You’re No Joel Hefley, Doug Lamborn

In the last few days, it’s gone from bad to worse for the nominally safe GOP incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs. Under what has become intense pressure from a surprisingly determined and well-funded challenger in Robert Blaha, Lamborn may be beginning to make panic-driven mistakes–mistakes that reveal his pre-existing weaknesses, and help explain why his political career may be headed toward an untimely end.

Ever since Lamborn won a brutal multi-candidate primary to succeed the retiring Rep. Joel Hefley back in 2006, he has amply demonstrated his lack of many of Hefley’s assets. Compared to Joel Hefley, Lamborn is witless and inane. Lamborn’s stage presence is terrible, more like a whiny kid than a statesman. Lamborn’s current challenger has made much of the failure of Lamborn to pass any legislation during his congressional career. Despite the fact that Lamborn has voted with his caucus with puppy dog-like devotion, the man just hasn’t done anything to endear himself to his constituents. Lamborn is ideologically one of them, but he’s not a leader.

So when Lamborn declared in an interview with the Colorado Springs paper that he has “gone beyond” Rep. Hefley’s legacy, Hefley had every right, perhaps even an honor-bound obligation, to come out of obscurity and remind us that this “knucklehead” is no Joel Hefley. Hefley left Congress after an ethics showdown with soon-to-be disgraced Rep. Tom DeLay, in which Hefley’s integrity and value were demonstrated to Republicans and Democrats alike. Lamborn comparing himself to Hefley only serves as a reminder of Lamborn’s inadequacy.

But it gets even better: reports John Schroyer most recently, Lamborn was sufficiently upset with the handling of this interview, in particular the “misquote” about Hefley that led to the worst of his embarrassment, that he called other GOP candidates and cajoled them into canceling similar interviews! Unfortunately, at least one such call was placed to the wrong number:

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Audio now being eagerly distributed by Blaha’s campaign, as it conveys our aforementioned points about Lamborn’s witlessness more or less perfectly. The fact is, this is all probably happening too late to have a major effect on next week’s primary–if Blaha is going to win next Tuesday, he’s already laid the ground work to make that happen.

It’s more a lesson in why Lamborn, on an objective, nonpartisan level, deserves it.


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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    there is no way this does not help Blaha

  2. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    and thank you for sharing it

    what a friggin’ whiny child.  This is the same ass that sat out a State of the Union as a demonstration of his whiny dumb ass principles.  And let’s not forget this asshole’s thinly veiled racism with:

    … Now, I don’t even want to have to be associated with him. It’s like touching a tar baby and you get it, you’re stuck, and you’re a part of the problem now and you can’t get away.”

    His apology was that he meant to say “quagmire.”  Yeah — right.

    And prior to this whiny desperate call he & his staff just proved themselves bigger assholes at a energy & mineral resources subcommittee meeting.  Remember?  They denied an environmental activist the use of a visually stunning photo regarding mining effects on water quality and then had the temerity to call the Capital police on the same activist attempting to get her charged on promoting child pornography.  

    Lamborn has proven himself inaffective as a representative but sure has proven to be one of the BIGGEST asses in CO politics.  

  3. Danny the Red (hair)Danny the Red (hair) says:

    A man of great integrity.

    While his politics differ from mine, his principles made him worthy of respect.

    Doug Lamborn….

    Well if you can’t say anything nice.

    • abraham says:

      One of the few elected officials who grew while in public office and became more comfortable with standing alone when it was right the thing to do.

      There is no way that Lamborn ever, ever comes close to being the elected official or person that Hefley has been.

  4. Barron X says:


    40% of votes were returned the first day, 5 June.  By Friday, the 8th, 70% or more of folks who were going to spend 45 cents to cast a ballot had already done so.  


    I’m guessing Lamborn wins, 60 – 40.  You don’t know my neighbors like I do.  

    Voting for Lamborn here is like voting for Clinton in 1992 –

    voters think, “sure, he’s a goof.  But I don’t want another snooty, uppity plutocrat looking down on me as I vote for them.”  

    For Blaha to win, about 5,000 people who planned to not vote will have to change their minds in the next 3 days, if they didn’t already throw out their ballots.  


    • Gray in Mountains says:

      they can go to their county clerk and get another or show up on election day and cast a provisional

      • Barron X says:


        Liz Olson, El Paso County Elections Manager, emailed me that, as of today/ yesterday,

        the following ballots had been returned:

        American Constitution Party – 67

        Democratic Party – 8,414

        Republican Party – 30,386

        compare that to the number of ballots sent out (actually, this is the # of folks registered in each of the major parties, as of 18 June:)  

        ACP – 687

        Dem – 86,972

        Rep – 168,961

        By my analysis, the % returning ballots, by party:

        ACP –     67/687      =   9.75

        Dem –  8,414/86,972   = 9.67

        Rep – 30,386/168,961  = 18

        Only the GOP has contested races (4 of them)


  5. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    For bringing out the best of Lamborns’ “stage presence”.  He he.

  6. AristotleAristotle says:

    I still remember that 2006 primary very well. I remember pegging Lamborn as the eventual winner, even when he wasn’t leading in the polls, because he always, without fail, outrightwinged the other five candidates. And that’s what CD5’s voters like. Not “leadership” or “ethics” – that’s boring. Just keep fighting voting against taxes, for unlimited military expenditure, and against gays.

  7. FREMONTDEM says:

    I listened to both interviews live and saw no “unfairness”.  Perhaps the fact that John mentioned that Lamborn insisted on going second after they had announced he was appearing first earlier in the week? I dunno.  The sky is a different color in Doug’s world. Kudos to the message sharer.

  8. Barron X says:




    Which U.S. House candidate are you voting for in this month’s GOP primary?

    Doug Lamborn


    Robert Blaha


    Total Votes: 1345    Read Related Article

    Read more:

    first time I saw this was 5 minutes ago.  

    anyone can vote – including Dems.

    Doesn’t look good for Blaha.


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