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December 03, 2021 10:53 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Americans are apt to be unduly interested in discovering what average opinion believes average opinion to be.”

–John Maynard Keynes


43 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. "Forgiveness"and "redemption".

    Those two words keep running through my head. Those things are being sought by Reppy le Pew Pew, regarding her recent prevarications and insinuations about Rep. Ilan Omar (Mn). and her accusations that Rep. Omar is, was, or somehow will be connected to terrorism.

    She is being slammed for the comments ( more so than usual, from what I see) and seemed to make a very superficial effort to suppress the incoming fire.

    In the statement I read, however, she continues to tout her faith and its basis in "forgiveness" and "redemption", while repeatedly suggesting that such moral largess is not available from "across the aisle".

    Once again, "Calamity Jane" Boebert proves she still does not understand the Law of Holes. I wonder if, maybe, she keeps digging because she thinks that's where they hide the best cheese?


        1. I'm going to venture a guess…

          When a handsome young demon with a pointed tail and horns, carrying a pitch fork, (smelling distinctly of brimstone) walks up to me and says, "Well, Duke, it just froze over".

  2. Quote of the Week:  "You have to learn not to get caught."

    From Jennifer "MAGA Momma" Crumbley to her son just before the kid went on his shooting rampage. 

    Ironically, Jennifer and her husband were caught last night after failing to appear for the arraignments.

    Remember, you need a license to fish but anyone can procreate. 

    1. It almost seems like he was "mommy and daddys' little terrorist". I suspect they were training and equipping him to do things they were afraid to do.

      Hard to fathom.

      1. Lemesee’ if I can conjure up our resident gun lobbyist, here: . . .

        . . . how’s that go, again? — Oh, yeah . . .

        Ahem, . . .

        . . . “Welcome (yet again, and again, and again) folks to the world of ‘well-regulated militia(s),’ and ‘responsible gun owners’!!!” . . .

        Oh, jeez, I almost forgot . . .

        . . . and parents who ‘know what’s the best for their children’. . . .

        1. Dio, you forgot his latest attempt to capitalize on all the attention on reproductive rights: “ Being deprived of your choice of firearm is identical to being forced to bear and rear a child for 20 years!”

          Now you will never, ever see any of these supposed champions for choice marching, speaking, or even sending a mildly worded letter to advocate for abortion and contraception; yet, somehow, they do expect the real pro-choice activists to be crusading for gun rights. 

              1. That is Coney Barrett's objective, isn't it?

                And we have Ruth Bader Ginsburg to thank for Coney Barrett. (Bet you thought I was going to blame Jill Stein.)

                Just as we will have Steven Breyer to blame for the next right-wing extremist we end up with on the court after Mitch McConnell puts the kibosh on confirming any Biden appointees in 2023. 

                Why do these people on the Supreme Court believe that they are immortal and unreplaceable?

                And I include Scalia in that group because for a brief period of time (that is, less than an hour, if I recall correctly) his death caused some anxiety on the right until McConnell came out to reassure them that all would be well.

      1. Actually, the sheriff said they are in different parts of the facility. Not a family-friendly correctional facility.

        Someone needs to contact Focus on the Family about this.

  3. CNN fired star primetime anchor Chris Cuomo on Saturday after the network said “new information” emerged on the extent of his involvement with his brother’s battle against sexual harassment allegations.

    Fucking Awesome.

  4. Bob Dole, the epitome of the true Republican moderate for the 32 years I spent in the former Grand Old Party, is dead at age 98.

    He lived long enough to see a draft-dodging blatherskite yellow-bellied coward take over the party of Lincoln, TR, and Dole.

    America was once a far better land whose sons and daughters served and protected her.

    Damn you, Trump: coward, traitor, fool.

    And a final salute led by his longtime colleague Joe Biden to the wounded lieutenant who crawled from the battlefield into the history books.



