Why You Field Candidates In Every Race

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Paul Shockley reports:

Republican House District 54 nominee Jared Wright said Wednesday his recent resignation from the Fruita Police Department was unrelated to an internal affairs investigation of him.

That same investigation-the subject of the probe was not immediately confirmed by Fruita authorities-had Mesa County criminal defense attorneys abuzz on Wednesday…

The Sentinel earlier this week obtained an email that was sent to a group account for the Mesa County Criminal Defense Bar, including a host of local attorneys.

“Just a heads up-I just received a letter from the Fruita Police Chief in regards to Jared Wright and the fact that the police department may have Brady material-DA not in possession at this point,” said the email, which was sent by an attorney. “He resigned July 13, 2012. Guess his political aspirations aren’t likely to pan out either.”

“Brady material” refers to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, Brady v. Maryland, that said prosecutors must disclose information to defense attorneys that would allow for impeachment of a law enforcement officer’s credibility as a government witness.

At this point, Jared Wright, the Mesa County GOP establishment’s–meaning former Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry’s–hand-picked successor to the disgraced Rep. Laura Bradford, who chose not to run again following a controversial traffic stop in Denver, is saying that his resignation from the Fruita Police Department was to allow him to focus on his campaign, not this investigation against him. The problem with that theory is, Wright doesn’t have any real opposition–no Democrat, and an unknown Libertarian. Meaning there’s nothing time-consuming about Wright’s campaign that should necessitate him resigning from his full-time job.

It’s therefore possible that something quite nasty is lurking for Mr. Wright on the other side of this investigation–and if so, Democrats might kick themselves for not having a candidate, even a placeholder, ready to capitalize on the possibility of a “safe” candidate’s implosion.

Because there’s always that chance, folks.


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  1. Libertad 2.0 says:

    stopping the Dems from fielding a candidate. The vacancy committee still has time to appoint someone, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Junk Town Junket says:

    Pretty poor “reporting”, Ashby sites an email that makes up the bulk of his story and fails to tell the reader who wrote it?  Really?  

    The author of the email seems to be making some sort of threat.  How can he or she conclude that a candidate with no real clear opposition till November is all washed up already?  

    This whole thing smells to high heaven – can we say political gamesmanship?  

    I recall when our DA was fired from the DA’s office shortly before taking the position as Mesa County DA.  There is long standing precedent here.  The Democrat DA fired the Rep DA shortly before he took office as the new DA.

    The city of Fruita was already threatening Mr. Wright before they decided to apparently trump up some bogus reason to get rid of him.  


    In Mesa County everyone knows that Fruita has very liberal people in charge of city government.  The City Attorney (Ed Sands) is a big time donor to the Democratic Party and candidates like Bernie Buescher.  This is all public record.

    I smell politics here at the most base level.

  3. Konola says:

    First, it wasn’t written by Charles Ashby, who would never have missed the fact that there is a Libertarian in the race.

    If you want to peak under the hood of the goings on at the DEM Party, I can tell you that I worked very hard to get a candidate in this race. There were two that I almost dragged over the line–one is a retired dentist, the other a retired Air Force officer. Both would have been great candidates, but running in a district like Mesa isn’t easy.

    It is really hard to get up every morning in 100 degree heat and knock on doors knowing that most of the people you talk to are not going to be on your team. Been there. Done that.

    • RedGreenRedGreen says:

      The linked story says

      By Paul Shockley

    • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

      Thanks–we’re used to the interesting stories coming from Ashby, we guess.

      Much news on this today, too. If any of our local experts want to summarize, that would be great, otherwise we can a little later today.

      • Konola says:

        I’m hoping Duke is up for summarizing. I’m a little distracted these days. I start my chemo on Monday, and I’m trying to get everything buttoned down around the house before my energy levels crash.

        • Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

          I am sorry to say. I know Junk Town Junket seems to know something about it and I would bet money that American Patriot has his own slant.

          I will ask around this weekend and see if I come up with something newsworthy. I think Ralphies’ blog might heat up with this story pretty soon as well.

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