Polis a Proud Daddy

Reports the Boulder Weekly via the Washington Post:

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, and his partner Marlon Reis announced [Friday], Sept. 30, the birth of their first child, a baby boy. The baby, born weighing 8-pounds 12-ounces, is named Caspian Julius. Both parents and newborn are reportedly doing well.

In the birth announcement, Polis and Reis wrote, “Baby has learned to cry already!”

Caspian Julius Polis. If that’s not the name of a kid born to be either George Soros’ henchman or a Greek shipping magnate billionaire, we surely don’t know what is (we joke, at least the Greek shipping magnate billionaire part). Congratulations either way–it takes time, but kids eventually make up for the dirty diapers and 12-18 sleepless months in Jared’s future.


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  1. They’re going to be amazing parents. And if anyone teases Caspian Julius about his name on the playground, Polis can always buy the school and expel the bully.

    I can’t wait to see Polis fussing over the little one in a stroller or rocking him as he burbles. Babies alone do little for me, but I tell ya, there is not a damn thing cuter than a dad with his baby.

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    I don’t mind saying it. It’s two beaming Dads and one lucky kid.

    Jared, you should definitely have some more! How about a friendly competition with Branjelina? 🙂

  3. BlueCat says:

    I have a nephew named Caspian. Never met another. Wonder what inspired the name.   Nephew’s dad is Persian and it’s from his side of the family. All the best to the happy family.

  4. nancycronknancycronk says:

    Meaning & History

    Used by author C. S. Lewis for a character in his ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series, first appearing in 1950. Prince Caspian first appears in the fourth book, where he is the rightful king of Narnia driven into exile by his evil uncle Miraz. Lewis probably based the name on the Caspian Sea, which was named for the city of Qazvin, which was itself named for the ancient Cas tribe.

  5. morgancarroll says:

    Caspian will be welcomed by one big political family in Colorado!  Perhaps that’s why he already looks so confident in his baby pic! 🙂

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