    1. Thanks for the mention of Dole’s death. 

      One of my South Dakota students held him up as her hero among all those she interacted with while working for a Senator.  From her account, he was one of the few who was invariably inclusive of ALL those working around him, from colleagues and their long-time staffers all the way down to interns who got to carry something into a committee hearing room.

      I also know of him from some of the people I’ve met through the service dog organization I volunteer with.  They consistently praise him for dealing with his own physical challenges AND enabling many others.  TIME magazine highlighted his first speech in the Senate:

      In a 1969 speech to the Senate, Dole spoke passionately about the challenges faced by those with disabilities, calling the community a minority group that “has always known exclusion; maybe not exclusion from the front of the bus, but perhaps from even climbing aboard it; maybe not exclusion from pursuing advanced education, but perhaps from experiencing any formal education; maybe not exclusion from day-to-day life itself, but perhaps from an adequate opportunity to develop and contribute to his or her fullest capacity.” From then on, Dole worked to advance the rights and protections of individuals with disabilities, most notably through the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, a seminal piece of legislation that was meant to guarantee rights and improve the day-to-day lives of individuals with disabilities.

    2. So true. Sadly, we will not see another like him in the future.

      And to think, Dole was what was labeled as angry and nasty 45 years ago when he and Walter Mondale debated. Pretty tame by today's standards. It just shows how far downhill we have descended since then.

      Looks like another public official's funeral to which Trump will be asked not to attend.

  5. I don't get the NYTimes, but did see this at The Bulwark, Charlie Sykes' never-Trump site. Sykes writes the first line, then it's all Bullock.

    Given the divide between Democrats and the major alternative, it is worth considering how it could play out in Colorado.

    ICYMI, Steve Bullock, the former Dem governor of the deeply red state has some advice for his fellow Democrats in this NYT op-ed:

    To overcome these obstacles, Democrats need to show up, listen, and respect voters in rural America by finding common ground instead of talking down to them. Eliminating student loans isn’t a top-of-mind matter for the two-thirds of Americans lacking a college degree. Being told that climate change is the most critical issue our nation faces rings hollow if you’re struggling to make it to the end of the month. And the most insulting thing is being told what your self-interest should be.

    Get out of the cities and you will learn we have a libertarian streak, with a healthy distrust of government. We listen when folks talk about opportunity and fairness, not entitlements. We expect government to play a role in our having a fair shot at a better life, not solve all our problems.

    We need to frame our policies, not in terms of grand ideological narratives, but around the material concerns of voters. Despite our differences and no matter where we live, we generally all want the same things: a decent job, a safe place to call home, good schools, clean air and water, and the promise of a better life for our kids and grandkids.

    1. With all due disrespect, I think the trillions of dollars we have poured into crop subsidies and water projects give Democrats some claim to rural loyalties.  And climate change and draining of aquifers pose a far greater threat to rural America than the fear that some teacher in Julesburg might get a student loan forgiven — a loan she is now expected to pay off from her $26,000 starting salary.

      1. "With all due disrespect, I think the trillions of dollars we have poured into crop subsidies and water projects give Democrats some claim to rural loyalties."

        I was thinking that too.

        It's only free stuff being given away as entitlements when it is a grant, loan, subsidy, or tax break for someone else.


  6. Stacey Abrams' chances of being elected governor just took a little bump upward today….

    Republican David Perdue plans to run for Georgia governor in 2022 (

    What needs to happen is that Kemp pulls off a narrow primary win, Perdue and Trump scream "Stop the Steal" from the night of the primary until the day of the general election which in turn suppresses GOP votes. 

    It's still a long shot but it's a little more do-able today than yesterday.

  7. Just out for a walk and taking in the frontrange view from my house to the west, and noticed a large billowing plume of smoke in the foothills, probably somewhere around Hwy-285.  Looks like it’s being driven pretty hard by today’s winds from the North.

    December is now wildfire season, too . . .

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