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April 28, 2022 8:54 am

Neuschwanger Has Accepted Invitation to Become Constitution Party Nominee For Colorado Gov

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch

(Neuschwanger’s going to November — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Danielle Neuschwanger, coming soon to a ballot near you.

Former Colorado Republican gubernatorial hopeful Danielle Neuschwanger, who rode a wave of grassroots support to early straw poll victories, isn’t giving up her political hopes just yet. Yesterday during an interview on a conservative religious podcast, after claiming her former party rigged the assembly vote against her, Neuschwanger said she will be the Constitution Party’s nominee.

Reached for comment, Neuschwanger clarified her previous day’s comments, saying she’s only accepted an invitation to the American Constitution Party’s vacancy committee meeting and that the nomination process itself will take place this Saturday. Asked for more details about her political future, Neuschwanger declined to provide specifics, but promised that she’d have lots more to say at an event this Saturday in Parker.

Two weeks ago at the Republican Party state assembly in Colorado Springs, Neuschwanger came up just short of the required 30% threshold to make the primary ballot, tallying 27% of the delegates’ votes.

The vote followed an extended dispute over calls for using paper ballots instead of the electronic voting system provided by GOP officials. Immediately following the announced results for governor, Neuschwanger threatened legal action against GOP chair Kristi Burton Brown.

She now says she has proof that the party purchased the handheld clickers and associated software package “with the sole intent to rig the election.”

“On Saturday I will be coming out with a public announcement that I’m going to be the Constitutional nominee – I actually accepted the nomination yesterday – and announcing that I will be in the general election against both the Republican and Democratic challengers because it’s all about the people.”

Neuschwanger’s longshot candidacy was driven in large part by substantial grassroots support. She was the clear favorite at a Republican gubernatorial forum in Cañon City earlier this year, winning over half the vote. That victory came just weeks after she won another straw poll in Grand Junction.

Image courtesy of Danielle Neuschwanger.

Her statements in Mesa County included embracing and promoting the Big Lie conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. She also made headlines late last year by making false claims that Gov. Jared Polis isn’t really gay.

The American Constitution Party of Colorado hasn’t had a nominee for governor since 2010, when former Congressman Tom Tancredo also switched parties and accepted the ACP’s nomination after a political newcomer Dan Maes won the Republican nomination.

The well-known Tancredo received over 36% of the vote, while the unknown Maes earned only 11%, barely reaching the ten percent of votes needed to prevent the GOP from being relegated to minor party status in the state. Democrat John Hickenlooper won in a landslide with 51% of the vote.

Reached for comment, American Constitution Party chair Doug Aden said that their “current nominee for Governor of Colorado is not Danielle,” but noted that “our candidate is having some financial issues and he’s already expressed concerns about continuing.” This story first appeared in the Colorado Times Recorder.


24 thoughts on “Neuschwanger Has Accepted Invitation to Become Constitution Party Nominee For Colorado Gov

  1. EXCELLENT…. smiley

    She is another useful idiot who will serve as the Ralph Nader of the Colorado Republican Party.

    Although Polis is no real danger of having Greg Lopez or Hiedi Heidi Ganahl coming anywhere close to him in vote total so it will not affect the ultimate outcome.

    Besides, who does not want to see a gubernatorial debate at which New Schwangler challenges Polis to prove that he really is gay.

      1. The common sense reply to such a question would be "why do you need to know?" And then just laugh at whatever lame response comes from Ms. Neuschwanger.

  2. I don't think she makes much of an impact on the Guv's race, if she even wins the ACP nomination. Tancredo got his 37% in 2010, but he was an experienced pol and Maes was (ahem, decorum) not the finest candidate in the shed. The Schwang shouldn't be Governor, that will be obvious to most, and I predict she gets around 1.4% at best. However, if her candidacy helps splinter the GOP in other ways, even by a small amount, I approve this message!

    1. If you know how to work it, being a candidate is an easy way to make a living. Besides, some people just can't resist the money and the attention.

    2. I think she'll get more than low single-digit percent for votes. She's the one that will court the base with the big lie and charges of RINO for the Republican nominee. That'll be enough for most of the Republican base. I'm thinking more like 15%.

      1. Yeah, I could see the finish line being Polis at 55%, Ganahl at 30% and Neu Schwanger getting 15%.

        Question:  If a hard-boiled wing nut like Lopez is the nominee, does Danielle go through with this or does she drop it?

        Second question:  Will ACP run a candidate for US Senate if Loren Hanks is the GOP nominee?


        1. Quite the FU to the state GOP. Secretly hoping it's Ganahl who comes in with single digits given what that would do to the CO GOP, but at this point, I can't see any way Polis loses.

          1. I don't think – although I'm happy to be proven wrong – that Hiedi Heidi drops down into Dan Maes' territory (i.e., about 10% of the total vote). She does have the so-called establishment GOP behind her.

          2. Polis is very unlikely to lose his reelection quest. He will get 90 percent of Democratic votes, more or less, and some moderate Republicans and about 60 percent of indies. 

