S*** Management

Poor, poor municipal officials everywhere. So much human excrement comes with these Occupy protests that they can’t, much as they’d like too, let the protests go on!

Sorry, boys and girls, we have to dress up our cops in combat gear (they gotta have some fun in their dreary lives too, you know!) and send ’em in, clubs swingin’, gas sprayin’, ’cause we can’t stand litter in our parks, much less HUMAN EXCREMENT, which is what we think of when we see citizens protesting against government for the highest bidder, by the highest bidder, and by the highest bidder.

Say what? Send in portable potties to deal with the problem? Send in crews to clean dirty parks when/after/during they are used? Nah, cops are more fun, they need the overtime, and anyway, we’re experts in excrement — “At the State House, Excrement Is Our Most Important Product!” if I remember the old GE slogan correctly from Reagan days.

We don’t need no damned Occupy Wall Street, or even Occupy Denver. No, siree, our elected leaders can and will and DO make the point for us: when it comes to dealing with social problems, economic distress, popular protests, they know what to do: SEND IN THE POLICE. Fuggedabout portapotties. Those are for communists, or something.

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