Rick Perry Rakes in Big Money in Aspen

UPDATE: The focus of today’s Statesman story is the money raised by Rick Perry in Aspen last week, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge this fascinating quote from his speech:

“When it comes to economic growth, I know this,” Perry added. “The answer is not trickle down stimulus coming from Washington, D.C. but is truly up to freeing up those individuals unleashing corporate growth and the investment on Wall Street freeing them up from over taxation, over regulation and over litigation.”

“Freeing up…Wall Street?” Probably not coming to a bumper sticker near you.


Texas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry banked $175,000 for his campaign in a fundraising trip to Aspen last Thursday. And as The Colorado Statesman reports, the money came with the help of two high-profile Colorado Republicans, Marc Holtzman and Scott McInnis:

Perry’s short side trip to the mountains that day netted the conservative candidate $175,000 for his campaign coffers – the most lucrative such event in the history of Republican politics in Pitkin County, according to a local and national source – and put him in front of a well-heeled Aspen crowd, many of who said afterwards that the prospect of a Perry presidency truly excited them. There were numerous pledges of support from the approximate 60 people there, including promises of additional financial backing in the future, and a general joy at having rubbed elbows with, as Holtzman proudly announced more than once that afternoon, the next president of the United States.

That’s a lot of money for Perry, but perhaps more significant is the commitment he has received from Holtzman. While his 2006 campaign for Governor fell apart when he — shockingly — failed to gather enough signatures to qualify for the primary against Bob Beauprez, fundraising was one area in which the wealthy Holtzman had little trouble. Holtzman raised nearly $2 million despite basically ending his campaign in June, nearly two months before the Republican primary. If Holtzman is going to be bundling money for Perry, which we would assume to be the case, then we’d assume a fair number of Colorado Republicans are going to be getting phone calls very soon.

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  1. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    Colorado has truly missed his leadership. If only we had elected him Governor and got that billion dollar tax cut he campaigned on, think about what a much better financial position our state would be in today.

    If only.

  2. Obvious Alias says:

    I read the whole story, mostly hoping to learn at least one of them was eaten by a bear during their time in Aspen.

    Sadly, I was disappointed.

    Honestly there was no bombshell in that quote…he’s a corporatist…he’s going to talk about how the big mean government is hurting companies’ ability to create jobs.  So we are left with “national candidate holds fundraiser with the wealthy in richest town in Colorado.”  Eh.

  3. Ellie says:

    Even Ethics watched said:

    Ethics Watch released a statement saying it considers the matter closed.

    “We are satisfied that the OARC has conducted a full and fair investigation, and we accept their judgment as to whether to proceed,” they said.


    Now back to the original subject….  

    • ardy39 says:

      Let me know when tea-wingers like A-GOP accept that exoneration by SIX outside review panels means there is no evidence of misconduct.

      NSF Inspector General (review number 6 regarding accusations that climate scientist Michael Mann engaged in fraudulent science):  “Finding no research misconduct or other matter raised by the various regulations and laws discussed above, this case is closed.” –Found here.

      At that point I will start to entertain the concept that McInnis’s submitting someone else’s work (whether Justice Hobbs’ or Roland Fischer’s) as his own is evidence of professional ethical behavior.

      In 2005, McInnis wrote a memo to Seeme Hasan updating her on his fellowship in which he said: “All the articles are original and not reprinted from any other source.” [same DP site as above]

      Oh really?

      (No slam against you, Ellie, I’m really responding to ArapGOB. Everybody deserves a friend like you, even those of us with less than completely stellar backgrounds.)

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