            He won't get my Democratic vote, though. I think he's a terrible governor who ignores climate change, doesn't think air pollution on the Front Range is a problem worth solving, thinks vaping should be allowed, and has a love affair with tax cuts (which we don't need). 

            I'll write in a real progressive's name.

            1. No, Polis won’t be accountable to the thousands of mobile home park residents forced into homelessness, because of his threat to veto a 3% rent increase cap. Those elderly and disabled impoverished people, those migrant and working poor families, won’t be pushing their wheelchairs and walkers and baby-filled strollers to demand that he withdraw the veto threat.

              “Where will those people on fixed incomes go?,” I asked the real estate broker who is looking at offers to turn trailer parks into luxury home development. She shrugged. “”We’re telling them to try Nebraska or Wyoming,” she said.
              In the general, of course the Democratic nominee would get my vote.
              But I honestly don’t know how I’d vote in a Democratic primary for Governor. Polis betrayed his neediest constituents.

                1. Polis is simply governing as the libertarian, centrist Democrat he has always been.

                  You seem surprised to discover that he is actually doing things consistent with his political philosophy.

                  1. Polis ran as soomeone who wanted some “fetters” on capitalism: public health concerns over methane spewing by gas extractors, for example. Now granted, we haven’t seen meaningful enforcement of those restrictions, so O&G companies are still pretty much unfettered, whatever Polis says.

                    In this case, out of state investors who own 70% of Colorado mobile home parks, apparently made a compelling case that, if they raised their lot rents by 80% and kicked all the poorest tenants out, they would somehow be solving Colorado’s affordable housing shortage.  
                    And Polis decided in the investor’s favor, ignoring the evictions and displacements because “ Those people don’t vote.” 
                    Unfettered capitalism is heartless.  It needs some fetters.


                    1. Rent controls have disastrous long-term results i.e. new York City.  You wanna help trailer park residents, strike down restrictions on new parks.  Anti-growth rules drive up prices for everybody.

                      As for demonizing "out of state investors" ?  

                      That's akin to racism and just as dumb.

                    2. Reply to V since no reply boxes available. 

                      HB 1287 was a carefully targeted bill with significant protections embedded so that mobile home park owners could raise rent beyond the 3% cap if they made capital improvements or repairs on park property. It can’t be generalized to apply to New York property owners who don’t maintain property.

                      22-1287 was aimed at ameliorating the loss of 47% of affordable units over the last five years. Mobile homes were really the last non- subsidized affordable housing in the state. A broad coalition of non-profits, churches that have been housing the homeless, and politicians supported the bill. 

                      The bill is  still alive, by the way, in spite of Polis’ threat to veto. They took out the rent cap, and left n some  minor tweaks that will make it easier for park residents to acquire the properties. 

                      a) status as an out of state property investor is not the same as being a racial or ethnic minority. One is a choice; the other is inherent and biological. “Racism” does not apply to disapproval of the voluntary  actions of the former. 

                      But you’ve already started to throw insults-  as usual. At least you now know the answer to that question you keep asking. 

                    3. "mobile home parks"

                      What have mobile home parks given us other than meth labs and /Lauren Bobert?

                    4. To kwtree

                      You demonize “out of state investors” as If someone who grew up seven miles west of the Nebraska border, as I did, is inherently superior to someone who lives in Venango, one mile east. But I was wrong to say that is “akin” to racism. It IS racism — judging whole groups of people by characteristics unrelated to their charactor. Substitute “Nebraskans” or New Yorkers” for “Mexicans” and you could share speechwriters with Boebert.

                      “All them Vermonters is lazy, no good, socialists and we can’t let them invest in Colorado.”

                      The U.S. Constitution was written in large part to stop the kind of state vs. State protectionism you advocate. That’s why we have the commerce clause.

                      Read it and weep.

      2. Can we legally gamble on this site? If so, I've got a nickel (5 cents) saying she gets less than 5 percent. I will pay up with interest in November if I'm wrong.

    1. Tancredo had 4 years in office as a state rep & 10 years as a US rep. 7 elections won.

      Neuschwanger’s campaign site says she has been in “various criminal justice positions,” Healthcare Security, establishing a family “a small HVAC Construction Company,” and “practicing Real Estate.” Her endorsements page features retired General Micheal Flynn, retired General Thomas McInerney, retired general Paul Vallely, and Captain Seth Keshel. Reuters article “The military-intelligence veterans who helped lead Trump’s campaign of disinformation” includes mention of Flynn and Keshel. And the other two? “Following Vallely’s announcement, Army Maj. Gen. (retired) Jerry Curry and Air Force Lt. Gen. (retired) Thomas G. McInerney also expressed public support for Lakin” — so who was Lakin? “U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrance Lee Lakin in his refusal to deploy to Afghanistan based on Lakin’s claim that President Barack Obama had no legitimacy as commander in chief.” [birther conspiracy thinking]. And as far as I can tell, none of the four has any claim to be part of Colorado, though they may be been here on military assignment or vacations.

      I think 2Jung2Die may have a solid basis for his wager.

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