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November 04, 2011 11:09 PM UTC

Kerr Upset By Neville at SD-22 Vacancy Committee

  • by: redstateblues

( – promoted by c rork)

POLS UPDATE: From the gist of Luning’s reports below, as well as our own sources today, Rep. Jim Kerr essentially got ambushed by the “Tea Party” last night, and all the things we’ve been talking about for months now as flash points within the GOP were on display. Jim Kerr was attacked for his vote in favor of “AmyCare.” He was attacked by the “NRA is for wussies” Rocky Mountain Gun Owners over some obscure bill in 2006 that just about every Republican voted for. Kerr’s victorious opponent Tim Neville was even endorsed by Tom Tancredo. More or less every symptom of the Colorado GOP’s post-2010 hard right insurgency.

Original post follows.


Fireworks were flying last night in southern Jeffco as a tense vacancy committee election between current HD-28 Rep. Jim Kerr and upstart education privatization advocate Tim Neville ended with Kerr, backed by establishment Republicans like District Attorney Scott Storey, losing by two votes to Neville–endorsed by none other than Tom Tancredo and other far-right interests.

The Colorado Statesman‘s Ernest Luning tweeted what can only be described as a full-on Republican v. Republican feeding frenzy:

10:47 PM:

Hard not to think of recount scene in the movie Election during #SD22 vacancy recount. No Mr. McAllister, though. #coleg #copols #tracyflick

9:13 PM:

Though Jeffco DA Storey protested, Colo GOP chair Ryan Call says rules were followed in #SD22 vacancy appt of Tim Neville #coleg #copols

9:04 PM:

Big ruckus at #SD22 vacancy after Tim Neville beats Rep Jim Kerr 60-58 votes, Kerr backer Storey calls it “an illegal mtg” #coleg #copols

Full blow-by-blow tweet-by-tweet timeline below the fold:

9:01 PM:

Jeffco DA Scott Storey challenges #SD22 results, says call didn’t go to all vacancy comm members, but Neville named winner. #coleg #copols

8:35 PM:

GOP official sez it’s unlikely there’ll be #SD22 primary challenge at assembly but not to rule it out, it’s just 3 mos away #copols #coleg

8:31 PM:

To be clear, a recount is not unusual and was expected if #SD22 vacancy vote was close, and it’s about as close as can be. #coleg #copols

8:13 PM:

Neville: 60 votes, J Kerr: 58 votes for #SD22 vacancy; Kerr has asked for a supervised recount. #coleg #copols

7:44 PM:

No surprise nominations, so it’s Kerr v Neville for #SD22 vacancy to replace Mike Kopp. Voting now under way. #copols #coleg

7:43 PM:

At #SD22 vacancy, Tim Neville sez he’ll pass right to work law, end Hick’s “sanctuary city” policy, oppose all tax increases #coleg #copols

7:36 PM:

Tim Neville nominated for #SD22 now, backed by conservative state Sens, @ttancredo “won’t waver in his principles” #coleg #copols

7:33 PM:

Jim Kerr accepts #SD22 nom, sez backed SB200 health exchange law to protect state’s rights, not implement #Obamacare. #coleg #copols

7:25 PM:

#Jeffco DA Scott Storey nominating Jim Kerr for #SD22 vacancy. Sez Dems will target seat, need proven campaigner to defend it #coleg #copols

18 hours ago

7:01 PM

Packed house at #SD22 vacancy mtg in Ken Caryl to replace Sen Mike Kopp. #coleg #copols


20 thoughts on “Kerr Upset By Neville at SD-22 Vacancy Committee

  1. how about some plain, non-tweet , English.

    You know:

    – so and so held (name the post)

    – so and so left (to spend more time with family)

    – vacancy committeeconvened, consisting of….(summarize process or playuhs)

    – nominees: Kerr & Neville

    – short bios

    – vote results

    I get that Neville surprised a lot of people. Well, Kerr anyway.

    And what was Tancredo, advocate of seperation of school and state

     doing there?  I thought he was in Arapahoe?  

    1. Mike Kopp, who was also Minority Leader, quit after the tragic passing of his wife to spend more time with his family.

      A vacancy committee was convened according to statute–this is a point of contention according to Kerr and Storey, who claimed that not every eligible elector was notified. That committee consists of all Republican elected officials in the district, including precinct committee people, party officers, and other electeds.

      Jim Kerr is the current state rep from HD-28. Neville likes vouchers, and has a group that supported the failed “Dads” slate in Jeffco.

      Neville beat Kerr 60-58 after a tense recount verified that those were indeed the results.

      Tom Tancredo represented Congressional District 6, which includes Arapahoe County, Douglas County and southern Jefferson County. But he can generally be found anywhere when there’s trouble a brewin’.

    2. I heard he had moved but don’t know where. He may still be in south Jeffco. Jim Kerr is a mental midget. It’s sad to say that he was the better candidate between the two.  How low can the Republican Party go? In this case, I trust Scott Storey’s take. Republicans in the south Jeffco area are a pretty unpleasant, nasty bunch.  Mike Kopp’s campaign was quite nasty in 2006, both the primary and the general.

      1. Jim Kerr may be many things but he is not a mental midget and that was an incredibly cruel, tasteless and ignorant statement.

        I had the opportunity to work with him on some Audit Committee issues.  He may not be the strongest orator, but he really did understand the issues and had sound insights about what needed to be done.

        He may have been too loyal to a party that is in devolution, but he does not have a malicious part in his character.

        Shame on you for that ignorant and incredibly tasteless cheap shot.

        1. I didn’t say that he is malicious, but he did spend time carrying Republican water on issues on which he was quite uninformed.  If he couldn’t comprehend the issue, he shouldn’t have been out there speaking and trying to write legislation.  Without education on the issues, he comes across as uninformed, misinformed, or incapable. He represented south Jeffco for eight years, which gave the community more than enough time to form well-informed opinions.  Shame on you for thinking you’re the only one with an informed opinion.  Shame on you for your incredibly ignorant and tasteless cheap shot from your myopic viewpoint.

        1. and if the Republicans really do follow the lead of Kopp–ever the good solider–then they won’t have much to worry about.

          But as Luning reported, a primary is still possible. And Kerr would be well within his rights to launch a primary bid given the contentious nature of the committee vote.

    1. I didn’t see this before your other comment about the Pueblo clerk. What you and your ‘pub pals are doing there – THAT is what you call “manufacturing controversy.”

  2. reminds me of Jefferson Davis’ comment when Confederates complained about him appointing Albert Sidney Johnston — Davis’ favorite commander — commander in the West.

      “If Albert Sidney Johnston is not a general, then the South has none to give you.”

      By the same standard, if Jim Kerr is not a conservative, then there are no conservatives in the Republican Party.

       Johnston died at Shiloh.  Kerr fell at South Jeffco.    

  3. Even though this district is heavily Republican at the current time, it is one of the last places in Jeffco where the rational Republicans haven’t left the party.  I’m guessing now that there will be a lot of that, resulting in the changing of the political structure of South Jeffco.  Without South Jeffco, the Republicans in Jeffco and the State (remember as Jeffco goes so goes the state) are in bigger trouble than they are already are.  As former Jeffco Republican Chair, I invite all of my friends who have hung on to hope in the Republican Party to join me in exiting the party and punishing it until these nut jobs completely destroy our beloved party and we can form something new.

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