Good Luck With That, Ryan Call

See you in 2016?

See you in 2016? Maybe?

As the Durango Herald reported over the weekend, Republicans in Colorado are still looking for that elusive candidate to challenge either Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper or Sen. Mark Udall. We've discussed many times in this space that Colorado Republicans are basically paralyzed under the vice grip of the Tea Party and the far-right; the only way to win a statewide election in Colorado is to run as a moderate, but the GOP can't get a moderate out of a primary. Perhaps both a cause and effect of this problem has left Republicans with quite literally nobody to turn to for help.

In that context, it's hard not to feel sorry for Colorado Republican Party Chair Ryan Call, who can't do much anymore but just admit that the GOP has no bench. From the Durango Herald:

Republicans have whispered about a handful of possible candidates – including two prominent Four Corners politicians – but the party appears to be running into trouble fielding top-tier candidates for these races. Political scientists and strategists say this is just the latest edition of troubles that have dogged the party for the last 10 years…

…The Colorado Republican Party is down but not out, state chairman Call said.

“There’s no question that the bench, if you will, of candidates has suffered as a result of election losses in the past,” Call said. [Pols emphasis]

Call is correct, but it's more than that — even Republicans who have won recent elections (such as Rep. Cory Gardner) aren't really part of a bench that could succeed statewide. Republicans, and Call, know what they don't need.But they still have to square that with a Tea Party crowd doesn't agree about much of anything, even amongst themselves.

Colorado Pols readers have heard this all before, of course, but it's pretty incredible to see the State Party Chair basically admit that Republicans have no bench. The truth shall set you free, or something.

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  1. Gilpin Guy says:

    You know you've got troubles when Scott McInnis is your top tier state wide talent.  Even Coffman was smart enough to know that he couldn't win a statewide race.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Hey now, don't discount Scott McInnis as a candidate.
    I'l bet he could plagiarize some really stirring campaign speeches.


  3. BlueCat says:

    Here's to Colorado, once again, being a harbinger of things to come on a broader scale nationwide. May GOP benches continue to shrivel all over the country until sticking with Tea Party pleasing nominees kills the present GOP and forces it to reinvent itself as a party for intelligent grown ups willing to face 21st century reality and capable of governing in partnership with its opposition.

  4. ClubTwitty says:

    Suckers!  That's what Ryan Call wants liberals to think!  What you don't know is that the Sleeping Giant is holding a Cake Walk with the Silent Majority. 

  5. MADCO says:


    here's a few names that could easily win governor and or senate and none of whom (I think) has lost a statewide election…

    John Andrews

    Dan Caplis

    Jane Norton


    ALl of which assume DON Maes doesn't winth the GOTP nomination again.  That guy got game.

  6. Davie says:

    Speaking of GOP candidates — I got a fundraising letter from my Congressman Mike Coffman.  Why he would send it to a registered Democrat, only he knows…

    But I was relieved to learn that despite some recent moves to the left on immigration, he hasn't turned into some pinko-pantie-waisted neo-liberal.  No sir, he's fightin' that Democrat Party and Nancy Pelosi for sure!  He's gunna stop that Democrat Party from spendin' all that money the Republicans already done spent!!!

    He was nice enough to send me TWO, count'em, TWO payment envelopes.

    Guess that means I need to double what I was going to send to Andrew this quarter.

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