CNBC GOP Prez Debate Open Thread

UPDATE: Oh man.


We don’t make special open threads for all of these. This one’s supposed to be good.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    This crowd is NOT down with questioning Cain re: sexual harassment. They consider the matter gummed to death.

    In its way, it’s almost as bad as the guy who shouted to let the uninsured guy die.

  2. TheDeminator says:

    @FixAaron – Aaron Blake

    Top Perry fundraiser to me: “Perry campaign is over. Time for him to go home and refocus on being Gov of TX.”!/FixAaro

  3. dwyer says:

    I am telling you.  Cain is the luckiest man in the country right now.

  4. VanDammer says:

    That there is a Texas size Jan Brewer moment.  Time for this idiot to mosey on home …

  5. sxp151 says:

    to remind you all that I told you so.

  6. MADCO says:

    A- free press galore.

    B- No one is surprised to remember he has to take off his shoes to count past ten.

    C) SNL will make it funnier – but everyone will be talking about Perry.

    D) The GOTP defender spin meisters will make him the victim. They’ll dig up some video of Obama looking like an idiot (probably not the “57 states” thing, but something) then they’ll produce one of The Great Communicator himself looking stupid.  (There’s  more than a few to choose from – and I’m not talking about illegal arms deals, or accidental/ on purpose nuking Russia jokes.)

    In the end  he’s just regular folks, everyone makes mistakes heh – heh , and let’s get back to the point of cutting the gov’t in half.  

    • Half Glass Full says:

      If he’d just said “well I forgot the third one there for a minute, but I tell ya folks, I’m not gonna forget to cut government when you elect me!” or some such blather, he might maybe, just maybe, have gotten out of this with a shred of dignity intact. But his “oops” at the end was utterly, breathtakingly, bad: the worst debate moment ever. It made Admiral Stockdale look brilliant by comparison.

  7. I appreciate his passionate plea that to deny education to anyone (especially undocumented immigrants) is “heartless”

    It’s too bad to see that his position on immigration though is where his real nose-dive with the GOP started to take place  

  8. Aristotle says:

    is that the departments of Education, Commerce and Energy must go away. This has been a mantra with them for decades.

    Perry flubbed this, and flubbed it bad. This makes it crystal clear that he is simply paying lip service to the hard right. It’s like a self-professed Christian being unable to name all three members of the Holy Trinity. “Lessee, there’s God, there’s Jesus, and then there’s, uh, uh, there’s, there’s, uh, Paul! Ha ha, uh, not Paul, but, uh, uh…. Sorry, uh, I can’t remember.”

    He didn’t look like an idiot simply to us, he looked like someone who isn’t a True Conservative ™. This is the end of his career in politics.

    • Half Glass Full says:

      So the Great Flip-Floppinator wants to do away with the EPA?

      I’m upset enough with Obama that the thought of voting for Romney was just barely beginning to register for me. Maybe he’d be as liberal as the Teabaggers fear he’ll be.

      But now he’s supported the Personhood initiative, and wants to eliminate the EPA? Thanks, Mitt, for restoring at least some semblance of sanity to my political leanings.

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