Mesa County Stealth Party

As an officer of the Mesa County Democratic Party, I knew about and attended the Assembly on Saturday.  It seems that other than the precinct captains, who are the party’s most active members, few others knew that an assembly was held.

The Sentinel’s opinion piece on Sunday was written by Jim Spehar about the lack of news coverage on either the Republican or Democratic meetings. Spehar is an old news hound, so for him it was personal that there was a dearth of coverage in his old stomping grounds. Then blogger Ralphie took Spehar to task for expecting him to report on the DEM assembly.

To be fair, Gary Harmon wrote his piece about the Republican assembly, although Laura Bradford and her challengers weren’t mentioned. Gary did describe his eyes popping out at the fiery red dress worn to the Republican assembly by Rose Pugliese. I’ve never heard him mention the attire of any of the male candidates, so that was quite the news scoop.

So, for those of you who missed hearing about the Democrat’s Assembly, here goes:

It started with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner performed by a CMU student. Then we all pledged our allegiance to the flag.

As soon as the meeting was gaveled to order, Sal Pace told us why he is running for office, followed by Jessica Garrow telling us why she is running for office. Do any of you know about Jessica Garrow? She’s running for CD3 CU Regent. Locally nobody knows about her because she’s a stealth candidate running in a stealth party. If any reporters had been in attendance at the assembly they would’ve had a real scoop!

For me the most fun part came before the Assembly was called to order, and just before it was gaveled to a close. I can’t stand the fact that there is no Democrat running in House District 54. When a woman I know, who happens to live in the district, emerged from her car I grabbed her and asked if she had ever considered running for office. I told her that we might even draft her from the floor.

Then I spent the rest of the time between meeting her at her car door and the opening gavel trying to convince this woman to run. I introduced her to every person I could find at the assembly, always pointing out that she’s a retired Air Force Officer, really smart, and quite easy on the eyes. Bernie Buescher tried to talk her into running. Sal Pace even spoke privately with her when he finished speaking. I sent Paul Brown to talk to her. I sent Martelle Daniels to talk to her. I sent Co-Chairs Karl Castleton and Arn McConnell to talk to her. I even got some delegates chanting “Run, Mary, Run.”

As the last order of business, I stood up and asked the Assembly Chair if there was any truth to the rumor that there was a woman willing to throw her hat into the ring and run for House District 54. The Chair decided we should ask. Mary stood up and said that she hadn’t decided to run, but would take some time to consider it.

For the record, after the Assembly, I got all of the paperwork together to get our candidates Dave Edwards and Dan Robinson on the ballot.

We got our business done, and we had a good time doing it. Too bad that you all missed the fun! See you in two years.

Run, Mary, Run-it isn’t too late to get on the ballot, and there are a lot of people willing to get you elected.


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  1. Pedalman says:

    I was there too on Saturday as a delegate. I thought Dan Robinson’s speech was good. I was surprised that the local media did not seem to make any effort to report on his comments.

    As I look toward tonight’s school board meeting there is a part of me that wishes there was another Dan Robinson still on the school board.

    • dukeco1 says:

      in these parts don’t want anyone to hear what Dan has to say. I worked on his last campaign. Dan is a sensible man in a very nutso environment (Mesa County, Grand Junction…you know, “Happy Valley”)

      There may be no other place in this state where it is harder to elect a Democrat than this community.

      The Republican party has instituted a pervasive program of social and economic pressure to keep progressives from speaking out. This valley is a haven for those who, like Santorum,and Dans’ opponent BTW, yearn for a past that will never return. They have stopped the hands of time, and look upon anyone who is not a slave to the failed technology of petroleum as an enemy to be vanquished instead of a neighbor deserving respect.

      I have a number of clients who are professionals who have moved here from elsewhere. They have recounted to me many instances of suffering derision when daring to utter a progressive thought.

      Being, though, the chronic troublemaker that I seem to be, I kind of enjoy being a cockleburr under their saddle.  

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