BLM to North Fork: F.U. (and Happy Thanksgiving)

(An issue near and dear to my heart.  A bit short and lacking detail to promote, but recommended.  I was considering a diary on this myself…but will promote one from someone else that provides more detail-CT).  

Last Friday, late in the day, the BLM decided it would lease almost all the acres in Colorado’s North Fork valley for oil and gas under a land use ‘plan’ cobbled together, and predicting exactly ZERO oil and gas development in the North Fork, sometime back in the last millennium.

The agency issued a 280+ environmental assessment and gave the wineries, the ditch companies, the farmers, ranchers, Selenium Task Force and the 3,000 local residents that bothered to comment 30-days (including Thanksgiving) to file protests.

Folks who want to help should go to

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