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November 02, 2021 10:26 AM UTC

*Sigh* No, Dr. Fauci Is Not "Eating Puppies Alive"

  • by: Colorado Pols

BOEBERT: We need a full investigation into just how many puppies were eaten alive on Fauci’s watch. [Pols emphasis]

Puppy protector Rep. Lauren Boebert dressed as Cruella de Vil for Halloween 2021.

Politifact debunks, but the lie has already spread halfway around the world:

Recent blog posts from a conservative watchdog group interested in animal research spending have prompted a wave of criticism aimed at the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, with lawmakers writing him over allegations that his government agency funded research that put beagles through cruel experiments…

The White Coat Waste Project told PolitiFact that it does not know if Fauci personally ordered the studies, but that “it is 100% confirmed that Fauci’s NIH division funded” them. The NIAID, however, said one project — out of which came the widely circulated, graphic photo of beagles with their heads in mesh cages — was wrongly listed as receiving funding from the agency.

“All animals used in NIH-funded research are protected by laws, regulations, and policies to ensure the smallest possible number of subjects and the greatest commitment to their welfare,” the agency said, adding that institutions that receive funds in the U.S. and abroad for animal research must abide by various rules and regulations.

Let’s start with the most important fact as it pertains to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s incendiary clip of video above: no puppies were “eaten alive” on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s watch. The research in question occurred in Tunisia, involved dogs being exposed to sand flies, and was not funded by the U.S. government. The image Boebert’s supporters have in their heads of Hollywood celebrities biting the heads off puppies to drink their adrenochrome-laden puppy blood–and you know that’s what they’re thinking–is a preposterous load of crap.

As for the fact that experimentation on animals for medical research takes place, that’s not news–and Dr. Fauci can hardly be blamed for every such instance of animal experimentation. All we can say is, if Rep. Boebert decides this is her motivation to join People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), they might be glad to have her–as long as Shooters’ Grill goes “cruelty-free” too! As for the “White Coat Waste Project?” They claim to be single-issue:

As a single-issue organization, we do not take any stand on Dr. Fauci and the NIH’s other policies or issues — masks, vaccine mandates, the overall COVID response, or frankly anything else.

Now that we know Dr. Fauci is not eating puppies alive, Boebert has little use for these guys.


25 thoughts on “*Sigh* No, Dr. Fauci Is Not “Eating Puppies Alive”

  1. The irony of Qbert's Halloween costume:  While it's fitting considering her latest tin foil hat rant, the costume she wears the rest of the year is a lot scarier.

      1. Close J2D, but more like Quella d Shill. She'll put anything out there. The only thing more shameless is the extent to which the media give her the spotlight to do so.

    1. I did my part . . .

      . . . I voted early and often, uploaded a couple of new algorithms, voted my dead grandparents ballots, and registered several folks from the cemetery on Halloween . . .

      (. . . and even if I didn't, undoubtedly some group of someones will say I did . . .)

      . . . I feel like I've got a bit of free time between now and 7:00 pm on this BIG election day?

    2. This is the world we live in. Trump, and now his political acolytes, say stupid, inflammatory, and hateful things. Their words do not inform any topic and do not advance reasoned debate or political discourse. Should they be ignored? Do you encourage the stupid by acknowledging its existence? Or do call it out for what it is in the hope that the majority of people that would not otherwise be paying attention see it and realize that there is a lot of crazy/stupid out there. 

  2. wanna win back against boebert? get serious and be taken serious. shaking my head that retarded nonsense like this even would make front page of pols 

    1. We seriously recognize that a district that features so many right wing morons as hers is write-off land. A self-imposed concentration camp of Q followers and winguts living on various forms of stealth welfare.

      We are secretly happy that they tend to concentrate in places where we can cut off their welfare and water any time we like.

    2. Active Registered Voters

      ……..REP ………DEM ………LIB ……..UAF ………TOTAL

      3….. 159,453….. 130,824 ….. 9,164 …..202,544 …..501,986


      Closest race:  2018 Gov. race, at 6.1% Republican margin. 

      So, denverdriveby … what “serious” action can you suggest 1 year ahead of the next vote for US Rep?  how would your suggestion be better than making certain people know Boebert is sensationalizing and sensationally wrong?

  3. The irony of Mizz Redneck Death Sliders professing a concern about puppies is, well, delicious.

    The particular Q-esque blatant unreality of this item's accusation and "evidence" is of course horrifying, inasmuch as there are millions of dipshit wingnuts forwarding it around and acting all outraged too.  I mean, these GOP clowns are barely phoning it in, yet people believe them unquestioningly.

    So I went to the Shooters web site to see if they sold veal or Rocky Mountain Oysters.

    No baby cows or cow testicles on the menu.  What I did find on a menu site was an older menu featuring a "Bump Stock" burger.  Nice.  Also plenty of factory farm eggs and chicken and factory feedlot beef.  Nary a free range or grass fed item to be found, alas.  So much for PETA.

    What I also found was a neglected mostly-broken website, that seemed more interested in selling t-shirts and memberships, and dangling the idea of franchise opportunities.

  4. I heard somewhere that Lauren Boebert uses live puppies for target practice. The purpose is to harden her feelings for when she starts shooting libtards.

  5. We here at the wingnut telegraph parsing department note that you said Fauci that does not eat puppies "alive."

    We must ask: does he now or has he ever eaten dead puppies?

  6. Rural Colorado United now owns the rights to the “Shooter’s Grille” logo. I recommend putting out ads for a Shooter’s Grille Special! Fresh Hot Dog sandwich showing a puppy lolling between buns – it would be a public service. 

    Image from Shutterstock

    1. There does not seem to be any reports on what happened with the trademark sale.

      FWIW, Shooters web site is still up, still using the logo, and seems to be trying to still sell tshirts etc.  Her FB page meanwhile appears to have adopted a different logo.  But I bet the trademark owner could have some fun with it if so inclined.

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