Who’s Afraid of Lori Saine? Fellow Republicans, That’s Who

We’re monitoring an intraparty spat that exploded into public view today between the Republican candidates running in the primary to compete in November for Colorado’s new CD-8 and their supporters, some of whom are set to meet tomorrow at Denver’s Grizzly Rose for debates featuring most of the big 2022 races called the “Republican Rumble.”

As you can see, all of the candidates for the principal contests this year are represented with what appears to be the sole exception of Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine running in CD-8. From what we can reconstruct externally, it appears that Saine did belatedly request to be included in the CD-8 debate, and her request to be included was supported by Saine’s opponent Jan Kulmann.

And that’s where it gets interesting:

This is one of the “moderators” of event’s debates, longtime local GOP minor celebrity Kelly Maher, irate beyond any rational explanation over the idea that Lori Saine should be allowed to take the stage with the other CD-8 candidates. Anytime a public figure’s over-the-top outrage boils down to “they didn’t RSVP on time,” you can be pretty confident there’s an ulterior motive at work. Kulmann, at least in this moment, is sticking to the high road:

So what’s really going on here? First and foremost, the local GOP establishment is broadcasting their fear of Lori Saine and preference for Barbara Kirkmeyer, who is by far the most establishment-connected of the three candidates. Saine’s fiery conservative rhetoric and inside knowledge of Kirkmeyer’s negatives sharing Weld County home turf pose a major threat, and the best we can figure is that Kulmann’s campaign advisor and wannabe Republican kingmaker Josh Penry sees value in Saine tearing into Kirkmeyer while Kulmann skates above the fray.

Though not without a parting shot from Kulmann’s spox:

No matter what happens at tomorrow’s “Republican Rumble,” Lori Saine has already succeeded in making the event all about her whether she’s allowed to take the stage or not. It wouldn’t surprise us if Saine deliberately kept the organizers of this event waiting for her RSVP in order to precipitate this last-minute drama over including her. Insiders may seethe, but that’s also what’s known as good politics.

As for Jan Kulmann, we’d be very careful about trying to use Lori Saine as either ally or leverage. We understand the theory, but the risk is that Saine takes sufficient advantage of Kulmann’s “sympathy” to actually win the primary. Ask yourself the honest question: who speaks for the Republican base today? The answer is clearly Lori Saine.

In today’s GOP, establishment howling only reinforces the point.

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    • tim-tam says:

      “…Kelly said she was going to join the debate team but then Lori didn’t respond to the invite and everyone assumed she was going, even Jan who HATES Lori and probably just wants to try to embarrass her in front of the whole school, but then Kelly said that SHE wasn’t going to go to the debate competition because Lori didn’t sign her permission slip on time, but Lori was like, “Then why is my name on the sign?” and Jan was all “You didn’t reply to my dms, but you can come anyway” and Lori was like, fr? But Kelly said she was pivoting, then Josh, who’s not even in the debate competition, he’s on speech team, he said that they were both being manipulated by Barbie…”


  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    If I was available tomorrow, it would be worth the $30 just to hear the shit-storm of these wanna be electeds.

    I don't see a single Rob Witwer, Josh Penry, Scott McInniss, Wayne Allard, Hank Brown or Joel Hefley in the entire bunch, with maybe the exception of Pam Anderson.

    • Voyageur says:

      Barbara Kirkmeyer was fairly reasonable as a county commissioner.  But she isn't standing up to the fascists.   Still, infinitely better than Lori Insane.

  2. davebarnes says:

    I want to see the 3-way among Keller, Silas, Maloit.

  3. JohnNorthofDenver says:

    Congratulations to Joshua Marin-Mora for trying to leverage a decision that helped Saine to damaging Kirkmeyer as well.

    That’s being truly versatile. 

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