Coffman Raising Big Bucks, Changing CD6 Outlook

As Lynn Bartels reported in her blog at the Denver newspaper, Rep. Mike Coffman raised more than $800,000 for the NRCC thanks to a visit from House Speaker “Orange” John Boehner.

Coffman’s fundraising could be a big problem for Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi, who scraped together just $130,000 in the third quarter reporting period. Miklosi has about $96,000 cash on hand, compared to $602,000 for Coffman — and that was before his take (whatever it is) of the Boehner event last weekend.

Miklosi’s hopes at defeating Coffman hinge on redistricting that would make CD-6 more competitive, but ironically, that same redistricting could also create a competitive Democratic primary. Miklosi’s fairly weak fundraising numbers, coupled with Coffman’s strong fundraising, will likely have Democrats on the lookout for another candidate should CD-6 end up in a map with Adams County and Aurora, rather than South Jefferson and Douglas Counties.

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  1. Alexei says:

    It would seem to me, Miklosi is somewhat handicapped at the moment by the boundaries not being known. Once the borders are set, and if the district is reasonably competitive, I image the bigger buck will start flowing.

    I live on the border of CD1/CD6 so I could end up in the new district and have been following pretty closely. I have not heard of Dems looking to anyone else other than Joe Miklosi.

    • Aristotle says:

      of any map changes that would alter the CD1 boundary. Am I misinformed? (I have to admit to not following the redistricting threads that closely.)

      • Alexei says:

        I forget the amount, but CD1 has to grow a little. Where the boundary ends up between 1 and 6 and between 7 and 6 will largely decide the competitiveness of CD6  

        • Colorado Pols says:

          CD-1 doesn’t impact CD-6 that much. CD-1 may get some piece of Littleton, but it wouldn’t be a trade with CD-6.

          The major change that could be made would drastically move the boundaries in CD-7. That’s the only change that would actually make CD-6 competitive.

    • BlueCat says:

      Coffman will be very tough to beat. He is not regarded as an extremist.  He’s got a very good resume including elected experience and military service.  To tell the truth I don’t think any but a very special Dem candidate with exceptionally eye popping name recognition has a chance this time and even then it would not be a great chance. If we get a better for Dems district, the next realistic chance to take it will have to involve an open seat (and Coffman is believed to have ambitions beyond the House) and a candidate strong enough to get targeted.

  2. redzoneCO says:

    This is why Democrats are trying so hard to take him out with gerrymandering.

    Udall is TOAST in 2014.

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