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September 13, 2021 04:16 PM UTC

Lauren Boebert: The Sublime And Not So Much

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Lauren Boebert, Andrew Wommack.

The Colorado Springs Gazette’s Debbie Kelly reports from controversial evangelical Christian minister Andrew Wommack’s “Truth & Liberty Conference,” held last weekend at Wommack’s superspreader church campus in Woodland Park, at which Rep. Lauren Boebert waxed spiritual about her unlikely ascension to Congress, and what she sees as a divinely ordained mission to effect supernatural change right here on the Earth plane:

“God wants us to be involved in the affairs of government,” said U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from the Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and a keynote speaker.

“There are some things that are unjust that are taking place that God wants to make right,” she said. “He’s going to use his church, his children to infiltrate these people. … [Pols emphasis] They just don’t know they are being deceived…”

“It’s time we take what we know about the word of God and run with it,” said Boebert, who has become controversial for her outspoken conservative stances. “We don’t need to sit back and ask God, ‘Why is Nancy Pelosi being so mean today?’ We need to take the word of God and the promises he provides for us and go forward.”

To that end,

Boebert said she’s working on presenting articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden and wants to remove Pelosi, a Democrat from California, from her position as U.S. House Speaker, saying they aren’t doing their jobs properly.

None of that is going to happen, of course, though Boebert’s choice of words in describing herself as an “infiltrator” in Congress do make a strange–and by that we mean more than a little unsettling–kind of sense.

Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib (D).

But as the Staten Island Advance’s Paul Liotta reports from another event headlined by Rep. Boebert on September 2 in New York City’s coziest (and most conservative) borough, all that religious talk has an ugly side depending on the audience:

After characterizing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens/the Bronx) as a person who is wrong but has a heart filled with “rainbows and unicorns,” she described Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar as “black-hearted, evil women who want to destroy our country” [Pols emphasis] — an opinion some members of the crowd greeted with applause…

Boebert suggested that she, the staffer, and Omar were alone in an elevator together. She didn’t press the emergency break, as a member of the Sept. 2 audience suggested, but said she looked over at Omar to make a disparaging remark.

“Look it there. It’s the ‘jihad squad,’” she said she told her staffer.

As you can see, Rep. Boebert’s spiritual journey is not focused on interfaith dialogue.

Referring to colleagues of color as “black-hearted evil women” puts a stop to…well, any dialogue.

It’s difficult to argue that Lauren Boebert is doing what Jesus would do.


30 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert: The Sublime And Not So Much

  1. Jebuz, I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or vomit.  When I was searching for the Paula White speaking-in-tongues clip yesterday I ran across one where she told the crowd the Lord told her it was his desire that unity only be among the brethren.

    Trying to unite with the unsaved just isn't in the cards (and they're really bad at math)

    1. I do know that almost always whenever I read a Qpé tweet, or a Qpé quote, the very first word that comes to my mind is "christlike" . . . er, I mean . . . keeeerrrist !?!

    1. Short version — no. The Johnson Amendment (thanks LBJ) passed in 1954, is now understood to limit NGOs:

      Organizations claiming tax-exempt status cannot collect contributions on behalf of political campaigns or make any statement for or against a particular candidate. Clergy are not allowed to endorse candidates from the pulpit. …

      Nonpartisan voter education activities and church-organized voter registration drives are legal. Pastors are free to preach on social and political issues of concern. Churches can publish "issue guides" for voters.

      So there is a wide range of activity allowed. 

      But even when there is clear and intentional violation, not much is done:  As of a 2017 NPR story,

      The IRS, however, has rarely moved to take away a church's tax exemption. According to the alliance, as reported by the Washington Post, only one of more than 2,000 Christian clergy deliberately challenging the law since 2008 has been audited, and none has been punished.

      Trump & Co. would obviously want to avoid having the IRS doing something like enforcement.  And I've not heard of any push for a change in the Biden Administration.

      1. I believe you are right about that. The power of the “church” over the affairs of mankind has a long history. Earthly justice is not job 1 for the Church.

        Victory and salvation are priorities…hence the perverted obsession of the Orange King. 

      2. The IRS tried to take on conservative front groups and backed off.  They aren't eager to try to take down the massive wealthy tax sheltering scams.   So, churches are pretty clearly safe.

    1. Enyart, a one-time director of Colorado Right to Life, used his former cable television show to mock AIDS victims by name. Recently, Enyart urged a boycott of COVID-19 vaccines "to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers."

    2. And just to make certain I had the right one in mind, I looked up the "Denver Bible Church" where Enyart did his thing.  Their splash page still has a tile for a "DBC Sermon" on "Wuhan Flu."  It leads to 30 minutes of a recorded sermon on "Real Science Live"

      The coronavirus, its genome, and 3 little antibodies… Jan 29, 2020

      My quick search of the church site and "Real Science" site turns up no mention of the inconvenient death of Enyart.

      1. Yup MM, BoBo is a "poln star" and nothing more. In bygone days she might have gotten as far as a pin-up girl in a motorcycle magazine. Now that sex (or more precisely, repression of sex) sells in right-wing circles, she's got her own pay-to-play network.

  2. Dam — er, I mean, damn if BoeBoe doesn’t look in that photo like she’s about to start gnawing the bark off a downed aspen trunk.

    And the laughably phony look of swooning christianist ‘rapture’ on these shameless con artists’ faces is priceless. Insane radical-rightie subhuman shitbags are despicable.

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