Elizabeth Warren For Senate!

(Warren! Warren! Warren! – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

Seriously – I’m trying to figure out how it would work if I moved to MA to work for  her campaign and vote for her.


Whoinhell is Elizabeth Warren anyway?

Well, briefly, she is a lawyer on the faculty of a large university. She is the acting head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (who would have been a great choice to run same, except never in a bajillion years would the GOTP have advise or consented to her appointment).  She’s the main reason TARP and TARP2 will be profitable for the US taxpayers.  She would bring back Glass Stegall II  in a way that a) decreased TBTF risk, and b) would allow the banking industry to stabilize and stop bubbling themselves.

Is she qualified?


Has Massachusetts ever had a  woman  Senator?


Does she understand what’s happened/happening to the American Middle class?

Yes – read any of her 100+ articles on the subject, either of her books, or if you prefer powerpoints and a lecture format –  see

I don’t know if she’s electable.

I don’t know if she has the fundraising chops required.  I do know her opponent (s) will get tons o’outside, big money, corporate support.  And the GOTP smear factory will be putting in big overtime to try and keep her out.

Brown, as predicted, is a reasonably moderate R.   Other than trying to auction   hook up his daughter last campaign, he apparently has all the right candidate skills.  

But make no mistake, the problem in the American and world economy is the banking sector.   The health of our economy  depends on the health of the banking and investment sector (debt) and because the US is still 25% of the world economy, the health of the world economy depends on us.  And since the Euro zone is also 25%, and just as dependent on the health of the banks and investment sector,  the global economy is dependent on the intelligent management of debt.

We need more Senators and elected representatives who really understand  how it works.

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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    I’m so excited about her throwing her hat into the ring. I’m trying to figure out how to get involved long distance and I know a few folks from here that are lining up to get on her campaign.

    She is brilliant, whip smart on economics and finance, named one of the top 50 most influential female lawyers in the country by the Nat’l Law Journal.  

    Massachusetts Dems have been struggling to find a caliber candidate to take on Brown. From everything I’m reading, they are beyond enthused about Warren. I think she’ll have plenty of financial backing, from the DNC, DSCC and just about every progressive PAC out there. And Dems want Teddy’s old seat back in a big way. There will be plenty of motivation on the Dem side for this race.

    There’s going to be some massive money spent on both sides here. Until she jumped in, I think Republicans were feeling pretty good about holding this seat, even with Brown’s dwindling support among the Tea Party faction. Now? I’m betting not so much.  

    • And someone has to bring back Glass Steagall – if there is one bill that is more important that TABOR, it is Glass Steagall

      • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

        But I actually think I might… agree with the rest of your comment… OH GOD AM I TURNING INTO A CONSERVATIVE??!

        Jerk. Now I feel all gross and I need a shower and I just took one and it’ll make my hair all frizzy if I take another right away and it would be kind of a strange thing to do in my office anyway.


  2. Ellie says:

    I e-mailed my grandson in Boston and offered to send a few $$$’s if he and his friends would hold a fund raiser.  I’m with you MADCO, I’d love to do something more to help get her elected to the US Senate.

  3. Car 31 says:

    And in keeping with a long standing tradition of jinxing candidates I contribute to and endorse –

    I, Car 31, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse and send this $25 check to Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.


    That should do it.

  4. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    Not sure if it would be cool to frontpage this since it’s not a CO or national race, but I love this woman. Need a roommate in Massachusetts?

    (Not really, I can’t leave my job or my animals, but maybe I could at least come out for election week…)

  5. Ellie says:

    Tune in to MSNBC at 7 p.m. our time.

  6. c rork says:

    I saw the video at the entrance to her website and felt like packing for Mass. right away.

  7. WitnessProtectionForGeeks says:

    There are not enough laudatory things to say about her.

    Her work on bankruptcy, and the two income trap are stunning in their power.  She understands what is really going on with the finances of the American family.

    I am excited to see a real thought leader running for Senate.

    Added bonus–Republicans fear her (see CFPB stonewalling)

  8. faux_american says:

    I hope Warren wins, but I don’t know what her prospects are.

    Warren’s Strengths:

    (1) A certain degree of name recognition

    (2) Being an outsider–this could help in a “vote the bums out” scenario

    Warren’s weaknesses

    (1) Democrats are not the most favored right now.

    (2) Being an outsider–this could be a problem, as she has virtually no political experience.  

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