Colorado Quiet on Perry Implosion

We’ve mentioned before the bad timing on the part of Rep. Mike Coffman, who announced that he was the Colorado Chair of the Rick Perry for President campaign just as Perry was beginning to crater.

Coffman has been conspicuously quiet about Perry ever since, and as The Colorado Independent reports, he hasn’t said anything since Perry’s 5th place finish in Iowa, either:

The chair of the Perry campaign in Colorado, U.S. 6th District Congressman Mike Coffman, has yet to comment on the Perry loss, the plan going forward, or on the meaning for Colorado Republicans of last night’s historic Mitt Romney-Rick Santorum caucus-race photo-finish.

Calls to Coffman’s 2012 campaign staffers went unanswered today. Coffman is running for reelection against Democrat Joe Miklosi in a formerly safe Republican district remade this year as a tossup, equally divided among Republican, independent and Democratic voters.

Perry and his Super-Pac spent about $6 million in Iowa, or about $500 per vote. After initially saying he would return to Texas to “reassess” his campaign, Perry now appears to be moving on to compete in South Carolina.

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  1. ArapaGOP says:

    He’s got no chance and he’s just embarrassing himself.

    Perry doesn’t hurt Coffman either, since that’s obviously what this is all about. Coffman is welcome to support whoever he wants, and switch that support to the winner as I expect he will soon.

    He’s not going to endorse Obama…

    • Middle of the Road says:

      He pulls votes away from Santorum in South Carolina’s primary by staying in the race. With both him and Bachmann out, who do you think is going to pick up their voting blocks? Mitt Romney? Not a chance in hell. Evangelicals can’t stand him. They are in the “anybody but Romney” camp right now.

      Be grateful he’s in and for your candidate’s sake, hope he doesn’t know when to leave the party and stays way past his welcome.  

      • ClubTwitty says:

        They’ll take Newt for crissakes.  And then, when he’s not good enough, Ricky YECH Santorum.  RIck Santorum.  From single digits to tied with Romney in weeks because the anybody-but-Romney pee-wee bench actually cleared, with eveyone getting a chance as the sure-thing-to-go-all-the-way.  

        I don’t know who I want to get the nomination more–Santorum or Romney? I do like the sweater vest, and maybe it’ll back a fall 2012 come back?  But with Romney it’ll be easier for the Dems to get to the polls, becasue all the sad Tea Partiers will be home polishing their muskets.  

        • thiokuutoo says:

          Weird uncle “Sanitary” Santorum and Ricky “da Preacher” Perry could put on a real campaign for the freakin’ far right vote.

        • Middle of the Road says:

          it makes no sense for a Romney supporter to want Perry out. He only serves one purpose at this point–as a spoiler for Santorum’s chances. So, I can’t quite wrap my head around Arapaho’s comment since he seems politically savvy, even if we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

          I can’t choose which one I want more either–Romney fails to excite his own base let alone the Unaffiliateds, who will be the deciding factor in the general election. Santorum excites the base and instills dread in sane people. What a choice. What a choice.

      • Ralphie says:

        I want Santorum to be the candidate.

        I can write the anti-Santorum ads myself.

        (Authoritative Female Voice, over stills of Santorum that make him look like a president of the campus young republicans who has a 2″ dick.  I’m pretty sure about the Penn State young republicans, not sure about the dick.)

        “After 12 years in office, the people of Pennsylvania threw Rick Santorum out of the U.S. Senate by an 18-point margin.  That’s the largest margin in the history of Pennsylvania.

        What do the people of Santorum’s own state know about him that you don’t?

        Rick Santorum.  Too weird for Pennsylvania, too weird for America.”

    • unnamed says:

      There’s something you know a lot about.

    • MADCO says:

      Let the people vote!

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