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“Union leaders are getting a little ticked off at the rank amateurism of the protesters, these kids. The union leaders say, ‘You guys don’t know what you’re doing! You’re piddling around here. Come on. You’ve got a throw a bomb into some building! Something’s gotta burn here or nobody’s gonna take it seriously. You are embarrassing us.'”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday

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  1. Mark G. says:

    “The conservative firebrand, 59, will exchange vows Saturday in Florida with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash headlined by none-other-than Sir Elton John.”

    “It’s an odd pairing considering El Rushbo’s history of anti-gay commentary on his conservative radio show and the openly gay “Tiny Dancer” singer’s longtime commitment to gay rights.”

    So why would John perform at Limbaugh’s wedding? Well, he’ll reportedly net a million bucks for doing his part in today’s celebration.

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      • Mark G. says:

        Yeah I know, the Friday jams fest is EJ so I thought I would dig up the past.

        • Gray in Mountains says:

          did you know that China has nukes Mark?

          • raymond1 says:

            … with homosexuality. Because, you know, it’s so terrible that they can’t stop thinking about gay sin, penises, etc.

            • Mark G. says:

              Ray your signature line is so fucking far from reality your skull must be filled with shit.

              Why paraphrase me?  Provide a direct quote. Just as I proved the NFL is anti-racist contrary to your bogus claim, I will prove Libertarians are not homophobes. We fight our hardest to stop anti-gay laws.

              If you want to label a party homophobe start with the Republicans and then move to the Democrats.

              Remember Ray, 67% of NFL players are Black yet only 13% of the general population is black. The bleachers are packed with crackers who have no problems shelling out hundreds of dollars to watch Black men. Real racist hate the site of Black men.

              Ray you are so full of shit.  

              Just admit you hate my fiscal conservativeness and my strong anti-government stance. Stop trying to tar me with you fucked up lies.  Try for once in your life to keep other peoples words in context. Stop running everything through your shit filled fantasy machine you call a brain.

              BTW, most male college professors are into 18-22 old girls, just ask your wife.

              • Aristotle says:

                Hey Pols, Mark G. is at it again….

                Mark, why is it so hard for you to accept that people don’t like you because of your personality?

              • Gray in Mountains says:

                I think you wish you had a strong anti govt stance. But, to be strong it would have to be based on strength. Your stance is not based on strength in any way but on lies, misinformation and generally juvenile disenchantment

              • VanDammer says:

                wasn’t this assmole’s “proof” repudiating racism against GOP his “fact” that Republicans read a book sometime authored by a black guy?

                Not that I would ever want to go back and try to decipher MG’s ignorant posts but he’s now saying his precendent in disproving racism in the NFL should likewise show the lack of homophobia in Libertarians?  WTF — what an unimaginable ignorant stretch only allowable by MGs lack of logic.

                Ya know, I don’t really care about other Libertarians … I don’t really care about some idiotic generalized imagined disproof spouted by a rightie … what I really care about is that the ones posting veiled dog-whistle racism & homphobia & sexism are dealt with accordingly.  

              • raymond1 says:

                except for the parts about shit being in my head and the parts about NFL fans being crackers — but I’m nothing if not accommodating to those who face the disadvantages in life you surely face every day, so I’ve changed my sig line as you requested. You’re welcome, buddy.

  2. Mark G. says:

    Fuax reform with jail bird Abramoff.

  3. raymond1 says:

    Just shows the depth of the Sirota-Green axis of douchery.

  4. raymond1 says:

    I knew of the candidates but not who replaced whom l, in particular whom Rowe & Haynes replaced. How, if at all, did the DPS election change the balance of power? Does the Easley side still have the bare majority?

    • raymond1 says:

      “How long before Anne Rowe declares her support for vouchers,” Mucus Scaviola asks, parroting the 100% made-up Sirota lie. “She’ll just support them silently” is Fong’s response, which apparently hypothesizes a way for DPS board members to cast anonymous votes.

      • bullshit! says:

        For daring to write blogs about Andrea Merida and her absurd recall attempt, somebody over there created an account with my handle to smear me. Fong, who I assume runs the blog, thought it was too funny and let it continue.

        These are people who turned to delusions, petty backstabbing, and obsessive behavior in politics because that is how they are in everyday life. One finds them everywhere, but in politics they can really let their creepy side hang out. It’s okay to be creepy lowlifes who make shit up because they’re fighting for freedom or something.

      • MADCO says:

        I posted that Wed morning about Rowe’s victory and was accused of having an odd sense of humour or being too dense to live. Or something like that.

        I can see now, I’ll have to ramp it up and claim that Rowe is silently supporting an IPO of DPS so it can strip away all the shenanigans and pretend community support and just get right to the shareholders.

        Or perhaps that the DPS debt is going to be 100% converted to a short duration portfolio of synthetic derivatives.

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    Maybe they have OIT running the server?

  6. VanDammer says:

    FEC Complaint Filed Against Cain Aide Over iPads, Campaign Trips

    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) files the complaint re: Cain campaign shenanigans regarding the Federal Election Campaign Act.  Realize it was likely lost in all the emerging & conflicting statements from the Herminator and his victims.  

    Best line from this story fingers Cain Chief of Staff smokin’ Mark Block:

    CREW says this would make Block “the first person in the history of the Act to have both given and received the same illegal contributions.”

    Guess Block didn’t learn from his last bit of trouble with the FEC.

  7. Diogenesdemar says:

    Cain: ‘I’m very proud to know the Koch brothers’

    “Just so I can clarify this for the media, this may be a breaking news announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother,” Cain said during a speech at the Americans for Prosperity gathering in Washington, D.C. “Yes. I’m their brother from another mother! And proud of it!”

    . . . was a “travelin’ man”?

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