Honey Badger For Governor Would…

UPDATE: Note, Gessler told Lynn Bartels that he would consider running only if John Hickenlooper doesn’t run in 2014. We stand corrected, and we’d say that’s a wise caveat.


Well go on, gentle reader, finish the sentence! A Scott Gessler campaign for Governor in 2014 would…what do you think that would mean, folks?

After all, our friend Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper is speculating about the possibility today, and when the newspaper of record speculates about something like this, you’re more or less obligated as a member of the chattering class to go along for the speculative ride.

While a potential Gessler candidacy is interesting for speculation, the seriousness of the possibility will say a lot about how Republicans view their chances at defeating Hickenlooper in 2014. If this idea gains any sort of momentum and is not squashed by Republican Party leaders, then they are all but admitting that Hickenlooper is unbeatable (because there is zero chance of Gessler defeating him). Of course, given all of the damage that Gessler has done to the Republican Party in just two years as SOS, perhaps the GOP is more than willing to give up on the Governor’s Mansion for a cycle just to get rid of Gessler.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    who Scott Gessler is.

    Without googling and without snickering.

    Okay, without a whole lot of snickering.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    Gessler knows he’ll never get another turn as SOS so he’ll parlay his incompetence into a different run so he doesn’t suffer the humiliation of getting his ass kicked in the SOS race.  Even if he gets beat it won’t be as bad as Maes and he’ll still be a hero of the right.

  3. nancycronk says:

    – would be like Bill Maher running for Pope.

    – would be like Roseanne Barr running for President (oh wait, she really is).

    – would be like Libertad trying to get a job at ProgressNow.  

    – would be like Charlie Sheen trying to get his job back at 2 1/2 Men.

    Need I go on?

    As much crap as I have given Governor Hickenlooper for his inability to communicate effectively with the masses, he’s done some good things lately, and I’m feeling a little more confident in him as Governor. Helping Hick beat Gessler would be a priveledge.

  4. ajb says:

    When the only thing that matters is their party affiliation. He’s a hero to the right with little or no cross-over appeal.

  5. VanDammer says:

    Hickenlooper now makes $90,000 a year, the lowest pay of any governor in a state bordering Colorado and the third-lowest in the country.

    Denver Mayor makes a heck of a lot more cash so will Scottie put his destiny before his supporting his family?  

  6. Alexei says:

    I had to thank the Post for the best laugh I’ve had yet this month!

  7. harrydoby says:

    My bet is that his first declaration would be instead of “One Person, One Vote”, he would try to make it just “One Vote” — his.

    Although to pick a nit — I’m pretty sure I read in today’s DP that he’d only consider running if Hick didn’t.  So Gessler, whatever else he may be, isn’t a complete idiot.

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