Another Akin: Glad he’s not running in Colorado

Michael Baumgartner, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the state of Washington, told a reporter “to go f _ _ _ himself” when he compared Baumgartner’s views on abortion to Rep. Akin’s.…

Although he apologized to the reporter for his harsh remarks, more significantly, he admitted his views and Rep. Akin’s on abortion are almost identical. Baumgartner, like Akin, and like the Republican Party naitonal platform believes there are no circumstances where an aboriton should be allowed, including rape and incest.  

Another example of the the absolute litmus test and unbending position imposed by the Republican Party on its candidates.

Even more so this year than in the past, the Republicans have shown their true colors regarding women. In the Republican world, women are second class citizens who are imcompetent to to have control over their health and decisions about their own bodies.  As Mr. Silver ask about Rep. Akin today, how can Akin (or any other Republican candidate) win with 0% of the women’s vote.  

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  1. MADCO says:

    Well- I would think that honor would be reserved for closeted gay men who are citizens.

    Then in third places, hard working, long time, Christian immigrants without documentation  without arrest or public benefit.

    Then women. Maybe.

    I mean in Baumgardner/Akin/Ryan world- if an undocumented, non-white, non-Chistian immigrant man raped a white  woman citizen – would she still have to keep the pregnancy?

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