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July 11, 2023 06:03 AM MDT

Mesa County Health Board Causing Worry

  • by: Ckonola

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Mesa County Colorado is officially on the world map these days, thanks to the likes of Tina Peters and Lauren Boebert, but what is causing me a lot of worry these days is the direction of the Mesa County Health Department’s Board.

Janet Rowland got herself appointed to that Board as part of her vendetta against Dr. Jeff Kuhr.

By way of background, Rowland was term-limited out of her position on the Board of County Commissioners, sat out two terms while her hand picked successor (Rose Pugliese) kept the seat warm for two terms, then ran again for that seat and was elected again in 2020. In the 2020 campaign, Rowland argued against pandemic mask mandates and regularly posted Covid misinformation. At the time I remember asking Dr. Kuhr if he thought he would be able to work with Rowland. Kuhr was very diplomatic in his response.

Tim Foster, then the President of Colorado Mesa University (CMU,) provided a soft landing for Rowland when term limits moved her out of the commissioner’s seat. Foster had a habit of providing soft landings, i.e. David Ludlum, who was executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, prior to becoming the VP of Communications at CMU; and John Marshall, manager of the disasterous campaigns of Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bob Beauprez in 2006 (Janet was his Lt. Guv choice, famously equating the LGBTQ+ community with beastiality) and Republican Greg Walcher for CD3. Even Josh Penry landed softly at CMU before he went on to bigger and better things.

Given that history, it is somewhat amusing that Tim Foster is currently representing Kuhr in the kerfuffle at the health department. Having attended a couple of the meetings of that Board, it is obvious that the Board is being stacked with idealogues and that they are heading toward a lawsuit, which will be another needless expense for Mesa County.

Dr. Kuhr was awarded the Rocky Mountain Health Plans Annual Bruce Wilson, M.D. Memorial Award, an award that recognizes those who have made meaningful differences in the lives Colorado communities for his work during the pandemic. He implemented the 5-Star Program in Mesa County, which was later taken state-wide as a way to keep businesses open during Covid.

At the first Health Department Board meeting that I attended, a who’s who of Mesa County Republican business leaders showed up in support of Dr. Kuhr. No doubt many of them had voted for Rowland, perhaps even contributed to her campaign. The meeting was quite heated, and loosely controled by the Mesa County Attorney. Two weeks later the man elected as Board Chair resigned his position, only to be replaced by another anti-science idealogue.

Per Wikipedia: The rapture is an eschatological position held by some Christians, particularly those of American evangelicalism, consisting of an end-time event when all Christian believers who are alive, along with resurrected believers, will rise “in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.”

I have started to think that the only focus of the Board hand picked by the very religious Janet Rowland is to hasten the rapture. That’s why I’m worried.


4 thoughts on “Mesa County Health Board Causing Worry

  1. Having gone to the same meetings Claudette Konola did, as I drove, I agree with the level of concern. Rowland is pursuing a change in the way meetings proceed and appears to be looking for a way to increase the intervention level of the board of health, perhaps to interfere with the day-to-day health department flows, how grants and federal/state monies are handled. She did this with Craig Meis (both county commissioners during Rowland's first 8 years), when they redefined "to mitigate the effects of oil and gas development," and gave the initial $1.6M, slated for the Federal Mineral Lease District for distribution, instead, gave it to CMU for a "nonconventional energy center" (fracked gas center/meeting area) that was a feather in Tim Foster's hat as one of his first major expansion projects. CMU was gifted millions in the end. David Ludlum was on the FMLD board and later got a really good job at CMU as Claudette mentioned.
    Rowland has a personal illegitimate, possibly county-wide harmful plan for the health department. It will come in the form of vaccine access, vaccine information, birth control access and how the health department follows the women who utilize the health department's varied programs, access to personal health status and programs vacated.
    The population served will start dropping within 6 months of Kuhr's firing due to lack of trust. Programs will loose money or money will be diverted to questionable misinformation. Staff will leave. This firing chaos will reverberate in the economy for at least 2 years. Then Rowland needs to be voted out. She is no Republican and certainly not a conservative. She spends taxpayer money like she has a right too. The health board's interference, and specifically Rowland's, will be a sorry time for Mesa County health.

  2. Rowland is a menace. She’s built a base in the Pentecostal Victory Life Church in Mesa County and is in an apparent pissing match with Kuhr over his dealings with a Health Department staffer who’s a BFF of Rowland.

    So state and federal money went to CMU. So what? It wasn’t illegal. If calling Colorado Mesa University Colorado Methane U rocks your boat, why not?

    I’m keeping an eye on Rowland. She appears determined to have Kuhr fired and seems oblivious to the high-dollar lawsuit he’ll file for wrongful termination.

    From my long experenice in Mesa County politics, I’d much rather have Kuhr’s side than Rowland’s.

    Tim Foster seldom loses. Very seldom.

    1. So state and federal money went to CMU. So what?

      It is the manner in which those monies were acquired is/was/ and will continue to be an issue. Others know this subject better than I, but the absence of shared governance has created a culture of "good ol' boy" favoritism and exclusion that is anathema to fairness and justice.

      Jeff Kuhr is lucky to have Tim Foster on his side. There are few Republicans 'round here who have both the clout and the resolve to challenge "the Ice Queen."

      Mesa County Republican men ceded political power to their women long ago. The list of powerful women with an agenda and an attitude that run the show over here is long. They seem to be of a type (with  only a couple of exceptions).

      That Mr. Foster and other stalwart Republicans have stepped oppose Janet and her "Big Jesus Army of Forced Morality" is indicative of the current plight of the Mesa County Republican party…

      No one is in charge.

  3. Part of being a good community health department is to get people into the outdoors. Thus, the Mesa County Health Department runs a trails and trail maintenance program. I wonder what Rowland's take is on that? Maybe it's too DEI?

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