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August 01, 2012 07:22 PM UTC

The Trouble With Jared Wright

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Grand Junction Sentinel’s Paul Shockley and Charles Ashby hammer away today at the credibility of GOP HD-54 candidate Jared Wright, in two stories detailing the reasons for his departure last month from the Fruita Police Department, and what appears to be an improper attempt by Wright to cover up the details of that departure. First Shockley’s report:

Questions about Jared Wright’s tardiness on the job grew from more than just one or two incidents this summer, records reviewed by The Daily Sentinel show.

Fellow Fruita police officers complained about Wright’s whereabouts at work as far back as 2010…

Two officers said on approximately seven occasions-between April and June-Wright was scheduled to start work at 7 a.m. but Wright’s vehicle was still in his driveway roughly 45 minutes to an hour after radioing “in service.”

Interviewed on the issue by Fruita Police Lt. Judy Macy, Wright said he’s typically at home “10 to 20” minutes after calling in service.

“(O)K. How do you think that would be viewed by the public if they know that you were getting paid at 7?,” Macy asked Wright during a June 20 interview.

“If they, if they knew that would look bad. Now, here’s how I look at it, though …” Wright replied…

According to Shockley, Wright admitted that “I have a problem being late for work,” but compared sitting at home after radioing “in service” to heading first to a coffee shop. This excuse didn’t fly with Wright’s superiors, though, and contradicted what he had apparently said at other times regarding his whereabouts. And that’s where Charles Ashby picks up the story:

Just days before he was given the choice of resigning or being terminated from his job, Jared Wright pleaded with Fruita Police Chief Mark Angelo not to send out a so-called Brady memo to defense attorneys in the Grand Valley, saying it would make him appear to be dishonest, according to a police internal affairs report obtained by The Daily Sentinel.

“A Brady issue is now … a career blow … possibly a blow to two careers,” Wright told Angelo on July 10, three days before he handed in his resignation letter. “The fact that there’s a Brady cop running for, for political office … it’ll be over in Denver. I mean it’s gonna be statewide. The last thing I wanna do is open the newspaper for the next two years looking at this mess.”

…When Wright realized Angelo had already sent the memo, he tried to get the chief to rescind it before [District Attorney Pete] Hautzinger had a chance to forward it to defense attorneys in the valley. Wright later asked Hautzinger not to send it out, but he did two days later.

Although Angelo and Hautzinger said they couldn’t legally do that, Wright said he spoke to other “counsel” who said it could be done.

It appears that Mr. Wright, who as we’ve discussed has no Democratic opponent and only an unknown third-party challenger (who is nonetheless very excited), has got two problems coming out of this: questions about his work ethic, but more importantly questions about his honesty. If Wright sought some kind of dispensation to which he wasn’t entitled, that’s even worse for him. The press he’s getting strongly suggests that’s how this will go down in the record.

Wright may have no opposition now, but party brass may yet want to cut its losses and find somebody who won’t be a target of opportunity in 2014, in an otherwise safe GOP seat.


63 thoughts on “The Trouble With Jared Wright

  1. I think the Sentinel has an agenda. What’s the point of this? He’s not accused of any crime that would prevent him assuming office.

    I would think you libs would want Wright in Denver if you think he’s such a screw up. Are you perhaps afraid of something?

    1. Or is any article that is negative about any GOP candidate (after the Primary, I guess) a liberal smear campaign with an agenda?  Its so predictable.  Its like you are phoning it in, honestly, such weak, weak attempts.

      Some suggest that you are a paid operative.  Hard to image that even your party would reward such incompetence with a job.  So I am not convinced.  

    2. when Michelle Bachmann was impugning Huma Abedin?

      THAT is a “gratuitous smear campaign” (at a minimum; “treason against the principles of the Constitution” would be more on point.)

      THIS is called “reporting.”

      1. What’s wrong with being Muslim Brotherhood Aristotle?  How is calling Abedin “Muslim Brotherhood” a smear when you all love the Muslim Brotherood?

          1. You all should be a little more tolerant of other opinions.  That is one of the reasons why Col Pols success has been waning.  This blog has become an echo chamber of leftests patting each other on the back.  And when anyone has a different opinion or different point of view he/she is a dumbass.

            I realize that most of the posters on this blog (and most blogs) don’t care if the overall concept (blog as alternative media) is a success or not – but when you run everyone off except the people you agree with then you aren’t going to make a difference at all in the conversation or debate.

            Just my observation.

        1. so that I can completely ignore your every opinion, knowing that it comes from someone with more fear and hate in his being than rational thought.

          Hint: When even major GOP figures won’t go for someone’s McCarthyist smears, you’re really on the wrong side of things.

          1. Are you saying we should fear the Muslim Brotherhood?  I don’t understand.  Help educate me since I am new to this country and a dumbass.

            1. There’s ZERO evidence that Huma Abedin has even the tiniest thing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood.

              There’s ZERO evidence that she hasn’t fulfilled her duties to the State Department with anything less than 100% distinction and patriotism.

