While Scott Gessler Was Busy Witch Hunting…

AP reports via 9NEWS:

Colorado’s election chief says many of the nearly 800 people who registered to vote using a mobile device may not be registered because of a website glitch from Sept. 14 to Sept. 24.

Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler urged those people Wednesday to verify their status and register again if they don’t show up on the system.

The “glitch” in question appears to have resulted in the loss of 779 voter registrations otherwise properly entered into the mobile-enhanced official registration website. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office is unable to determine who was not properly registered, because apparently no data was captured by the faulty mobile version of this website.

Just an innocent mistake, right? Not by a long shot, folks.

While Gessler has spent weeks fruitlessly in search of “illegal voters” who, as it turns out, exist pretty much exclusively in his imagination, he has allowed a problem in the state’s voter registration system to screw up the registrations of many times the paltry number of voters Gessler ultimately “identified”–and even most of those 141 voters are turning out to be legally registered. Gessler’s office admitted yesterday that testing of recent software updates to the mobile voter registration site was not sufficient, and that is what caused this glitch.

Add it all up, and there’s really only one conclusion.

Scott Gessler fixates on problems that don’t exist, while neglecting basic responsibilities.

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  1. parsingreality says:

    Young, probably educated.  Trending Democratic.

    Me, cell phone only, old, well educated, angry, white.  Solidly Democratic.

  2. Libertad 2.0 says:

    Gessler’s office hasn’t been putting enough pressure on the Department of Revenue to get their ID numbers over to SoS.

    Even if voter fraud was widespread (it isn’t) this part of Gessler’s job is just as important. Have we ever had a more incompetent Secretary of State?

  3. caroman says:

    What part of “permanent”, as in “permanent mail ballot” doesn’t Scott Gessler get?  While he’s off chasing phantom voter fraud, he has decided not to send mail ballots to those who did not vote in the 2010 election even though they registered for a “permanent mail ballot”.  Even today, the voter registration form does not indicate that you will not get your “permanent” mail ballot if you happen to miss voting in an election.  

    Why does he get away with this?

  4. Albert J. Nock says:

    Smart phones now come with your welfare check?

    Until you prove the demographics of these 800 dropped people, STFU.  

    • Aristotle says:

      You don’t get to just spout off a hate-the-poor stereotype in one sentence and THEN demand proof of anything with the next.

      Nate Silver has written about these demographics a lot. So have other people. It is an accepted fact of politics now, so it’s not one anyone is required to “prove.” That’s reserved for claims that are either new, not yet proven, or simply outlandish.

    • BlueCat says:

      than about welfare, with the majority of both younger and minority voters not being on welfare either but not surprised by Nock’s assumptions.  Very like Romney’s assumptions about the 47% who zero out on federal income taxes but most of whom have jobs, often have a higher effective tax rate than Romney and friends and many of whom actually do vote R. Don’t ask why. Rs have never done anything for any of them outside of the multi-millionaires who are part of that 47%.  

    • dukeco1 says:

      maybe you should take your own advice.

  5. RedGreen says:

    It’s not like he was very successful at that, either. This morning, I saw a toad and now my dog has a wart on his paw.  

  6. rw6berry says:

    Maybe if the Federal Elections Commission gets enough complaints, they will do something. What the Republican party is doing nationwide to suppress voting is reaching the point of criminal behavior.

    How to file a complaint can be found on the following website:


  7. ArapaGOP says:

    What does keeping the voter rolls clean have to do with an inadvertent glitch that Gessler immediately took action to rectify? That is besides political mudslinging…

  8. GalapagoLarry says:

    can he urge them to re-register if

    …Scott Gessler’s office is unable to determine who was not properly registered, because apparently no data was captured…


  9. droll says:

    Either Gessler is neglecting basic responsibilities, or it isn’t an innocent mistake.

    The former suggests your inept SoS is inept. And, as GL points out, thinks you’re all too stupid to care.

    The latter suggests he maliciously set up a system to lure voters into easy registration and (presumably while twirling a mustache) purposely used a flawed system to ensure they weren’t actually registered. Insert maniacal laughter.

    More offensively, the latter suggests Gessler is an evil genius. He’s not. His greatest goal and execution netted eight de-registered voters. I’m 99% sure that was him actually trying, making this scheme horribly out of dumbass character.

    • Aristotle says:

      you’re saying that neglect would mean that this is an innocent mistake?

      I’d say that neglect means that the mistake isn’t innocent. It may not be intentional or nefarious, but it isn’t innocent either.

      • droll says:

        this falls under “innocent.” In more general terms, I would say you’re correct enough to not argue with. But that’s not where the diary went, is it?

        That said, innocent mistakes don’t always go unpunished. FWIW, the term “innocent” can be defined as, “not intended to harm or upset anyone.” That fits here. It may be a more offensive mistake than, I dunno, making the wrong number of copies, but it doesn’t make it on purpose. And that’s my point.

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