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“Fashions have done more harm than revolutions.”

–Victor Hugo

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Good morning, Colorado.

    It seems clear to me the Orange Menace is about to try something dramatic to turn things around in his quest to become the "Putin of the West". I am also equally convinced that he will fail. 

    The Republican brand is now his brand. This is the time for the growing anti-Trump forces to get serious or get lost. Look to your moral leaders..Kinsinger and Cheney…and back them up.

    Donald Trump and his entire organization are criminals…plain and simple. They must not get away with sedition and. yes. treason. 

    Those who do not yet see the truth…aren't looking. But willful ignorance is no excuse. 

    Vote Blue…No Matter Who!!


  2. ParkHill says:

    New "Woke" Constitution for Chile, from WaPo

    Very interesting constitution written by a wide spectrum of people. The previous one was written by 4 generals heavily influenced from Univ of Chicago economists.

    SANTIAGO, Chile — In 2019, when hundreds of thousands of Chileans took to the streets in protest, a young, tattooed politician helped broker a deal to end the unrest. The pact called for a new constitution to appease the protesters clamoring for a fresh start — and a voice for those who had long been mostly left out of this South American nation’s politics: Women, the Indigenous, the LGBT community.

    Now that young politician, a 36-year-old shaggy-haired former student activist named Gabriel Boric, is Chile’s president. And this week, he received a document that could become Chile’s new constitution, a 388-article charter that envisions a progressive, feminist future for the South American nation.

  3. MichaelBowman says:


    This Weekend in American Shootings

    More than 220 Americans were killed with guns over the holiday. Seven of them were in my hometown.

  4. coloradosane says:

    American Muckrakers on the attack again, Boebert a miss but they ain't giving up on the whole creepy TrumpGOP crew.

  5. coloradosane says:

    From DailyKos

    Supreme Court finds that the Civil War was wrongly decided, reinstates the Confederacy.

    Greg from Vermont

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    Saturday June 25, 2022 · 6:56 AM Mountain Daylight Time

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    Flush with victory on abortion and guns, the formerly “Supreme” court is expected to release additional decisions at the end of this court term. Critics point out that Clarence Thomas, whose ownership by his great grandfathers owner’s descendants will now be reinstated, represents only 3/5 of a Justice which may allow President Biden to appoint a Justice with a 40% vote on the court. Other rulings expected to come soon:

    • Federal payments for health care (Medicare, Medicaid) will be limited to treatments available when the constitution was written. Government funding will be limited to blood letting and trepanning. States are free to write their own rules regarding leaches. Anesthesia is now outlawed as witchcraft.
    • Schools that receive government subsidies are prohibited from teaching any fact that contradicts religious beliefs establishing severe penalties for instruction that the earth is a sphere, or that the earth is older than 6,000 years. Chemistry class will be limited to discussions of “phlogiston.”
    • Mental Illness determined to be caused by evil sprits, federal funds for Mental Health care are limited to treatments dating back to the founding of the Republic. Federal mental health funds may only be used to pay for exorcism. 
    • The Pope has been found to have  veto power over proposed legislation, except in cases where there is a disagreement between American Cardinals and the Pope. In those cases, the dispute must be settled by Rupert Murdoch.
    • Freedom of the press is limited to use of a Gutenberg press to imprint berry juice and carbon onto parchment. Any ideas discussed in the printed matter must conform to rules established by the Heritage Foundation.
    • Any woman who appears in public wearing trousers will be pressed under heavy stones until death. Women who attempt to cast votes in an election shall be confined to a mental health facility for being “hysterical.”

    Two and a half centuries of discovery and progress have obviously lead some Americans to believe that they have some say in their governance. They do, of course, provided they a white male landowners. The authors of our constitution were divinely inspired, and so we have no rights that people in 1783 would not recognize or understand. Those who disagree are within their rights to petition the government, but selecting that government in the first place is none of their business.


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    Women who express opinions are possessed by Satan and should be disciplined by their fathers or their husbands.

    Black people are not fully human beings and therefore have no human rights.

    Political disputes (among men) are best settled by duels.

    Treaties with Native Americans shall last forever, or until a group of white men decide they don't.

    People who speak English are inherently smarter than those who don't, obviously


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  6. DawnPatrol says:

    beelaytid happie forth’a jew-lie greetins frum yer ignerint, brane-ded magat kuzzins, hoo awl desidid ta stae hoam thiss yeer an dew there ohn ‘fierwurkin,’ cinse a godd-feerin paytreeotick trump luvvin fellur kin now git hisself shott’n kilt fer jus atendin a truhdishunul indypendinse dae puraid! Wuts thiss ol wurld cummin too? dam soshulistik commey lefftest baybee killurs. ennyhoo, hears a litul tayst uv hour sellabrayshin frum thiss yeer:

  7. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    Another moron after Denise Spencer and Dust Puppy's own bleeding hearts….

    Debra Messing on White House call: I got Joe Biden elected, what’s the point to voting (

  8. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    They're channeling that great fascist grifter, Eva Peron ….

    Mayra Flores and the Rise of the Far-Right Latina – The New York Times (


    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      “great Fascist grifter…..” Perhaps you’d be better channeling Rosario Murillo, current vice-president of Nicaragua and wife of Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista dictator.

      In a current update, Ortega has expelled all nuns from Mother Teresa’s order from the country, for spurious reasons. Details can be found on BBC News.

  9. JohnInDenver says:

    In the “futile gestures for $400” category …news from the People’s Republic of Boulder County hits the Associated Press web front page:  Colorado county moves to change local gun control laws

    The five measures include limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds instead of Colorado’s 15-round limit; extending the waiting period after purchasing firearms from three to 10 days; banning guns from county property and “sensitive places” such as bars; prohibiting firearms without serial numbers; and raising the minimum gun purchasing age from 18 to 21.

    I would have thought Boulder County gun shops were likely to price themselves out of the active shooter demographic of 18-year-olds… And county by county efforts are hard to measure, but I doubt there is much to show a statistically important decrease in episodes or casualties.  But signaling their commitments and (no doubt) hacking off the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is worth something, I guess.

    Seems like they’d get more bang for their buck by making certain EVERY person in Boulder knows about the Extreme Risk Protection Orders and they’ve worked out any glitches in the process. 


  10. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:
  11. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    When enough was finally enough ….

    Boris Johnson Agrees to Resign as Prime Minister: Live Updates – The New York Times (

    Politics in the US has at times tracked or paralleled politics in the UK. Margaret Thatcher's election in 1979 foreshadowed Ronald Reagan's election the following year.

    Tony Blair and John Smith's detoxification of the Labour Party happened at about the same time as Bill Clinton and DLC's repositioning of the Democratic Party towards the center to make it electable again. 

    And, of course, the Brexit vote by the Little Englanders in June of 2016 foretold the arrival of Trump and the MAGA morons in November of that same year.

    Maybe the fact that the British public and members of the Conservative Party in Parliament have said that enough of Johnson's bullshit is enough is a harbinger of things to come in the US. 

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