              There’s 100% evidence that anyone harboring suspicions to the contrary is a bigot who lacks respect for our basic American values.

              There’s 100% evidence that anyone going with base feelings instead of known facts is a dumbass.

              Any questions?

              1. Forgive me.  I wasn’t following the story.  Isn’t Huma Abedin married to Anthony Weiner?  

                I was simply asking you – is being Muslim Brotherhood bad?  

                  1. Just answer the question.  Is being Muslim Brotherhood good or bad?  Is that so difficult.  Then we can delve into the issue.  Are you ufraid to answer that question?

                    1. So there is nothing wrong with being Muslim Brotherhood then in your opinion?  Ok – why are you concerned if someone calls Weiner’s wife Muslim Brotherhood if you view the association neither good or bad?  How is that a “bad label”?

                    2. and the Muslim Brotherhood has a violent past, mistreats Coptics and those of other faiths, dosen’t believe in basic women’s rights, and has imposed Sharia Law in the past, so in one mans opinion, they are BAD.

                      Bachmann engages in basic old fashioned demagogery, fear mongering and labeling, and if you are somehow suggesting her intentions were anything else that would be a pretty silly argument.  

                      The red scare was a very disappointing part of American history and I thought as Americans we’d all gotten beyond that, but I guess not.  If somehow you want to celebrate this sad regression in politics, then go right ahead.

                    3. I don’t waste my time with irrelevant questions. You’re not going to back me into a rhetorical corner so easily, kiddo.

                      If you feel affronted, and believe that this is truly relevant, then show me why. We already know Huma Abedin has no connection, so why should we even discuss this?

          1. I bet you hate it.  You can’t tolerate a single opinion other than your own.  Even when the media that is dominated by leftests gives a small segment of time or space to a different point of view it drives you crazy.

  2. And now we have come to the heart of the matter..  thank you pols.  “Party brass may yet want to cut its losses and find somebody…”

    Asking Jared Wright to step aside is exactly what triggered this whole thing to begin with.  Do you honestly belive any of this (a personnel issue) would be a public lynching if Mr. Wright was not seeking support for political office?  According to council at his press conference Jared asked the chief if he wanted Jared to resign – before the brady memo was even being discussed but the chief wasn’t finished with him yet and he told Jared not to resign.

    Give me the quote – where he lied.  Let’s really examine the “lie” before we start calling the man a liar and impugn his character and his witness.

    The chief is a puppet of the Good Ol Boy’s.  He got his marching orders but he is not very good at executing them.  

      1. You all should be a little more tolerant of other opinions.  That is one of the reasons why Col Pols success has been waning.  This blog has become an echo chamber of leftests patting each other on the back.  And when anyone has a different opinion or different point of view he/she is a dumbass.

        I realize that most of the posters on this blog (and most blogs) don’t care if the overall concept (blog as alternative media) is a success or not – but when you run everyone off except the people you agree with then you aren’t going to make a difference at all in the conversation or debate.

        Just my observation.

        1. “Tolerate” means “put up with.” It doesn’t mean “don’t challenge.”

          As long as we’re not calling for your banishment, tolerating you is exactly what we’re doing.

          1. Calling me a dumbass is your version of tolerance?  You have very strange customs here.  

            Is that how you treat guests with a different point of view?  

            I get it…  when I have seen your people shout speakers off the stage or chant “Shame, shame, shame…” rather than engage in rational debate – this is tolerance.  In Aristotles world tolerance means you haven’t yet killed your opposition.

            1. It’s not your opinions that generate such a reaction, so much as the absolute lack of intelligence behind them.

              In my world, “tolerance” means you get to practice your right to free expression without fear of prison, or your right to assemble with like minded people, or any number of other threats to your freedom. But it does not, and never has meant, treating ignorant opinions equally with informed ones.

              You’re absolutely free to keep on spewing your nonsense. I will fight to the death for your right to do so. But that in no way endorses your opinion, nor does it mean I should treat you with respect when you won’t pay me (or my intelligence) back in kind.

              1. I looked the word up in one of your country’s dictionaries… this is what I found.


                a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.


                anyone who does not agree with Aristotle.


                See Aristotle.

                You are so intelligent – I think I will learn much from your customs and ways.

                Carry on.

                1. I’ll listen to any informed opinion that differs from mine. But not ignorant ones, like ones purporting to say I’m not from around here.

                  1. I didn’t say I wasn’t from around here.  You did.  You said I was un-american.. yeah that was it.  So who is Ig-nor-ant?  Rhetorical question of course; your answer has been pre-determined by your bias you are going to say answer “you are.”

                    1. You’re going to have to cite where I said that, because I can’t find where I either directly stated, or inferred, my origins in anything I said here. Calling you “unAmerican” is not a statement on anyone’s origins, just your values.

    1. Do you mean “counsel” not “council?” I didn’t see the press conference, but I did read his vitriolic statements that are now biting him in the ass.

