Republican Evolution: Grassroots Radio Calls for Dave Williams to Bow Out

In covering Dave Williams this week, I've repeated over and over that the GOP is at a crossroads when it comes to gay rights: Can it still be acceptable in a major political party to refuse to treat gays with even basic human decency? Dave Williams is a convenient avatar for a type of Republican that is dying out, and none too soon. Today, we've got an example of what's arriving in his place: Conservative thinkers who not only invite GBLT Americans into their party, but who will actually stand up for them. 

Grassroots Radio is by no means a moderate show. The hosts are more respectful toward their guests than Rush Limbaugh or Peter Boyles, but they are staunch, hard-right conservatives. On last night's show, Jason Worley called for Dave Williams to step out of the El Paso County GOP chair's race. Most notable was this comment: "If you're going to be the chair, you have to represent gay Republicans." Not only that, but both Jason and Kenneth acknowledged that the booing of Log Cabin Republicans at the 2012 Republican state convention was a shameful, embarrassing moment for Republicans.

From Ryan Call's chiding of booers to the more than 47% of Republican state convention attendees who voted for a resolution favoring civil unions, it's clear that the Republican party is changing, albeit sometimes slowly and painfully. 

Kudos to Grassroots Radio, to the perseverant Log Cabin Republicans, to Ryan Call, and to all those who are working to form a party that has options for the future besides extinction. Maybe someday those of us who remember fondly the Colorado Republicans of yesteryear, statesmen who believed in privacy, dignity, and opportunity, will again find a few candidates to support.

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  1. If he becomes Chair he will have to represent more than Gays,he will also be looking after the interests of the Muslims,Latinos,Pro-Choice,Anti -Gun,Jews,Anti War,Anti Wall Street and Immigrated Americans,all of whom are Republicans.In the meantime,my message to him is,if you become Chairman have the check book open.I will be asking back for the Contributions I gave.I was told something else when I contributed the funds and with him as Chairman it seems the County will be running an agenda of hate not trying to lower the taxes or reduce the laws that burden the small business.After all that is what the mission of the Republican Party is.Obviously the agenda will be changing to Communist/Socialist cause if I am right,are they not the people who oust anyone they do not like out of the party ? Thank You Colorado Polls,for some well researched articles otherwise we would not have known what was happening.

    Dave who cannot respect President Reagan,or his hand picked Young Republican Grover Norquist.Dave who follows Frank Gafney who is a paid Lobbyist and tells lies about Mr Norquist and has been kicked out of attending any Washington DC Republcian meetings.A man who no one will print his articles except washinton times a newspaper owned by late Rev.Moon.

    Dave as a County Party Chair will not be welcome in quite a few places.

    • roccoprahn says:

      PCG, it's hard to tell if republicans of this era woke up to the new reality on November 7th and said "uh-oh, we have to change or die",  have what I'd be more comfortable believing come to the realization that simple message "massaging" is the ticket, or still have in their party a percentage of "principled conservatives" that might at some point be influential. Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman types. I'd actually prefer the third possibility.

      I read the very powerfull post above by the eloquent Seeme Khan Hassan, and was taken by her passion.

      Obviously my opinion of Reagan isn't hers', and I believe Norquist is a snake oil salesman ala Lappiere, but she draws the line at hate and bigotry. She is that example of a republican whose ideas could be fiercly competitive.

      I really miss the Eisenhower Republican Party.

      Again, PCG, your work on this Williams scandal is outstanding. Sometimes HUGE things come about because some citizen activist got off the couch and threw that stone into the pond that turned into generational change,

      You got those 2 radio schmucks heading to the bright side. And those two are drinking the koolade. Anything's possible.

      Great job!

      Again, thank you.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      Seeme! 🙂 So good to see you here. I absolutely agree — Dave is not qualified to represent a diverse Republican Party and you would be 100% right to demand your contributions back.

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