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July 21, 2022 1:23 pm MST

Peters Tries To Sneak Recount, Violating Bond Again

  • by: Colorado Pols

THURSDAY UPDATE: Sure enough, the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports:

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was to be re-arrested Thursday for allegedly violating the conditions of her bond.

Peters allegedly did that when she included Director of Elections Brandi Bantz in an email she sent in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday to counties across the state in an attempt to get them to conduct a recount of her loss in the June primary race to be the GOP nominee for secretary of state.

A warrant for her immediate arrest was signed late Thursday afternoon.

Looks like Clerk Tina Peters has finally messed with the judicial bull enough to get the proverbial horns. We’ll update as developments warrant.


Defeated GOP Secretary of State candidate Tina Peters (R).

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports–even though last Friday’s deadline for defeated Republican primary candidates Tina Peters and Ron Hanks to pony up $236,000 each for recounts they requested of the races they lost by wide margins came and went, Peters is refusing to take these multiple noes for an answer:

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is trying to circumvent state election officials by getting individual clerks in “selected” counties to coordinate an already rejected recount of her primary election loss for the GOP nomination for secretary of state, possibly violating the conditions of her bond in the process…

“I am, as a candidate with standing, going forward with that [recount] request in selected counties,” Peters wrote in a 2:45 a.m. email. “If you have not already been notified, and if you are on the list of those counties for a hand count, you will be notified to coordinate the day/time that is mutually agreed upon.”

Dwight Shellman, county regulation and support manager in the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office, sent a response email to all counties telling them that no such recount has been authorized, and they cannot separately arrange or coordinate one.

“There is no statutory authority for Ms. Peters to request a recount of the secretary of state race on the Republican Party ballot ‘in selected counties,'” Shellman wrote. “To be clear, Ms. Peters did not comply with the statutory conditions for a recount of the Republican Party secretary of state race, and there will be no recount of that race in any county.”

In typical Tina Peters form, what she’s proposing has absolutely no basis in Colorado election law. There’s no process for “selected counties,” which we assume to be counties with clerks friendly with Peters, to conduct their own recounts. And according to the Secretary of State’s office as reported in this story, they can’t change the counting method to a hand count unless a problem has been found with the first count–and despite Peters’ and Hanks’ fact-free insistence otherwise, there was no problem with the count in the June 28th primary as post-election audits have already confirmed.

Not to mention that hand counting is demonstrably less reliable. The most likely “error” will be their own.

In short, it’s just another crackpot attempt by Tina Peters to take election law into her own hands in order to prove the result of an election lost by unambiguous margins was somehow incorrect. For Peters, who appears to be immune to humiliation on a professional level, the problem could be that her recount request was sent to an employee at the Mesa County Clerk’s office that Peters is barred from contacting under the terms of the bond agreement in her official misconduct criminal case. As readers know, Peters barely stayed out of jail a week ago after violating that agreement with an unauthorized trip to Las Vegas to speak at a “constitutional sheriff” convention.

At some point, the judge is going to have to put some teeth in those conditions.


16 thoughts on “Peters Tries To Sneak Recount, Violating Bond Again

  1. Maybe this is a rhetorical question, but what is Peters' possible exit strategy/end game? As stupid as Trump is, he may not be charged, may not be convicted, and has a reasonable (though hopefully long shot) chance of being elected president.

    Peters will never be elected to office. She is not going to get a pardon. She will very likely be convicted to plea guilty to a serious crime. Can she make a living as a fringe right martyr?  She just seems to be digging herself deeper and deeper. 

    1. I don't think Peters knows how it ends, and she's terrified. She has to keep up the pretense that she's a martyr to the Trump cause or she has nothing but a long jail sentence ahead. As long as there's a Big Lie bubble she'll have an ecosystem to live off of though.

    2. "Maybe this is a rhetorical question, but what is Peters' possible exit strategy/end game?"

      She's laying the foundation for a not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity defense.

    3. There's always an online talk show or late-night slot on Fox. If any election can be contested, every election can be contested, and that's a lot of job security for someone with a rap sheet.

    4. Oh my……"stupid is as stupid does" … except these folks seem to skirt our legal system over and over and eventually are going to crawl into power eventually unless WE as voters send a strong message.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT I FEAR. 

  2. Last time I checked, Mike Lindell still had some money left.  So, one exit plan might be joining him in searching for additional evidence of election fraud — that might work until the Dominion Systems and Smartmatic suits are complete and Lindell has to pay. 

    The more likely long-term outcome will be living for a number of years at the expense of the state of Colorado.  Two campus options:  Denver or Pueblo.


    1. He decided not to help. That Pillow Guy is about broke, and won't make any more money after his bullshit is exposed.


      That Pillow is a terrible product.

      1. …and now he has a shitty coffee to pair with his shitty pillows. He can see the end of his pillow empire from TeePee’s front porch.

    1. A night in the Pitkin County jail surrounded lib criminals and lib guards!

      I see a claim of cruel and unusual punishment in violation of her Eighth Amendment rights.

      Here’s hoping she was placed on a vegan diet and sent for some cultural sensitivity training before she bonded out.

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