      I don’t know much about Jared Wright, other than he has always seemed to be a nice guy with a nice family who had a bright future ahead of him.  

      To answer some of the statements you made Junk Town, the City of Fruita had to collect as much information as possible in order to ensure they had an air-tight case in the event they would have to terminate Mr. Wright’s employment.  That is what any HR professional would do.  The fact that they gave him the opportunity to resign was a gift so that he might be able to retain the ability to get a job again.

      The Chief of Police and the District Attorney felt the need to distribute the Brady Memo.  That in itself, is damning. Do you really think Hautzinger released the memo and potentially blew over a dozen criminal cases in order to influence a measly state house race?  If you do, you’re nuts.

      Bottom line, he repeatedly called “in service” when he in fact, was not.  That’s the lie and that is a lie that I find to be a big deal.  One, he’s defrauding taxpayers.  Two, he’s putting his fellow officers in danger.  Three, he has impugned his character to the degree to which a friggin Brady Memo had to be sent out, potentially providing a free pass to criminals.

      As the family member of several officers, I’ll be glad if he never gets a job in law enforcement again and I hope his political aspirations are put on hold until he can demonstrate himself to be a trustworthy adult.  

      In terms of the “conspiracy theory” of the party brass trying to get rid of him?  I would hope that to be true.  I’d like to believe that the County GOP would work hard to find a more reputable candidate to represent the district.   I have a hard time believing any voter in their right mind would feel he has demonstrated the character to represent the citizens of western Mesa County, let alone be given the power and responsibility to “serve and protect” their community.    

      Oh, and by the way.  That “good old boy” network that you refer to?  Jared ain’t exactly a political outsider, so please provide some substance to that claim before calling a public servant a “puppet.”    

      1. Let’s do an exercise Sam.  Lets CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) every police officer in Fruita PD and find out if they have ever been late for work.  Shall we do that?  We can check the log ins for each one.

        Then, for the sake of arguement, you are exactly correct that the justified response is public humiliation, the issuance of a Brady memo and calling for their immediate termination.  Will you join me Sage in this endeavor?  Will you be the first to call for the immediate termination of every Fruita PD that was late to work?

        My own belief is that your friend – the public servant – runs a pretty poor shop.  He has multiple officers with multiple tardy problems.  He only selectively chose to make Jared an example because he disagrees with some of his positions (speculation).  He took orders from others to cause Jared public humiliation, or he himself was jealous and felt challenged by the new found success of Wright in politics in hopes that he would resign.  You can speculate on your own..

        There is no other justification for the way the cheif handled this.  

        I read the reports in detail (at least what was available on the Sentinel website).

        The chief did nothing to correct the situation.


        1) Wright never had a single written documentation for tardiness prior to this Brady issue.

        2) When the chief was trying to make a case out of this – Wright asked if he should resign – the chief talked him out of it – it appeared that the chief wasn’t finished with Wright yet.

        3) The chief virtually orders officer redacted to file a formal complaint

        4) The chief calls for an Internal Investigation from Internal Affairs

        5) The chief “believes” that Wright was tardy and his admission of being tardy is slightly different than the chief’s own belief of Wrights tardiness.

        6) The chief based on his own “belief” files a Brady report – which is the only way a personnel issue can get out to the general population.

        7) The media tries this in the press in order to get Wright to withdraw as the candidate.

        It is that simple.

        Shame on Wright for not operating above and beyond what his peers do on a regular basis. Shame on chief Angelo for jeapordizing several cases with a brady memo – and shame of you for falling for it.  

            1. coming from you. That some dumbass nutcase with an axe to grind, but afraid or unable to specify exactly what it is or why, finds me unreasonable is a relief. Thanks.  

              1. We should issue a Brady memo on the chief.

                Printed letters,

                Thursday, August 2, 2012

                The Daily Sentinel’s Aug. 1 editorial, “Integrity, not tardiness, is the issue for Wright,” and related articles motivated me to do my own investigation.  I obtained a copy of Chief Angelo’s memo (dated July 6) and compared it with the editorial and news articles.

                What I found was disturbing. Yes, former Officer Jared Wright was less than candid on the incident, but so was the chief. In his memo, Angelo used the phrases “I believe,” “we believed” and “my belief” to justify the termination of Officer Wright. The use of those phrases brings up a reasonable-doubt issue.

                Additionally, during the July 9 meeting, if, as reported, the chief told the officer he only had the options of resigning or being fired, the chief was remiss in failing to tell the officer there was an option to appeal the decision.

                Also, the chief’s statement that he was legally bound to release the “Brady advisement” to the district attorney’s office was only partially true. During the appeal process the officer could have been exonerated. Therefore, the “Brady issue” would not be an issue.

                Unfortunately, the chief acted prematurely when he sent it out on July 6, before the officer had been officially notified of his impending termination. The officer was still within the time limits of an appeal, and the time limits of the appeal process (which could take weeks, if not months).

                It seems, in regard to this issue, integrity is a two-way street.

                GARY PARROTT

                Grand Junction

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