Davis, began dropping hints on Facebook Monday night. Laffey is expected to officially announce his campaign Tuesday morning on the Amy Oliver Show.

We wrote yesterday about Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call's surprisingly frank admission this weekend in the Durango Herald that the Republican bench of eligible candidates for high office has "suffered" after years of losses. Yesterday afternoon, FOX 31 put up a story with Call speculating about as many as five candidates, and a "robust primary" to include such GOP luminaries as Secretary of State Scott Gessler, Sen. Greg Brophy, and perhaps even Attorney General John Suthers–though the story notes later that Suthers has already ruled this out.

Well folks, now you know why Call was so eager to get other names out there. Back in the real world, outside observers are increasingly confused as to why nobody has formally jumped into either of the two top-ticket races in Colorado for 2014. It's incongruous, especially given presumptions about having "awakened the sleeping giant" over gun control, that nobody is serious about taking on Hickenlooper. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Brophy, the likeliest candidate so far along with the polarizing Gessler, has no appreciable chance.

Bottom line: something had better happen, and soon, because the Dan Maes clown car is en route.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    I may have to actually listen to Amy Oliver to see what this clown is about.

    Duh duh dudalada duh duh duh duh!

  2. BlueCat says:

     Maybe ArapGoof can pretend this is his insider bombshell!

  3. MADCO says:

    That is so unfair.

    Clowns are scary, but nowhere near as scary as Governor Maes.

  4. ohwilleke says:

    In fairness, the weak field has more to do with serious candidates recognizing how strong an opponent Hickenlooper, the most popular politician in the state and an incumbent is than it does with the state of the GOP bench.  If Hick were out, more impressive GOP contenders would materialize in the flash.

  5. Gray in Mountains says:

    If Hick signs 252 and grants clemency to Dunlap his popularity will diminish greatly AND a full blooded, thick necked R will jump. Not suggesting Hick would then lose but if he does both of those a lot of folks will be enraged. Tancredo will get lots of dinner invites

  6. Curmudgeon says:

    Josh Penry.

    Book it.


  7. Ray Springfield says:

    It's simple. The Republicans lose.

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