Matt Arnold Oozes The Classy

As posted to the personal Facebook page of Matt Arnold, ex-director of Clear The Bench and GOP candidate for an at-large seat on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

Close up–yup. He went there. As a CU Regent candidate.

During his time as a failure attempting to gin up outrage against Colorado Supreme Court Justices, we never found Mr. Arnold to be a particularly nice man.

And, well, we have to say this reinforces that impression.

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    Call all the female students there sluts.  

  2. DenLawyer says:

    Went there, did not see it.  Are you certain?

  3. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    Creeper probably thinks the regent job comes with a lifetime’s supply of coeds.  

  4. dwyer says:

    Every female faculty member, every female staff member, every female student who is ever even looked at crossways can sue the university and cite Arnold, by his very presence as evidenced by this Facebook page, as officially encouraging a hostile work/school environment.

    For the record, the use of Mother Teresa in this context should outrage Catholics and decent people everywhere.  Let us wait to hear from the Bishops and the Catholic League….and wait….and wait…and wait.

    And Staples?

  5. JeffcoBlue says:

    No hiding your disgusting shit now, Mattie boy.

    Hint: Never try to delete stuff once you’re caught. You don’t become less caught.

  6. DenLawyer says:

    Yes, I am a lawyer.  Yes I opposed Clear the Bench.  But still, for what is this guy over compensating?

  7. …and I don’t mean this as a joke (seriously), but prostitution is no joke and the women in that industry are being indirectly labeled as “second class” citizens when they are also people too

    We should respect people’s personal decisions, and should their decisions bother us, we should exercise compassion, not degradation

    The GOP is sadly showing its true colors over this issue  

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      Let’s recap:

      No compassion for the poor.

      No support for wage earners.

      No sympathy for the unemployed.

      No justice for immigrants.

      Hatred toward LBTGQs.

      Respect for family: restricted, thank you.

      Coercive with religion.


      No compassion for our troops.

      Slobbering reverance for mammon.

      Embrace racism? Oh, yeah.

      No tolerance for fair play, fair work, or fair compensation.

      Willful ignorance–when convenient.

      No respect for the human position within nature.

      Denial of incertitude.

      Arrogance in their untruthfulness.

      And we’re surprised, astonished, astounded–Oh, land sakes o’goshen–that they’re filthy, nasty, perverted misogynists, too?

      Republicans’ true colors are somewhere betweeen puke and baby diaper stuff. Now, is it sad that these are their true colors, or that they’re, again, showing them?

      Of course, that’s just my opinion, Ali.

  8. Aggie says:

    …is the fact that he is perpetuating this played-out meme.  

  9. 21yearoldfiance says:

    Simply put, Matt Arnold is a bully to women, even women in his own party. One the surface, his conservative principles run deep, someone whom we should all model our lives after…an unemployed 46 year old (yes he does serve one weekend a month and one week a year like the commercial says in the National Guard – and for this we thank you Matt!), an unsuccessful run at GOP state party chairman (garnering less than 4% of the vote out of 278 conservative leaders) and best of all, Matt Arnold is currently engaged to a 22 year old girl…Matt , now a candidate for the open statewide CU Regent seat, is 46 years of age. For those of us with sisters and daughters, sounds a little creepy right.

    Who could this 22 year old girl be, obviously not a conservative like the creepster Matt Arnold…but yes, it is a true conservative and beacon of light, Sarah Anderson, former county secretary to Colorado’s largest and most active Republican County, El Paso.

    I recalled a great Colorado Statesman article from October 2001 in which Sarah Anderson blasts the GOP establishment in El Paso in her nine page rambling letter. Link below.

    Matt Arnold’s post and negative comment about Sandra Fluke is somewhat ironic given that his new 22 year fiancГ© was allegedly discriminated against in a sexual way by elected officials in El Paso.  Sarah’s departure (also known as being kicked out) article says that Rep. Larry Liston received the harshest criticism from Anderson, who described him as a misogynistic, sexist state representative with a history of discrimination toward women. Anderson alleged that when she was 14 years old and first starting her political work as a volunteer at the legislature, she was warned to, “Make sure I was never alone in a room with him.”

    Sarah Anderson also addresses a rumor circulating that she “shows up at meetings without underwear on” originated from Rep. Larry Liston. Insert blog author, this actually took place last year at a dinner, where Sarah had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, and four directly facing ten top tables full of leading GOP leaders got to see some full body skin.

    Back to the article, “Frankly, it’s repulsive that any elected official (let alone my State Representative) would say that about anyone (let alone one of his constituents,)” Sarah penned.

    Liston says he “feels sorry” for Anderson, and insists that the now retired El Paso County GOP secretary is a “young lady who needs some guidance.”

    Maybe the creepster Matt Arnold is providing that guidance now. A man that is not nice to anyone, belittles women and bully’s people in his own party into thinking that his conservative mindset is supreme. Who is the real conservative Matt, a 46 year old man marrying a 22 year old girl…really?

    Colorado Statesman Article-Controversial El Paso County GOP Official quits before getting thrown out. October 3, 2011.

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